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South Asia

Pasang Sherpa of Peak Promotion in Kathmandu says one of them had scaled the world’s third tallest peak while another was on the way up but fell sick and died. (Representational Image)

Two Indian climbers die on Mount Kanchenjunga in Nepal

The climbers identified as 48-year-old Biplab Baidya and 46-year-old Kuntal Karar fell ill just below the 8,586-meter (28,160-foot) summit.

Represenational image

Curfew lifted in Sri Lanka, situation under control: Police

The curfew was imposed on Sunday after a group of miscreants carrying swords attacked some people.

Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the head of the local catholic church, has asked all churches to stop masses until the situation improved, his office said. (Photo: AP)

Sri Lanka releases pictures of 6 suspects that killed nearly 250

Police on Thursday released the names and pictures of the suspects and sought information regarding them from public.

Sri Lanka has used temporary bans on social media in a bid to deter misinformation and rumours. (Photo:AP)

SL blocks social media after worst unrest since Easter blasts

Several mosques and Muslim homes were damaged in the attack in the district, the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang had told reporters at a regular briefing last month that China would continue "coordinating" with all the relevant parties. (Photo:File)

India has shared evidence of JeM, Azhar's terrorist activities with China: MEA

India shared with China all evidence of JeM and its leader Masood Azhar during Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale's latest visit to Beijing.


King Maha Vajiralongkorn will be crowned in a pageantry-laden ceremony. (Photo : File)

Thailand set for coronation of King Rama X, first in 69 years

Thais who have not witnessed a coronation since Bhumibol's in 1950, will see the newly-crowned monarch as he is carried through Bangkok.

The doctor ran a private clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, and had married Christie in 1997. She filed for divorce in 2016. (Photo:

Indian doctor gets huge divorce bill as he accuses judge of 'spreading her legs'

The ex-wife of a neurologist in Singapore has been granted Singapore dollars in assets, child and spousal support by British Columbia court.

Alarmed, Bibi took Raza to a hospital where medical tests confirmed the boy was among about 500 people, mostly children, who authorities say tested positive for the virus, which can lead to AIDS. (Photo: AP)

Nearly 500 people test positive for HIV in Pakistani district

A local physician who has AIDS has since been arrested and is being investigated for possibly intentionally infecting patients.

Pakistan lies in the middle of a vital aviation corridor. Flights to India often pass directly over Pakistan. (Representational Image)

Indian flights in Pakistan airspace to remain shut till May 30

However, Pakistan opened its airspace for all flights except for New Delhi, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur on March 27.

Middle East

Tehemten Homi Dhunjiboy Mehta, who was born in 1922, could become the first centenarian to be driving on Dubai roads in three years. (Representational Image)

Age no bar: 97-yr-old Indian-origin man renews driving licence in UAE

A 97-year-old Indian-origin man in the UAE has got his driving licence renewed for the next four years.

Israel said around 90 rockets were fired from the Palestinian enclave and its air defences intercepted dozens of them. (Photo:AP)

As many as 50 rockets fired at Israeli base from Gaza: Army

Gaza militants on Saturday fired a barrage of dozens of rockets at Israel, which responded with strikes that killed a Palestinian.

One of the leaders of the protest movement, prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, was executed in 2016 for 'terrorism'.

State media says 8 terrorists suspects killed in Saudi Arabia

The recently-formed cell was preparing to carry out 'terrorist' activities against the security of the country, Saudi Press Agency reported.

While airplanes are cleared to return to airports in the case of a major emergency, the bizarre incident left airport authorities baffled as they tried establishing the protocol for such a scenario, reports Gulf News. (Representational Image)

'Totally new one for us': Woman forgets baby at terminal, flight returns

'This flight is requesting to come back, a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area. Can we come back or what?' pilot said.

Betty Rita Fernandes, 42-year-old mother of two, was admitted for the two-hour left hip replacement surgery at the Al Zahra Hospital. (Photo: Facebook)

Dubai based Indian woman dies after hip replacement surgery

Ms Fernandes had a congenital issue and her hip was slightly displaced when she was born, the report said.


Bashir, 75, swept to power in an Islamist-backed coup in 1989, and headed a brutal regime for three decades. (Photo:AP)

One week after Bashir ouster, Sudan 'revolution' still unfinished

Sudan on Thursday marks one week since the army ousted president Omar al-Bashir after protests against his 30-year rule.

On Monday night, terrified pupils fled the boarding school night when heavily armed fighters in military fatigues and turbans stormed the town, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar.’ (Representational Image/ AFP)

110 girls missing after Boko Haram school attack: Nigerian Govt

The kidnapping has raised questions about the military's repeated claims that the Islamist terrorists are on the verge of defeat.

All on board the Boeing 737 MAX 8 died. (Photo:AFP)

Ethiopian plane made a strange rattling noise, trailed smoke before plunging

Flight 302 took off from the Ethiopian capital on Sunday morning bound for Nairobi with passengers from more than 30 countries.

CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Tewolde Gebremariam looks at the wreckage of the plane that crashed shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (Photo: AP)

Four Indians among 157 killed as Ethiopian Airlines flight crashes

The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 157 people thought to be on board.


Putin in March signed controversial laws that allow courts to fine and briefly jail people for showing disrespect towards authorities, and block media for publishing 'fake news' (Photo: AP I File)

Putin Signs Controversial Internet Law For 'Centralised Traffic Control'

This control will pass to the Russian FSB security service and media monitoring agency Roskomnadzor, which is known to block content.

Also speaking at the Paris Forum event, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire warned about the impact of a trade war between the world's two biggest economies. (Photo:AP)

US-China trade tensions threat to world economy: IMF chief

The head of the International Monetary Fund said that fresh trade tensions between the US and China were a threat to the world economy.

May’s Conservatives suffered major losses in local elections this month and are trailing in opinion polls. (Photo:AP)

Theresa May to agree on exit after latest Brexit deal bid

Three years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, there is little clarity over when, how and even whether Brexit will happen.

"Of course I'm going to go for it," Johnson told a business event in Manchester. (Photo:AP)

Boris Johnson confirms aspirations to be British PM

Many of her ministers and senior lawmakers are already jockeying for position, holding photo opportunities and giving wide-ranging speeches.

The two leaders appeared to get on well. (Photo:AP)

Not sure if US guarantees will make North Korea de-nuclearise: Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin said US security guarantees would probably not be enough to persuade Pyongyang to shut its nuclear programme.


The 'coffin' is a concrete dome, built in the late 1970s on Runit island, part of Enewetak atoll, as a dumping ground for waste from the nuclear tests. (Photo: AFP)

UN chief concerned about nuclear 'coffin' leakage in Pacific

He described structure on Enewetak atoll in Marshall Islands as 'kind of coffin' and said legacy of Cold War-era nuclear tests in Pacific.

Schiff had issued a subpoena to the Justice Department last week to obtain Mueller’s unredacted report, in addition to other material and documents gathered during the 22-month investigation. (Photo: AP)

US House panel threatens action to get Mueller report documents

Committee asked dept to provide 'dozen narrow sets' of foreign intelligence documents related to Mueller's assessment.

Andy Stepanian, a spokesman for Manning's legal team, said she had been remanded in custody by Judge Anthony Trenga. (Photo:AP)

Chelsea Manning jailed after refusing to testify in Julian Assange case

Manning, who spent seven years in military prisons for leaking US secrets to WikiLeaks in 2010.

"We discriminate against genius. We discriminate against brilliance. We won't anymore once we get this past." Trump said (Photo:AP)

Trump rolls out better green card plan, to benefit skilled Indians

The immigration reform proposals significantly increase the quota for skilled workers from existing nearly 12 per cent to 57 per cent.


The reptiles seized include 2 Blue Tongue lizards and as many as 17 Singleback lizards. (Photo: Twitter @AusBorderForce)

Japanese woman arrested for smuggling 19 lizards in Australia

A Japanese woman appeared in court after she was detained at Melbourne International Airport for attempting to smuggle 19 lizards.

New Zealand's chief censor has banned both the livestreamed footage of the attack and the manifesto written and released by Brenton Harrison Tarrant. (Photo:AP)

Six appear in court for distributing NZ mosque images illegally

Six people appeared in a New Zealand court on Monday on charges they illegally redistributed the video a gunman livestreamed.

A 28-year-old Australian, Brenton Tarrant, a self-avowed white supremacist, has been charged with 50 counts of murder. (Photo:AP)

'Horrified' muslims avoid Christchurch mosques since NZ attacks

The Christchurch Muslim community was struggling to get worshippers to overcome their fears and return to Friday prayers.

The majority of victims were migrants or refugees from countries such as Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Somalia, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. (Photo:AP)

Friday prayers to be broadcast, 2 min silence: NZ PM Jacinda Ardern

The bodies of victims from New Zealand's mosques mass shooting were carried in open caskets on the shoulders of mourners.

Tarrant live-streamed his gruesome act on Facebook for 17 minutes and police believe that the accused had single-handedly carried out the terror attack at both the mosques under a span of 36 minutes during the Friday prayers for which a large number of worshippers had congregated. (Photo: ANI)

New Zealand shooting: Gunman sacks lawyer, plans to represent himself in court

Richard Peters, the attorney who represented Tarrant said that the accused 'appeared to be lucid' and was not 'mentally unstable'.