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Nip them in the bud!

The chefs at the hotel have set an example by growing their own microgreens which they use in all cuisines, be it Thai, Indian or international.

21 Apr 2019 1:40 AM

Easter Treat

With the help and guidance of experts such palatable food can be made at home as well.

19 Apr 2019 12:32 AM

Tradition rules all culinary

Traditional cooking is the foundation of the culinary world and without it food technology is a waste, says star chef Ajay Markan.

19 Apr 2019 12:12 AM

Low-carb, high-fat breakfast beneficial to diabetics

Eggs for breakfast benefit those with Type 2 diabetes.

15 Apr 2019 6:11 PM

Fasting with flavours!

As the nine-day celebration comes close to an end yet another year, here are some unique recipes by chefs from all over India.

14 Apr 2019 1:36 AM


Japanese Palate

Ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu recently hosted a food and drink evening at his residence to display the best of Japan's cuisine.

14 Apr 2019 12:16 AM

Meet me in Little Europa

One doesn’t need to be in Europe to get the feel of it.

12 Apr 2019 12:25 AM

Chef talks about being called a party starter

Chinu recently collaborated with Chandon earning her the title of a “Party Starter”.

12 Apr 2019 12:23 AM

Let’s have some more!

Devour more than in large varieties of dimsums to fill your tummy and soul at the same time.

12 Apr 2019 12:18 AM

The Thai food maestro

Celebrating the Thai New Year, also known as Songkran festival, the Lalit opened their new restaurant OKO.

12 Apr 2019 12:11 AM


Go vegan for a greener planet!

The world is apparently set to run out of food by 2050 if we don’t cut down on meats.

11 Apr 2019 12:24 AM

Your coffee can speak volumes about you

A must-read for all the coffee lovers, the way you like your coffee can disclose a lot about your personality.

10 Apr 2019 8:48 PM

Tasty food from great Indian highway

The Neer Dosa and Pineapple Gojju coupled with Kanile (bamboo shoot gravy) represent highway-side cuisine from coastal Karnataka.

09 Apr 2019 11:05 PM

Indonesian chefs bring unique flavours

Chefs Sukarno and chef Martadinata share an array of exclusive recipes from their authentic Indonesian cuisine with DC.

09 Apr 2019 11:04 PM

Healthy low sugar strawberry pavlova cake

Satiate your sweet tooth with this delectable cake without any dietary restrictions.

07 Apr 2019 3:17 PM


A comida affair

Abhijeet Thakre, executive chef at The Taj City Centre, gets candid and talks about his favourite dish and passion for cooking since childhood.

07 Apr 2019 2:17 AM

Bottoms up!

Liv bar- a brainchild of Umang Tewari is a hub to enjoy good food and along with srumptious cocktails.

05 Apr 2019 12:19 AM

A soothing indulgence

While many would begin with lighter spirits like beer, rum or vodka and progress to whiskey, the trend is changing.

05 Apr 2019 12:19 AM

Art culinaire

The person who serves everyone with a smile shares some unkown facts about himself.

05 Apr 2019 12:17 AM

New Avatar

Allow Unplugged Courtyard Gurgaon to transport you into the climes of Goa right in the heart of Gurgaon's precinct of Udyog Vihar.

05 Apr 2019 12:16 AM