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UP‘Lift’ed appeal

Published : Dec 13, 2016, 1:16 am IST
Updated : Dec 13, 2016, 7:11 am IST

On the lookout for an instant fix to aging skin? Riverlift treatment could be the answer...

Picture of Megan Fox used for representational purposes only.
 Picture of Megan Fox used for representational purposes only.

‘Riverlift’ is a procedure which is done by physicians world over. The essence of this lift is repositioning and volumising. Considering how the treatment is picking up momentum, here’s a deeper look at the same.

River lift is temporary lift – to rejuvenate the face. The effects are immediate and last up to a few months. The treatment plan entails the assessment of facial areas, which are susceptible to drooping. The most common areas being the brows, under eye area, mid face, lower face and neck bands.

Next comes assessing the areas for volume loss. This is an arena which requires the discretion of an expert, as  the volume is enhanced in individuals with a gaunt facial structure. People who already have a round or a chubby face are not good candidates for adding volume.

Not all people require both the procedures. Hence, a consultation with an experienced cosmetic physician is important.

The threads used for repositioning the facial tissues are fixed threads and they work on two principles – physically lifting of the tissues and stimulation scar tissue formation around the thread to get a longer result. The procedure should be carried out under sterile minor OT conditions. The number of threads to be used has to be discussed and under local anaesthesia these have to be placed in the right plane. Abnormal placement of the threads can give an unequal eye, abnormal smile or that stiff neck. The thread might also suddenly snap,  if tightened too much, thus bringing the affected side down and sudden asymmetry. Threads and fillers should not be done at the same time. The patient should be brought in for follow-up during which time, the area is re-assessed and areas of volume reduction are marked. These areas are then filled using Hyaluronic acid based fillers which have different molecular weight. The sandwich technique is used for the best results. Botulinum toxin and a chemical peel is done to complete the rejuvenation.

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