Some people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. And some know only the opposite! And there are some who know exactly what to dispense with, how to replace it and where to get the best possible deal in the process. This week there are likely to be some readjustments to take care of. A situation has reached the point of no return and something has got to give. Luckily this is a scenario in which you have much to offer. Be ready this week, if not for action, then at least to be a part of the plan. In your love life: Is an affectionate admirer quietly keeping their feelings to themselves? Look again at what (and who) you think you know!
What’s on your shopping list this week? There are your usual staples, your vegetables and grains, but don’t you need to make a stop at the furniture store as well? Don’t you need to get your mattress re-sprung? This isn’t meant to worry you into losing sleep about the state of your bed. But there is a sense that something is due to come back to earth with a bump. I’m just suggesting that you need to rethink your current philosophy. If you position your mattress just right, you can bring about a bounce in the right direction. In your love life: Are you in competition or is it a partnership? Choose which game you end up playing. Only one kind will bring a real reward.
Is it a breakthrough or is it a breakdown? When the tension snaps it can often go more than one way. Like the pulling of a Christmas cracker, it can be difficult to know whether you’ll end up with a prize and a funny story or a charred bit of cardboard. But unlike a cracker, often the only person we’re really competing with is ourselves. When we feel like we’ve lost, when we think we’ve been given a raw deal, perhaps we are just looking at the wrong hand. Look at the bigger picture this week; you’re moving in the right direction. In your love life: You don’t always have to have a specific aim in mind. Sometimes it’s enough to do something just because it inspires you.
The key to survival is adaptability, and few adapt as well as a Gemini. Where others see a tree blocking the road, you see a chance to live out your lumberjack fantasies! This week is no different. Your creative side can come to the fore as you tackle the situations that lie ahead of you. Your sense of playful ingenuity will see you through whatever tests come your way. All sorts of unlikely accords will be created in your mission to deliver. No matter how the chips fall this week, think on your feet and you’ll find room to manoeuvre. In your love life: Is your heart asking you to take a new approach? Who do you know who has begun to seem more than first met your eye?
How does positivity turn into petulance? What makes the theatrical side of you prone to tantrums? Perhaps it’s because big hearts care so much. Physics states that energy cannot be destroyed, only converted. The same could be said of emotion. If we live a life full of hope and joy, when these are thwarted they can easily become anger and pain. But this shouldn’t resign you to accept difficulties. The very fact that your heart can turn sour proves that it can be sweetened again. This week, stir in a little sugar for your soul. In your love life: Is someone getting under your skin, becoming an itch you must scratch? They may be helping to smooth your rough edges.
When we stop making new discoveries, our lives become a little sad. There may be something safe about a world in which there are no surprises, but even the most conservative characters appreciate some excitement from time to time. As Uranus turns retrograde in your opposite sign this week, can you now look on a challenge as if it were an opportunity? Can you fight back the part of you that wants to say, ‘Oh no’, and summon instead a voice that says, ‘Oh yes!’ Try to enjoy the uncertainty. That will help in so many ways. In your love life: Something unexpected will make you view someone in a new light. Is this light warning you off or beckoning you closer?
Are people who have an iPhone 6S happier than those with an iPhone 6? Is there any relationship between quality of life and quality of device? Of course not! But when people feel proud of something that they own, they experience a kind of glow. That’s why, if we seek emotional stability, we are wiser not to take pride in our possessions but in what we keep in our own hearts! Jonathan’s words are a perfect fit for the influences you face this week: ‘Life will soon offer you an inner upgrade. To install this, just be more inspired and less reactive.’ In your love life: We all have someone we look up to; but you need to take steps to establish your identity as distinct from that of your idol.
Some creative acts are instantly rewarding. We come up with an idea, we implement it and we gain immediate satisfaction. Others take longer to come to fruition. Of course, the more effort we have to put into chasing a dream, the more fulfilling it is to make it a reality. But that’s little comfort when we doubt if we’ll ever find success. As Uranus turns retrograde it’s important to ask: ‘Am I now being creative? Or am I pursuing an emotional goal? Is it both?’ Whatever it is, a breakthrough may be nearer than you realise. In your love life: You can’t rely on luck; but you can be prepared for the magical moment when it does show up to transform your life.
Sometimes life can take an unexpected turn. One minute everything is proceeding as normal; if not exactly going to plan, then at least taking logical steps when an event occurs that throws everything into question. Whilst I’m not suggesting that you’ll wake up one morning to find yourself building schools in foreign lands, you may end the week with a rather different perspective than you started it. The vision of how you see your role in the challenges ahead will change. But it’s up to you to define the tint of your spectacles. In your love life: To progress, you must sometimes let go of a goal to further a long-term aim; you’ll gain much more than you lose.
According to archaeologists, there were no humans on Earth during the age of the dinosaurs. Our ancestors never had to cower in a cave while a tyrannosaurus rex came stomping by. Even so, we all seem to suffer from an innate, almost primeval fear of big scary monsters. When there aren’t any, we invent them and we are often prone to see small problems as huge threats. Jonathan’s words are appropriate for you this week: ‘No matter what is worrying you now, it really isn’t going to eat you alive — unless you let it!’ In your love life: Transitions of the heart can be difficult, forcing you to resolve tough situations. Learn from the changes your heart seeks.
Your ruler enters your sign this week — and not a moment too soon! All sorts of developments could do with your help. There was much afoot already and events this week will, I’m afraid, make your ‘to do’ list grow instead of shrink. But rather than sigh with exasperation, consider this: life is the accumulation of tasks and responsibilities. We only truly have nothing on the agenda when we see our time coming to an end! You’ll soon start to feel at your most capable, so be grateful for the opportunity to fix so many issues. In your love life: Start asking a little more loudly for some of the things that you desire. You may be surprised by who is willing to help you.
There are several factors in your life at the moment that you feel are indispensable. They are the supporting walls of your home base, the foundations of your strength and certainty. What would you do if these were challenged this week? It could make you uncomfortable. It may alter some of the key perspectives that inform your decisions. But you’re stronger than you realise and anything less than an earthquake is unlikely to shake you. The Richter scale can go as high as it likes, your position will only be more powerful and steadfast. In your love life: Radical change is rarely needed; a small correction may be all that’s wanted to keep your skies sunny and your future bright.
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