Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019 | Last Update : 11:46 PM IST

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A US-Iran war must be averted, it’s a ‘lose-lose’ option for all

A major diplomatic success would be a preferable option for Trump.

25 Jun 2019 1:35 AM

Boris readies to be PM, Tories head for a crash

The Conservatives have a two-stage procedure for electing their leader.

25 Jun 2019 1:35 AM

Why Donald Trump ‘blinked’ in the crisis with Iran

The implication was that there would be some military action, proportionate to the provocation.

24 Jun 2019 7:35 AM

High time Cong gave leaders in states their due

There was no silver lining to inspire hopes of a recovery as in 1989 when it lost to the National Front. It lost again to the BJP in 1998 and in 1999.

23 Jun 2019 1:42 AM

The case for regulating social media in India

The time has come to seriously evaluate the role played by social media in spreading disinformation and hate speech in election season.

23 Jun 2019 1:42 AM


A humane solution to the refugee crisis exists, find it

Perhaps the most iconic Afghan refugee is Sharbat Gula, the so-called “Afghan girl”, who featured on a 1985 cover of National Geographic.

21 Jun 2019 3:05 AM

Fix healthcare now, or future shock is certain

Encephalopathy is a disease in which the functioning of the brain is affected.

21 Jun 2019 3:02 AM

India stares at a crisis of political leadership

The BJP has an advantage in its parliamentary numbers and time is on its side.

20 Jun 2019 1:49 AM

For Maryam and Bilawal, it’s dads over democracy

Both the PML-N and PPP have ratcheted up pressure only when they lost hope of staying one step ahead of their legal problems.

19 Jun 2019 1:34 AM

Modi 2.0 offers a giant political supermarket!

Export orientation is a quality and time conscious eco-system which hinges on becoming part of global supply chains.

19 Jun 2019 1:25 AM


Modi takes a hard look at economy’s potholes

There are problems, of course, some of them unstated, some overstated.

18 Jun 2019 3:30 AM

Doctors vs Mamata: Tribal confrontation?

The problem with this demand is that it is the craving of the injured ego as well as injured bodies of the doctors on strike.

17 Jun 2019 1:12 AM

BJP resumes iftar outreach, Rahul’s Sidhu faux pas costly

BJP rebel Shatrughan Sinha, who joined the Congress shortly before the Lok Sabha elections, is said to be miffed with his new party.

16 Jun 2019 6:44 AM

Rethink line, explore Track 2 diplomacy

A sensible policy would be to have talks on our terms and agenda at a time of our choosing.

16 Jun 2019 6:39 AM

Arrests in Pak: Imran’s battle to win or lose

The period nicely takes Prime Minister Imran Khan’s two main opponents into its grasp.

15 Jun 2019 2:09 AM


‘Off with their heads’: Gandhis blame all but themselves for poll rout

It’s time Congress accepts it lacks leadership to counter the magic or might of Narendra Modi.

14 Jun 2019 12:44 PM

In Britain, PMs come and go, but the Queen offers stability

She has spent the past three-and-a-half years finding out, and lost her job as a result.

14 Jun 2019 12:57 AM

Heat, drought & water crisis: Take action fast

This has adverse consequences on millions of livelihoods, especially smallholder farmers.

14 Jun 2019 12:54 AM

After arrest, will Zardari bounce back once more?

The noose had been tightening around him for long and it was just a matter of time before he would be nabbed.

13 Jun 2019 3:09 AM

Risk, opportunity faces India in unstable world

Tariffs on Chinese goods were further raised, and Huawei severed from US supply chains, sharpening the trade war.

13 Jun 2019 3:03 AM