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Overweight women more like to have obese kids: study

Gut microbiome is the community of bacteria that live in the digestive tracts of humans. 

23 Feb 2018 6:33 PM

Diabetes and obesity both tied to higher risk of cancer

Many cancer cases worldwide may happen at least in part because people are overweight or have diabetes, a new report suggests.

14 Dec 2017 11:38 AM

Being overweight increases risk of dementia, suggests study

Here's how it impacts the body.

03 Dec 2017 11:05 AM

Find out why you should lose extra kilos before conceiving

According to a recent study, going into your pregnancy overweight means you could be putting your baby's health at risk.

23 Nov 2017 8:26 AM

Risk of irregular heart rhythm rises with weight and age

For each additional 10 pounds, the atrial fibrillation rate increases by 31% in men and by 18% in women.

28 Oct 2017 11:35 AM


Poor sleep may lead to weight gain: study

Researchers from University of Leeds in the UK studied 1,615 adults who reported how long they slept and kept records of food intake.

25 Oct 2017 6:23 PM

Poor sleep can add three-centimetres to your waistline: study

Researchers analysed 1,615 adults who reported how long they slept and kept records of food intake.

31 Jul 2017 4:12 PM

Doctors perform surgery on 10-year-old who weighs 190 kg

Ayra is too heavy to go to school due to noodle and cola addiction.

24 May 2017 4:34 PM

Risk of cancer in adulthood higher among overweight boys

Overweight boys that lose weight and achieve a normal-weight status by young adulthood do not carry an increased risk of adult colon cancer.

21 May 2017 7:36 PM

Experts create easy low-carb diet that helps to lose weight

All participants were overweight or obese and were diagnosed with Type -II diabetes.

07 Mar 2017 6:49 AM


Celebrate every ‘body’

Life coaches suggest ways to form a positive body image and introduce you to healthier ways of looking at yourself.

28 Jan 2017 12:16 AM

Calling your kids ‘fat’ may make them gain weight: Study

Robinson and Angelina Sutin from the Florida State University College of Medicine in the US examined data for 2,823 Australian families.

15 Jan 2017 4:54 AM

Around 5.5 billion people across the world are obese

While the obesity epidemic has grown considerably over the last three to four decades, this work casts light on the much higher numbers.

05 Jan 2017 1:59 PM

Being overweight may cause changes to DNA

The scientists examined the blood samples of over 10,000 women and men from Europe.

23 Dec 2016 4:59 PM

UP‘Lift’ed appeal

On the lookout for an instant fix to aging skin? Riverlift treatment could be the answer...

13 Dec 2016 1:16 AM


Women avoid contraceptives to not gain weight

Women who are overweight or obese, are less likely to use birth control pill and other hormonal contraceptive methods.

18 Nov 2016 4:55 PM

Overweight Delhi-NCR kids more prone to diabetes: Study

Diabetes in children is generally attributed to bad eating habits, with nutritious meals being replaced with fast foods.

13 Nov 2016 2:30 AM