Are you making a mistake? Or are you reaching a brave, wise, decision? Are you digesting a perfect amount of nutritious fare? Or are you biting off more than you can ever hope to chew? I could ask you more questions along these lines but really, it’s the questions themselves that say the most about your current frame of mind. Why has everything got to be all one way or another? What is it about you and extremes? Try not to swing from one to the other, this week. Take a moderate, reasonable view. In your love life: You are hoping for the best, aren’t you? Don’t try to justify a hunch. But do follow it.
We don’t know what others really think of us. We can’t, because they themselves don’t completely know. Our opinions alter according to our mood. They depend on who we are talking to and what else is going on. Or at least, they usually do. When we become fixed in our feelings, we tend to become fixated. It is then that we lose all sensitivity and awareness regarding other people’s views! An alignment from Mars to Pluto suggests you should ask for input this week, be brave enough to listen... but don’t take any of it too seriously! In your love life: Nobody has a deliberate agenda to make you unhappy. Make a determined decision to be happy; you will succeed.
Before things were this way, they were that way. Before everyone believed this, they believed that. For all that we pretend that we live in a very well-ordered world, every so often, we have to wake-up and face the truth. We live in the middle of a maelstrom of mystery. We are like little boats, bobbing about on an ocean of change. It’s a wonder that any of us ever manage to make choices that stand the test of time. You, though, have lately made a wise decision. This week, it’s as good as any conclusion you could have come to. In your love life: You may feel under stress; but much of this is just unnecessary worry within you. Things are due to turn out okay.
Every moment in life brings a choice. A bad experience is only ever one negative thought away. A state of joy and delight is equally near at all times. It is a bit like walking on a high wire. If you slip, you can fall a long way. But if you just keep putting one happy thought in front of another, you can travel safely to your destination. The question this week is not, is your outlook good or bad? The question is simply, what are you going to make of it? No matter what you think or fear, that choice is yours and yours alone. In your love life: Is an outdated expectation now creating unnecessary insecurity? If so, just relax. All will be well.
There are some very good people in your world. There are also some crazy characters. Well, I say ‘also’, but perhaps I shouldn’t, for that might imply a distinction between two types. Can’t good people also be a little crazy? Of course! And vice versa. In fact, the people we really need to be wary of are the ones who act as if they have everything under control, all the time. There is not just method in a friend or companion’s madness now, there is a special kind of magic in it too. Find a way to appreciate that. In your love life: An old arrangement needs to be looked at in a different way. A renegotiation is needed. It need not be a problem.
Is it all becoming ‘too much’? Are you being stretched too far and spread too thin? If this is how you feel, consider yourself fortunate. You are getting a timely reminder of the way in which your life needs to change. You are being shown why you can’t carry on in the same old way, even if you’re ploughing a furrow with which you’re all too familiar. Priorities have to alter. Promises have to be renegotiated. Commitments must be rescheduled. The future is waiting for you and it has a different idea about how things need to be. In your love life: We don’t say what we ought to say, not knowing the right words. Why rock all those boats? Because you need to!
People are obsessed with measurements. They love to make comparisons and, when they have no real way of judging someone or something, they just invent an artificial scale. Someone now seems to be assessing you. It is tempting to tell them what they want to hear. Do so if you wish, but don’t fall into the same trap yourself. Don’t assume that you have any way of telling what is really going on in another person’s world. What matters to you, matters to you. This week, that honestly’s all that is going to matter. In your love life: If we try too hard not to be noticed, we may end up drawing attention to ourselves! Can you get that balance right?
Don’t push your luck. That’s what people say. But a gentle push can create momentum where none might otherwise have developed. It is possible to push your luck too far, but there is a greater risk in not pushing it far enough. Ideally, though, you don’t want to push your luck, you want to put yourself into a position in which your luck can push you. You want to be ready to roll with an opportunity when it arises. Right now, for some strange, unusual reason you’ve got a fixed idea. Loosen up. Then your luck can really move you. In your love life: You fear that what you say may be misinterpreted or criticised. Stay patient in your emotional life now.
What’s wrong with a little happiness? Is there a law against it? Has the Government started to tax it? Is it somehow bad for the planet because when we laugh we produce carbon dioxide and add to the greenhouse effect? And if that’s the case, what about crying? Aren’t we in danger enough from rising sea levels without adding to the amount of water in the world? Is everything going to go horribly wrong if you allow yourself a little something that makes you feel better? Do yourself a favour; you deserve it. In your love life: The path you are on will bring wisdom and power. But you need to be absolutely clear about the ground-rules.
I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers.’ We all learn from life and the great poet, Kahlil Gibran, is quite correct. We often learn most from those who do not even know they are teaching. Some people, though, don’t react, they simply emulate. Rather than examine the example, they copy it. This week, you have a choice. You can do what seems acceptable to everyone else, or what feels right to you. In your love life: You are too close to a situation that you would be much better advised to stand further back from.
A problem shared is a problem halved.’ Or so they say. Much depends on who you happen to be sharing it with. With some people, a problem shared is a problem squared - multiplied by the power of itself in order to produce something of gargantuan proportions. You have recently started to solve a problem. You have made impressive headway. Now you need to seek guidance. Be careful who you ask for this. Things need to happen quickly now, but that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself under a lot of pressure. In your love life: Are you reluctant to go towards that which you need to connect with? Just be calm, and enjoy the journey.
Sometimes, we have to shout in order to make ourselves properly heard. Sometimes, the smallest whisper is sufficient. Lately, you have felt the need to do a lot of yelling. But you know how, sometimes, when someone is sitting under a pair of stereo headphones, they speak more loudly than they need to? Well you are in danger of making a similar over-exertion. Be assured that your message is being received loud and clear. A response and a satisfactory one at that will be forthcoming soon. In your love life: Nothing holds back a good time like taking an issue too seriously. A small choice can make a big difference now.
Engaging-with-Pakistan has been one of Delhi’s big growth industries over the past 15 years. Apart from domestic investment (both from the public and private sectors), it has attracted generous quantities of foreign direct investment, despite not having much to show by way of tangible returns.

There is a slow but systematic attempt to change India’s name from Bharat to Hindustan — playing up the word “Hindu” in Hindustan and trying to repackage it as the abode of the Hindus. B.R. Ambedkar and his team that drafted the Constitution of India consciously avoided the term “Hindustan” as they could foresee its implications in a land that takes pride in its diversity.