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Opinion, Reporters diary, 25 Sep 2017

PM launches 'Saubhagya Yojana' to complete electrification of India by March 2019

The Government will be spending total Rs 16,320 crore in this massive project to provide electricity and to give the nation a new light.

25 Sep 2017 8:50 PM

The reason why showing too much interest can be a turn off

When someone is keen, it's a sign that the relationship has potential to progress.

25 Sep 2017 8:36 PM

Study reveals women are more attracted towards men with tattoos

Previous research has also found that women tend to look more favourably on men with tattoos.

25 Sep 2017 8:18 PM

Critically injured python undergoes CT scan in Odisha

It was brought to the College of Veterinary Science of Odisha University of Agriculture & Technology (OUAT) in a critical condition.

25 Sep 2017 8:07 PM

Tigers in the wild: Viewing the stealthy, large cats in India

India was home to 40,000 tigers a century ago but habitat loss, poaching and population pressure reduced that to fewer than 2,000 by 1970.

25 Sep 2017 7:55 PM


Student dies while clicking selfie

The students family rushed to the concerned police station on Monday morning.

25 Sep 2017 7:37 PM

Sex offenders say island water makes them sick

Scores of sex offenders ordered to live on the secluded island say the water there is making them sick and causing unexplained deaths.

25 Sep 2017 7:28 PM

SoundBot launches the SB517 Dynamic Wireless waterproof speaker

SoundBot SB517 claims to offer superior bass output with a built-in subwoofer. Priced at Rs 1290, the speaker is available on

25 Sep 2017 7:14 PM

17 more bodies found as Myanmar unearths mass Hindu graves

The vast majority -- more than 430,000 -- are Rohingya Muslims who have fled across the border to Bangladesh.

25 Sep 2017 7:02 PM

Saudi official fired after textbooks show Yoda with king

Undersecretary for Curricula and Educational Programs Mohammed al-Harthi was dismissed from his post Monday.

25 Sep 2017 6:49 PM


Rajasthan: Teen woman burnt alive for opposing molestation

The police have arrested both the accused.

25 Sep 2017 6:48 PM

IP ratings and MIL-STD ratings: Smartphone protection standards explained

Knowing about the ratings helps you protect your pricey investments from the adversaries of mother earth.

25 Sep 2017 6:45 PM

'Meatiest' pub owner vows one million free lunches

A British pub owner has vowed to dish out one million lunches for free in the 'biggest giveaway ever'.

25 Sep 2017 6:33 PM

Karbonn launches K9 Smart Grand in India

Priced at Rs 5,290 the device will be available in two colours — Black and Champagne with a metallic Black panel.

25 Sep 2017 6:22 PM

Make BJP instrument of mass participation: PM at exec meet

BJP leader Jaitley said power was the means of enjoyment for the Opposition when it was in the government.

25 Sep 2017 6:12 PM


Shoppers Stop shares soar 20 per cent on Amazon deal

The retail company said it will raise Rs 179.26 crore from Amazon by issuing equity shares.

25 Sep 2017 6:10 PM

Women in Mumbai local start performing Garba inside compartment

The video which many think shows women rehearsing for the night has gone viral.

25 Sep 2017 6:06 PM

Robotic fashion: Wear your heartbeat on your sleeve

Fascination with where human behaviour and digital couture meet has already led the designer to conjure similarly striking experiments.

25 Sep 2017 5:52 PM

Having a boyfriend doesn't mean a woman can be sexually assaulted: Bombay HC

The convict, a resident of Nashik, was convicted and sentenced by a POCSO court in 2016 to imprisonment for 10 years.

25 Sep 2017 5:52 PM

Woman claims she can save lives with black magic

The woman's website attracts millions of visitors.

25 Sep 2017 5:19 PM