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107th Day Of Lockdown

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AA Edit | Herd immunity no solution to COVID-19

Governments must stop toying with any policy that seeks herd immunity

08 Jul 2020 6:06 PM

AA Edit | China pullout: Firmness, vigilance are both critical

The Army believes the process will proceed cautiously as there would be a complete verification at each step

08 Jul 2020 5:41 PM

AA Edit | The healthcare dilemma

If the government advice was so efficient, would it not use its own wisdom to achieve better results in its own healthcare establishments?

07 Jul 2020 5:44 PM

AA Edit | China’s Bhutan claim to build pressure on India

This year too, there have been reports of the Chinese trying to build another road that could pose a threat to India’s Siliguri Corridor

07 Jul 2020 5:26 PM

AA Edit | With Covid-19 vaccine, make haste slowly

No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time

06 Jul 2020 5:41 PM


AA Edit | Incremental progress in Jayraj and Bennix case

It was a shocked civil society that first raised the demand for booking the men in uniform for murder

05 Jul 2020 7:27 PM

AA Edit | Delhi riots probe faces a crisis of credibility

The police have filed over 80 chargesheets pertaining to the riots

05 Jul 2020 7:05 PM

AA Edit | Scindia triumph a lesson to all

Mr Scindia’s triumph in securing a dominant role in the Madhya Pradesh government should also serve as a lesson to the Congress

04 Jul 2020 5:24 PM

AA Edit | Immunity of Italian marines who shot Indians questionable

It is perplexing that government of India chose to keep secret the order, which was issued on May 21 this year

04 Jul 2020 5:04 PM

AA Edit | Beijing batters HK’s autonomy

The new measure, most details of which are yet to be revealed to Hong Kong’s people, was approved just a day earlier

02 Jul 2020 7:26 PM


AA Edit | Expediency alone not enough to curb Covid-19

The Prime Minister, however, was silent on the ground realities on the corona front and the administrative measures

02 Jul 2020 6:55 PM

AA Edit | Hawk's diminishing clout

Geelani is seen by everyone in J&K and in Pakistan as Pakistan’s “first and last” man in Kashmir

01 Jul 2020 5:53 PM

AA Edit | Apps ban a signal to dragon, but no ‘surgical strike’

China holds disproportionate stake in India’s tech startup ecosystem and could use it against us

01 Jul 2020 5:17 PM

AA Edit | Resolute plan needed to fight coronavirus

Every day marks a new high in the number of virus cases, and India is in the race to become the third largest infected nation

30 Jun 2020 5:43 PM

AA Edit | Kashmir’s new residents

Under the princely dispensation those who belonged to the Jammu and Kashmir state were deemed "state subjects"

30 Jun 2020 5:16 PM


AA Edit | Too early to reopen Kartarpur

There must be all-round improvement in the climate before it is safe for pilgrims to cross the border again

29 Jun 2020 5:51 PM

DC Edit | Police brutality reflects failure of governance

The government of Tamil Nadu has failed to grasp the enormity of torture and third degree methods used liberally within the police stations

29 Jun 2020 5:24 PM

AA Edit | Lovely, but not fair yet

The Anglo-Dutch conglomerate is trying to realign its marketing strategies with the new anti-racist, anti-colourist environment

27 Jun 2020 5:12 PM

AA Edit | Govt browbeats Opposition to skirt China mess

It is interesting to note that the government offensive against Congress has come after Opposition started asking uncomfortable questions

27 Jun 2020 4:36 PM

AA Edit | Don’t ‘Djoke’ with COVID-19

The all-time great may personally nurse arcane beliefs like being an anti-vaxxer, as people who shun the science of vaccination are called

26 Jun 2020 6:49 PM