Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020 | Last Update : 05:55 PM IST

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Crass opinion & Kashmiris

The top court slated the Union government for the Internet lockdown in the Valley for months together.

21 Jan 2020 4:32 AM

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina questions CAA

Bangladesh has emerged as India’s most consequential neighbour and friend in South Asia, in the economic sphere and politically.

21 Jan 2020 4:30 AM

Of Savarkar and the Sena

To set the record straight, Savarkar got out of the Andamans by writing mercy petitions to the British, assuring them of political support.

20 Jan 2020 12:52 AM

Storm in a teacup blows over in TN

TNCC chief K.S. Azahgiri, reportedly a loyalist of P. Chidambaram, may have been flying kites on a non-existent theme of dissatisfaction in an ally.

20 Jan 2020 12:51 AM

Snake in the Mami’s shadow

Mami had got just back from the US.

19 Jan 2020 5:08 AM


Farewell Dhoni?

The October-November T-20 world championship could well be his dream last hurrah.

18 Jan 2020 2:53 AM

Govt should heed Modi’s mantra: Treat all equally

Prime facie, deep discounts offered by big ecommerce companies and the losses incurred by them do raise suspicions about their revenue model.

18 Jan 2020 2:51 AM

Why snub for Jeff Bezos?

The three-day visit, ahead of the announcement of the National Ecommerce Policy, seems aimed at lobbying for ease regulations for foreign players.

17 Jan 2020 1:03 AM

Ministers’ J&K visit a pointless exercise

The official reason for cutting off Kashmir’s links with the outside world was that this was necessary to curb terrorism.

17 Jan 2020 12:03 AM

The new stagflation challenge

Stagflation has also made it harder for the RBI to boost economic growth by using monetary tools like interest rate cuts.

15 Jan 2020 1:47 AM


Anti-CAA fire not dying, as Opposition begins to rally

That some well-known regional parties, who otherwise oppose the CAA, did not attend the meeting can be little comfort to the Centre.

15 Jan 2020 1:45 AM

Iran stays on the boil

A contrite Revolutionary Guards chief apologised profusely for the “human error” which killed 176 passengers.

14 Jan 2020 4:06 AM

Davinder’s shocker: A cleanup is needed

Singh will be thoroughly interrogated and perhaps some of what motivated him will soon emerge.

14 Jan 2020 4:03 AM

Navarane sets good example

The Army Chief went even further in laying stress on a soldier needing to defend “justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity” for all citizens.

13 Jan 2020 12:01 AM

Court condemns J&K curbs, but lets them be

The wise counsel tendered to our rulers by the Supreme Court bears a general tone.

13 Jan 2020 12:00 AM


Women’s new role models?

What stood out was the fact that the two girls were unrepentant.

11 Jan 2020 6:30 AM

Did social engineering put paid to growth?

Ever since the BJP came to power, the government has never accepted that the economy is in doldrums.

11 Jan 2020 12:29 AM

PM ducks Assam visit

The PM was warned on December 30 not to visit Assam by the All Assam Students Union.

10 Jan 2020 12:07 AM

Prospects of war in the Gulf recede

Iran had to respond militarily in line with the over-wrought emotional outburst in the country.

10 Jan 2020 12:06 AM

Deepika, others take a stand

The government is unlikely to be amused by our celebrities stepping out of their comfort zones.

09 Jan 2020 12:44 AM