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The silenced cells change shape and experience stress in their endoplasmic reticulum, a structure that assembles new proteins. (Photo: ANI)

High-fat meal completely shuts down the communication for few hours

Studies reveal that fatty food can restrict gut communication with body.

VMAT 1 contains two mutations or the genome changes which are human-specific. (Photo: ANI)

Dopamine and serotonin play significant roles in the emotional as well as cognitive functions

Study reveals that evolutionary changes in human brain, potential reason of anxiety.

But he says caregivers can help themselves by making sure the meals are tasty and memorable. (Photo: AP)

Eating familiar meals helps bridge distance dementia creates in families

Sharing a family meal can help those with dementia connect.

People should be aware that long work hours might affect their heart health. (Photo: ANI)

Long working hours can trigger hypertension

Long office work hours linked to regular, hidden high blood pressure: Study.


“It’s a political message of collaboration. Too many frontiers aren’t good for the fashion system. (Photo: Instagram)

Fashion shows display anti-Brexit messages

Milan and London Fashion Weeks join forces with anti-Brexit message.

Muxes also played a leading role in the aftermath of a massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Juchitan in 2017. (Photo: Instagram)

Mexico’s transgender women feature on Vogue for the first time

Vogue cover spotlights Mexico's transgender 'muxe' women.

Modern artisans are creating new types of accessories using the cloth flowers, such as earrings and brooches. (Photo: AP)

Traditional Japanese hair-dos to try this season

Easy-to-make flowers for traditional Japanese hair ornaments.

Although new colours are exciting for brides, many are going for the traditional red, but experimenting with different shades.

Dressing the new age bride

The upcoming wedding season will see a mix of traditional silhouettes and modern designs along with interesting colour combinations.


Recipes by Chefs Manula Gayan and Sajid Wimarshana from Movenpick Hotel, Colombo.

Selfsame food inside out

For food that shares flavours and spices with certain Indian cuisines, Sri Lankan dishes are surprisingly unique.

Extra-virgin olive oil is good for your heart. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

How to select the best cooking oil

Different cooking styles make use of different oils.

Veganism continues to be one of the UK's fastest-growing lifestyle movements, and this is certainly reflected in London's massive vegan scene. (Photo: ANI)

Veganism continues to be one of UK's fastest-growing lifestyle movements

London named most vegan-friendly city across the globe, second time in a row.

Pine nut, walnut and couscous gujiya

Healthy treats

This festive season, indulge in healthy alternatives to our traditional sweets.

This winter, McGovern has created a new version of his hot buttered rum punch, adding fudge for an even creamier texture. (Photo: AP)

Here is what London has to offer this Christmas

London offers winter warmers with a festive flavour.


Hyatt is also cutting down on the use of plastic water bottles at meetings and events. (Photo: AP)

Hotel chain to reduce small toiletries bottles to reduce waste

Hyatt will remove small bottles from hotel bathrooms by 2021.

Venice’s mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, has given a preliminary estimate of damage at more than 1 billion euros. (Photo: AP)

Royal garden reopens in France; new attraction for tourists

Venice's endurance symbolised in Royal Gardens re-opening.

The organisers of such marches routinely dismiss these official counts as gross underestimates. (Photo: AFP)

Travel misery hits tourists visiting France

New travel misery in France as unions warn of fresh turmoil.

The GeoNet monitoring agency raised White Island's threat level in the week before the eruption but also advised current activity does not pose a direct hazard to visitors. (Photo: AFP)

Volcanic eruptions put tourism at halt in New Zealand

Volcano disaster puts spotlight on NZ adventure tourism.


For the New York exhibition, Chu created an unnamed 15-foot (4.5 meter) long, four-panel piece. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

12-year-old’s art exhibition opens up in New York

Art exhibit by 12-year-old 'young Jackson Pollock' opens in New York.

The results of the study were published in the Journal 'Science.' (Photo: ANI)

Music shares universal language of mankind

Human songs share universal patterns across world cultures.

Earthern lamps are signature Diwali-defining artefacts. (Photo: ANI)

Earthern lamps light up potters’ lives this season

WB: Spike in demand of earthen lamps keeping Siliguri potters busy this Diwali.

The opening day commemorated with lighting the lamp ceremony by Sisodia. (Photo: ANI)

Youth festival in Delhi aims to preserve cultural heritage of the city

Six-day Delhi Youth festival kicks off on grand note.

Pt Debashish Bhattacharya with his instrument.

A guitarist’s journey, and the genesis of his pushpaveena

On Saraswati Puja day, the instrument finally took shape, and I named it pushpaveena, in the honour of the goddess.


Kids pay more attention to soothing tones. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Shouting at teenagers hampers communication

Teenagers less responsive to mothers with controlling voice: Study.

As with any sexual behaviour, it is important and necessary to have consent to engage in sexting. (Photo: ANI)

Sexting can also be for relationship reassurance they receive from their partners

Studies reveal that sexting isn't just about sex; it has more reasons to it.

Keep the playfulness intact and feel free to experiment with your sex life. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Tips for good sex as you grow old

Why let age douse your fiery affair?

Women while taking a bath should separate the vaginal lips and clean the clitoris, the urinary opening and the vaginal opening with soap and water. (Representative Image)

Hygiene in sex

A woman's vaginal fluids are usually odourless.

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The first church was built on the site of Jesus's birth in the fourth century, though it was replaced after a fire in the sixth century. (Photo: AFP)

Pope Francis ushered in Christmas celebrations with midnight service

Pope Francis kicks off Christmas celebrations with midnight Mass.

Picture used for representational purposes only

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So, Ramesh and Suresh came to us, and very politely asked us for a dance. But they were instantly turned down by my friend.

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Drip Creationz, a leading fashion e-commerce brand has made its way among the top names in the USA.

Popular fashion brand ‘Drip Creationz’ to expand its business this year

Drip Creationz, a leading fashion e-commerce brand has made its way among the top names in the USA.

Punjabi Cinema Producer Maverick Gunbir Singh Sidhu.

Punjabi Cinema Producer Maverick Gunbir Singh Sidhu Creates Magic on Silver Screen

The movies that he produces are light entertainers and easy on the eye and mind.

Younger talent like Karan Jani and Akhil Turai are, indeed, a ray of hope and we can certainly expect them to walk in the footsteps of their mentor.

Indian scientists Akhil Turai, Karan Jani were deeply inspired by prof Stephen Hawking

Both, Astrophysicist Karan Jani and Rocket Scientist Akhil Turai hail from small Indian village of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

In other words, effective business growth strategies are in a position to help you transform your small business into a bigger one along with time.

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