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Hyderabad’s Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) has also begun the Phase-1 human clinical trials for Covaxin from July 20.

Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin shows ‘encouraging results’ in phase-I of human trials

Covaxin is one of the only two indigenous COVID vaccine candidates approved for human clinical trials in India

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Atypical signs in Covid-19

Dr D. P. Bansal, consultant pulmonary and critical care medicine, discusses Covid-19 symptoms and how to prevent it from spreading

 A doctor walks in a lane during a free medical camp in Dharavi, one of Asia's largest slums in Mumbai, India. (AP)

Life through a COVID prism: How our nurses, docs walk tightrope between work and home

Their days revolve around their COVID-19 patients and their lives around their families and the two can never meet

Travellers wear face masks as they arrive in the main terminal of Denver International Airport. AP photo

Air travel in the time of pandemic: Is flight journey safe?

Flying can increase your risk of exposure to infection, but airlines are taking some precautions and you can too

Sushant Singh Rajput

When all’s not well

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide comes as a reminder that wealth and fame are not proof against depression


 Usually made out of paper or fabrics, these individually packed masks require the users to cover their faces for a couple of minutes with it to get the instant glow

Unmasking the truth about sheet masks

The serum-sheet facemasks have amassed wide popularity among beauty trendsetters but dermatologists warn you to not get floored

Scherezade Shroff

Here's how social media influencers ace the game

India’s social-media stars reveal how they made it big

Ranna Gill, Designer

Fashion designers discuss comeback plans post lockdown

The hope that responsible “revenge shopping” gains steam

Tiger Shroff

Say hello to Male 2.0 transformations we like to see

Given the leisure to assess themselves during the pandemic, the male of the species has suddenly discovered a desire to look and feel good


Chicken 65

Tips for the perfect roast chicken

But no matter what flavours you choose, the end result — the look and juiciness — of the chicken should always remain the same.

Banarsi Tamatar Chaat

Street food at home

Now, street-food lovers don’t have to gamble with their health for a bite of their favourite snacks.

Clover Club Cocktail

Easy gin sour

Master the art of mixing raspberry and gin that allures the palate in a way that no other cocktail does.

Vanilla baked yogurt with strawberries

Cooking for two

This valentine’s Day, ditch eating out and score brownie points with these delicious easy-to-replicate recipes at home.

Berries are good for your heart health. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

7 anti-inflammatory foods you can include in your diet

These easily available foods are excellent for your health.


The GeoNet monitoring agency raised White Island's threat level in the week before the eruption but also advised current activity does not pose a direct hazard to visitors. (Photo: AFP)

Volcanic eruptions put tourism at halt in New Zealand

Volcano disaster puts spotlight on NZ adventure tourism.

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As liquor stores go in lockdown mode, Goa opts for Hurrack

Hurrack, which is also caled as Feni is a traditional liquor in Goa, which is made from cashew apple juice

 She sustained "chest injuries" and was said to be in a "serious but stable condition," after suffering a "crush from being hit by a whale's tail," a spokesperson said. (Representational Image: AFP)

Woman crushed by whale's tail at Australia's tourist spot

The 29-year-old was exploring near the World Heritage-listed site in the Indian Ocean when she was struck

 A group of seven Hyderabadis on a 13-day trip to Antarctica. (DC Photo)

Jet set, no-go

When setting off on a 13-day return trip to Antarctica, these seven Hyderabadis didn’t imagine home could be so far


A Tale of Deep Waters

Magnetic moments

An exhibition that presents a series of abstract paintings highlighting cities and Krishna playing Holi.

The festival is witnessing the participation of more than 500 artists. Delhi’s youngsters, along with eminent artists, are showcasing the youth’s constructive and creative involvement.

Delhi’s Youth Connect

The capital recently inaugurated the ninth edition of its Youth Festival, which is doing a splendid job preserving the cultural heritage of the city.

Nisha Khanna

Can you paint your way out of pain?

Art has long been used as a tool for catharsis, enabling individuals and communities to cope with grief, pain and trauma

Rupin Suchak

Designing bespoke spaces

Rupin Suchak dreams up outrageous, unique, inspiring avatars of every space he sees little wonder that he’s made made a name for himself

Celebrating the Padma Vibhushan awardee’s contribution to modern Indian art, AstaGuru, an online auction house, is all set to present a comprehensive collection of the artist’s works in a virtual auction

The art world is abuzz, as AstaGuru readies for ‘Husain’

Titled simply ‘Husain’, this dedicated event will be the largest solo artist auction to be curated in India


The modern woman is pushing so hard at the regressive boundaries that shackle her, never mind all her equal capabilities and abilities to a man. Why so?

Nisha Jamwal | No respite for women

In spite of the unending conversation about equality in India, our patriarchal society still presents challenges

Photo Credit: Arjun Kamath

Matters of the mind: Of anxiety and depression amid a pandemic

Bengaluru-based photographer Arjun Kamath tries to capture the unspoken fears and anxiety issues through his photo essay The Anxiety Series.

Another advantage to girl-boy friendships is the way they give boys a chance to talk about their feelings. (Photo: ANI)

Girl-boy bonding can be emotionally enriching

Is girl-boy friendship beneficial? Study finds.

A smart way to deal with a bully is to gang up with family and friends and confront the bully.

How to deal with the bully in your life

While rectifying the bully in one’s life is not an option, there are multiple other tricks that one can adopt to tackle them better.

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Children are often told to keep their heads in the schoolbooks, which can make extracurricular creative pursuits difficult. But 12-year-old Aryan Kaushal from Mumbai is an exception: He has moulded his experiences and conversations into poems and compiled them all into a poetry book.

Little Wordsworth

Twelve-year-old Aryan Kaushal’s quirky and realistic poems elicit a nostalgic feeling with a mature undertone.

Author Alka Joshi

Colourful narrative set in Rajasthan

The book delightfully delves into the colourful world of Rajasthan, seamlessly bridging the gap between royalty and commoners

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Shopping for safety

These stores and the fact that they are being patronised are an indication of the shape of things to come

People stand outside a shop selling mobile phones from Chinese electronics company Xiaomi of which the front name is covered with a tarp, as calls for a boycott of Chinese goods gather pace following a border clash that killed 20 Indian soldiers, in Mumbai. PTI Photo

To endorse or not – the China dilemma

The anti-China sloganeering has reached a crescendo, but with big bucks riding on endorsements can and will people really cut out China?

Air Commodore RM Sreedharan with Wife Gayathri

India’s Midnight’s Children

Stalwarts of the Indian Armed Forces who were born in the year that India gained freedom talk about growing older with the nation

In Focus

  ImmigToronto is the best ally you can have to join you on an immigration journey to Canada.

ImmigToronto helping thousands of immigrants to make Canada their home

Do you also fancy Canada and want to move to the country? If yes, then you have landed right

 Delhi-based business tycoon Suhail.

Delhi Business Tycoon Redefines Success With His Path-Breaking Ventures

A self-confessed workaholic, Suhail, has achieved massive success within a very short time period

 Saikripa Sen Choksi.

The global influencer - Saikripa Sen Choksi

Saikripa combined her passion for food into a fulltime business, by launching Escobar with her husband a decade ago

Kanthi Dutt.

Entrepreneur Kanthi Dutt creatively battled Covid-19 while authoring ‘Rediscovering Path to Success’

This Hyderabad based young entrepreneur & strategy consultant is best known as one of India’s youngest media company founders