Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 | Last Update : 12:46 PM IST

Nirtika Pandita

A healthy banter for the soul

While happy couples often poke fun at each other, it’s best not to overdo the jibes.

14 Apr 2018 12:08 AM

When buildings tell you tales

And Kamalika belives that buildings aren’t static entities but have dynamic lives of their own.

12 Apr 2018 1:12 AM

Don’t lose your fire

Despite loosing her legs, gritty Mumbaikar has created history by bringing changes in a 20-year-old clause paving way for millions.

31 Mar 2018 1:38 AM

Letter boast for writers

With around 12 requests so far, the organisers want to keep the list short and will filter it down to five or six only.

28 Mar 2018 12:38 AM

A quirky looking face

And so, Sajid found a way to recycle trash by infusing an attractive element to it — thereby turning a mere object into art.

25 Mar 2018 1:44 AM

Women behind the wheels

This all-women rally is all set to take the city by storm, as they zoom from Worli to Lavasa, spreading awareness on women safety.

23 Mar 2018 1:03 AM

Hookah bars to toe the line

Amit Sadarangani, owner at Flip Bar and Kitchen, is of the belief that it is the one bad fish making the whole pond dirty.

21 Mar 2018 12:13 AM

A flurry of plays for Mumbai

Putting Indian theatre on the global map, the National School of Drama is bringing the Theatre Olympics to the city, with 28 plays.

19 Mar 2018 6:32 AM

Shame on us

As high-speed trains are being stripped of their fancy equipment, social thinkers talk about why our civic sense is missing.

16 Mar 2018 12:23 AM

Drum up a frenzy

Percussionists from across India will be gathering on Mumbai Drum Day for a musical extravaganza.

15 Mar 2018 12:34 AM