As this is Valentine’s week, let us ponder a philosophical question. Why are some people attracted to others? Don’t worry, the publishers of this page have not extended my space and I know you don’t have hours to read a long explanation. But if I sum it all up in just one word and suggest that this, in turn, encapsulates the only point you now need to keep in mind to ensure success in every area of your world, you must forgive me for possible oversimplification. What’s required for from you now, is confidence! In your love life: Just as important as it is to believe in yourself, you must be sincere about your willingness to please someone else.
Other people can make such a difference to our lives. When we feel things are good between us and them, our hearts well up with happiness, our minds over-brim with confidence and we naturally gravitate towards beneficial opportunities. Yet, when there is tension, the reverse is true. The moral of that then is to work even harder at healing wounds, moving on from past conflicts, letting go, forgiving and forgetting. Those policies will prove your keys to every kind of success this Valentine’s week. In your love life: The helpful position of your ruling planet suggests that happy developments are likely. You’re heading in the right direction.
This week, for you, would be all about building bridges, even if there were no river to cross! Even, indeed, if it did not bring Valentine’s Day and all the pressure we feel at such times, to overcome our differences and create some kind of fantasy-come-true in our personal lives. Such pressures can, of course, work against their own fulfilment. When we worry too much about what seems to be wrong, it is as if more and more keeps going wrong! But you can right many a wrong now, just by striving to be kind. In your love life: Ignore stress and strain. The sky insists you can work a miracle, in your personal or emotional life, this Valentine’s week.
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, your ruling planet moves from the house of intense desire to the heavenly home of idealism and altruism. Let your decisions, this week, reflect that transition. Go beyond an old, tiresome sense of need. Explore, instead, a belief that if you do the right thing, you will get the right result. In a situation that could easily descend into chaos and complication if too many excuses are made and truths are ignored, there is a chance to form a sweet, simple connection that brings lasting joy. In your love life: Are there some key issues that should be taken into account? You won’t regret making the allowances for them.
There is more than one way to crack a nut. Or solve a problem. Or, perhaps most pertinently this Valentine’s week, to fulfil a desire. There is something very particular that you want. Now, consider this. Do you want the result? Or do you want that result to be attained in a highly specific way? If there is an option that involves less stress but affords the same satisfaction, why would you not take that? Presumably, only because you can’t see it. So start looking for it! Slowly, soon, it will make itself visible. In your love life: Where a change is overdue in your personal life, an event this Valentine’s week can set a wonderful process in motion.
It is the time of year when the whole world seems to be thinking about partnership. So let us look at the very delicate relationship between risk and reward. These two factors have to work very closely with each other, performing a dance not unlike the one between the Moon and the Sun. They are deeply interdependent yet rarely do we see them immediately aligned. The magic is in the way they keep their distance and co-operate to produce spectacular results. You should emulate that example this week. In your love life: Are there gestures someone dare not make for fear of being badly judged? Encourage a little courage this Valentine’s week.
If we don’t talk to each other, how can we hope to understand each other? Before we go any further into this forecast, did you notice it began with a trick question? We talk to each other all the time. Rarely is that the barrier to communication. It isn’t that we don’t talk, more that we don’t listen! Or, even if we do, we don’t hear what is actually being said! I’m not just drawing your attention to this because it is Valentine’s week. Keep it in mind whilst pursuing more mundane objectives if you seek success this week! In your love life: Engage in a gentle, honest conversation. That act of giving will guide Cupid straight to the heart of a sensitive situation!
Florists, jewellers, restaurant owners and card shop proprietors may feel there is only one point of focus now. True romantics, though, won’t see it quite that way. ‘Why should this weekend be different from any other? If you love someone, you don’t just love them on Valentine’s Day!’ The most exciting, exceptional potential development in your life this week involves, not so much your love of an individual as your admiration for a particular process. Here comes a chance to get more deeply and pleasingly involved with that. In your love life: Be aware of intriguing suggestions. Trust your archer’s eye to tell you when you have been singled out as a target!
Is it less fortunate to be born under Scorpio than any other sign? Some astrologers seem to think so. Their writings are full of odd assertions casting cruel aspersions. But weren’t we all issued a package of mixed blessings when we arrived in this world? If your curse simply involves being misunderstood by star-gazers, things may not be so bad, as long as there are other blessings. It would seem, this week, there are. You will soon be sweetly understood by someone with a down-to-earth appreciation of your true needs! In your love life: Can a difficulty be resolved? A small gesture, not necessarily romantic, may be all that’s needed to make that happen.
We all have dreams, hopes and wishes. We all have secrets, too. There are some things we simply don’t tell to other people, not because we are ashamed, afraid or because we fear they won’t understand. It is just that privacy is important. It affords a kind of gentle, dignified independence. It seems, this Valentine’s week, as if you are being asked to reveal more about yourself than you feel happy about doing. But there is a quid pro quo in this. The trust you gain will bring a valuable reward. In your love life: Communications are often surprisingly restricted. This week brings a rare opportunity for greater honesty… and comfort.
Should we wait patiently to see how the world intends to reward us? Or should we stride out boldly and start shaking the tree of potential reward until the fruit falls at our feet? Some recommend a more passive approach. ‘Agitate that tree too vigorously,’ they warn, ‘and you risk an unripe fruit, falling hard on your head!’ They prefer to sit beneath the branches until nature takes its course. There is often much to be said for such a philosophy but not so much to be said for it in your life this Valentine’s week! In your love life: You are full of assertive energy. But the reward for allowing a situation to evolve may soon be a welcome, loving gesture.
Venus leaves your sign this week but, thankfully, not until after Valentine’s Day. So while the world is getting romantic, hearts are melting and people are preparing to gaze into one another’s eyes whilst whispering sweet nothings, you are at the peak of your own astrological potential to captivate! No, really, you are! Don’t doubt this. Throw yourself into the role that someone else would most like you to play now. In love and in many another area of life, too, such an approach will pay off handsomely. In your love life: We can’t change each other. But we can change ourselves — an act of wisdom likely to produce a delightful reward.
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I returned to India in August 1946 after serving in Burma and Indonesia during the Second World War.