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The results of the study were published in the journal of JAMA Pediatrics. (Photo: ANI)

Children who have more screen time have lower structural integrity

Studies reveal that screen-based media associated with structural differences in brains of young children.

The results of the study were published in the journal of the American Heart Association. (Photo: ANI)

Severity of depression can increase chances of heart disease and stroke

Studies reveal that strong link found between level of depression and heart disease, stroke.

The preliminary research was presented at the American Heart Association's Resuscitation Science Symposium 2019 in Philadelphia. (Photo: ANI)

Cardiac arrest on weekends has fewer chances of survival

Study says cardiac arrests on weekends are more deadly.

A study also found that this method of alternate breathing between two nostrils has a profound effect on the nervous system. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

Tackle insomnia with this popular breathing technique

This Indian-origin breathing technique can ease anxiety and calm the nervous system.

The findings was published in the Journal of Research in Personality. (Photo: ANI)

Assigning household work to kids might not help in developing self-control

Studies reveals that doing household chores don't influence child's self-control development.


Anna Wintour has made her mark as one of the most influential people in fashion. (Photo: AP)

Vogue editor in chief turns leadership coach

Anna Wintour turns teacher, job coach in online MasterClass.

Green beauty is a fashionable term to use, but not everyone knows the real meaning behind it. (Photo: Instagram)

Make your beauty routine eco-friendly with these tips

Refillable containers, green beauty and ‘naked’ products are revolutionising the beauty industry.

Posen has also served as a judge on TV’s “Project Runway.” And in 2017, he was the subject of a documentary , “House of Z.” (Photo: AP)

Zac Posen shuts down namesake label

Zac Posen, red carpet favourite, shuts down fashion label.

Vaani Kapoor

Winter wears a cosy ensemble

Jewellery, accessories, or apparel — this season, remember to go for collections that are stylish but season-friendly.


Six wise men go mad - Recipes by Padam Risme, Café Delhi Heights

The boozy booze

Cocktails which offer lighter flavours but pack more alcohol percentage in are the winners.

Eggs make for a healthy breakfast option, and are fairly easy to cook. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

6 amazing health benefits of eggs

The white and yellow wonder is extremely nutritious.

Vanilla beans have a delicious history, present and future! (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

How vanilla wandered across countries

A swirl of vanilla ice-cream is probably filled with centuries of wandering!

The recently concluded festival of Navratri called for some amazing thali binging. (Photo: dr.nimrata/Instagram)

The Great Indian festive culinary trail for November

Festive flavours rooted in years of community traditions are just delightful.

The aloos, paneers, mushrooms and even the fruits have equal right to come under the wide umbrella of tandoori.

Make way for the veggies

The plain rotis that we buy for merely five to fifteen rupees, which are made on either gas or chullah tandoors, also fall in the bracket.


Apart from the beach the island itself is a delight with friendly locals, surprising cuisines and colourful homes. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

5 enchanting beaches that you must visit

Beach Please: Five unique beaches across the world that should be on every beach lover list.

To say that Indians are passionate about their country, their origin, their language, and their food would be an understatement. A lot of people do different things to show their passion for their roots.

Going live on a pan-India drive!

We caught up with him while he was in Bengaluru to find out more about all the places that he’s zipping through.

Violation fines range from USD 13 to 1,600. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

Regulations for tourists announced in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia implements public decency code as it opens to tourists.

There is a need to study the drivers of tourist household food waste and barriers to its reduction. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

Diversity in tourism industry resulting in more food wastage

Food waste becoming a bigger problem as tourism industry getting diverse: Study.


This year, Chhath Puja will be celebrated from the evening of November 13 till the morning of November 14. (Photo: ANI)

Muslim artisans prepares stoves for Chhath Puja with great reverence

Chhath Puja: These Muslim artisans have been in Chulha-making business for decades.

The exhibit takes its name from a quote by artist and Bauhaus professor Paul Klee, who advised approaching drawing by “taking a line for a walk.” (Photo: AP)

MoMA exhibit celebrates art of weaving

Weaving and fibre arts get the new MoMA treatment.

I am Queen by Bandana Kumari

Thus painted these artists

We glimpsed into the unique creative visions of various artists at this recent exhibition that was held in the capital.

These elements will show part of that terrible story that was the Nazi genocide,” Marcelo Mindlin, president of the museum in the capital Buenos Aires. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

WWII relics to go on display in Holocaust Museum in Argentina

Nazi relics from secret hoard unveiled at Argentina's Holocaust Museum.

Morning, forest (oil on linen): “This one embodies all prevasive light hiding in the dense-rich browns.”

It’s a colourful feeling

This solo art exhibition showcases the work of an artist who is intent upon evoking a feeling, and not a form, with his paintings.


Having a controlling partner is harmful for self-growth and it is better to distance yourself from them. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

Keep an eye out for these warning signs in a relatiponship.

The phrase is quite precise, but could hold multiple reasons. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

‘It’s not you, it’s me’: Decoded

Breaking up can be hurtful, but not knowing why can be more painful.

The findings were published in the journal of 'Sex Research'. (Photo: ANI)

Secrecy surrounding sexual activity can become toxic in non-traditional relationship

Do open relationships work out in a monogamy dominated culture?

A smart way to deal with a bully is to gang up with family and friends and confront the bully.

How to deal with the bully in your life

While rectifying the bully in one’s life is not an option, there are multiple other tricks that one can adopt to tackle them better.

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The World Health Organisation has listed antibiotic-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a critical threat to human health. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Antioxidants found in green tea can destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Researchers find out that green tea can terminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

US rapper TI

Global outrage over rapper dad’s hymen obsession

Actor Ellen Barkin’s tweet should be an eye-opener, she said, “I have bad news for T.I. After six months of vaginal sex my hyman broke.”

A still from Ujda Chaman

Battle baldness, naturally

Take a proper diet, hit the gym and most importantly avoid stress and smoking.

Keshia B

Bringing soul back to life

Known for her immense and diverse musical talent, Keshia B. talks about her journey and working with A.R. Rahman.

No laughing matter. The character of Arthur Fleck in the movie Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix, suffers from the pseudobulbar affect, a mental disorder that causes him to laugh uncontrollably.

Emotional extremes

Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) may occur in association with a variety of neuropsychiatric diseases.


Josue Arteaga (Photo: File)

Entrepreneurial journey of a millionaire: Josue Arteaga

His journey did not begin with some bright idea; it began due to the tough situations life puts us in.

Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei (Photo: File)

Meet Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei

He makes a smashing comeback as a digital influencer.