We should be grateful for every magical moment that we ever get to spend on this precious planet. We should be particularly glad of the times when we feel exasperated. That is almost certainly when we are being given the opportunity to learn the most valuable lessons. A chance, of course, means nothing unless you take it. But if, this week, you take a good look at the situation which you might prefer to look as far away from as you can, you may soon see something splendid, hidden in the midst of it all. In your love life: Things may not be quite as you wish they were in your emotional life now. But that is only so you can move to a happier long-term future.
What if this doesn’t work? What if that goes wrong? What if, this week, you find yourself dependent on the outcome of circumstances beyond your control? You can try to find out who actually does control those circumstances and how best to ensure they make decisions that suit you. You can expend even more energy and anxiety preparing a plan B or a plan C. Or you can just decide to trust that you are in no great danger and that the cosmos naturally intends to do all it can to assist you. Because, this week, it does. In your love life: Even if you can’t force an aspect of your emotional life to unfold just as you wish, you may yet be very happy with how things turn out.
How much of your sentence remains to be served? You are not aware of having been incarcerated? Well, you have certainly been through trying times. And don’t many people seem to have been judging you lately? How else do we explain the current lack of choice in your life? When, if ever, do your choices take priority over other people’s? This week’s Full Moon is in the part of your chart that governs inexorable involvement with institutions? You may not escape but you may yet get promoted to chief warden! In your love life: Love songs are often about dreams. Dream boats, dream lovers and dreams coming true. The Full Moon may yet bring such a time to you.
I don’t follow the work of other astrologers as closely as I fear some of my readers do. But I have noticed that some of my colleagues are fond of advising their clients to tell it like it is. ‘Speak your mind,’ they say. There is rarely a suggestion that this may cause a diplomatic incident. Never do they warn that straight-talking may be the result of twisted thinking. Yet this week’s Full Moon in your sign, plus Mercury’s conjunction to Saturn, inspires me to say you are right to feel sure of yourself. Be firm but be fair too. In your love life: Confidence is contagious. Certainty is seductive. You may soon cause the earth to move for someone with your strength and charm.
Success is desirable, failure deplorable.’ There. That’s pretty much the premise on which every modern value is posited. An astrologer who tells you that you are likely to get what you are after is one who is giving you good news. And if your celestial seer says otherwise? Well, who wants to hear that? Ah, but suppose you stand poised to achieve a victory to which a host of hidden undesirable implications are inextricably attached? You might do better to win what looks, superficially, like a second prize this week. In your love life: Somewhere in your family life now is exasperation. Yet happily, also, there is a deep affinity and profound loyalty. This counts for far more.
Once in a while, people ask me questions like, ‘What’s the best sign of the zodiac to be born under?’ I never know how to reply. Should I ask them what sign they belong to and tell them it is theirs? Or should I point out how concepts like ‘best’ and ‘worst’ are frail and feeble? This, for you, is a week during which both answers become relevant. You discover just how lucky you are to be who you are and you also become aware of how easy it is to turn a tide of fortune so that it now starts working in your favour. In your love life: Whoever talked you into a particular idea, however this happened, you can get yourself into a better place from here. That’s all that counts.
Least said, soonest mended.’ That’s what they say. Why do they say that? Ought they not to take their own advice and say nothing at all? Many great communication experts would argue that there is nothing as valuable as a full exchange of information. And while we’re asking questions, what actually does need mending? Isn’t it fallacious to assume that anything has actually gone wrong? This week, where conversations can be postponed and distractions can be created, that’s probably best for now. In your love life: When tensions arise are they not always better addressed through dialogue? But try to pick the right moment before you talk!
Bright young entrepreneurs will often mention ‘reaching for the low hanging fruit’. And why not? Why shouldn’t we all seize the opportunities that are easiest to take? Yet the current alignment of Venus to Jupiter speaks of a tree in your life, on which the fruit is only dangling from a high branch. Happily, you seem to have access to a scaffolding tower plus someone who can help you construct this and put it in the right place. You do face a challenge but it is one you can easily rise to if you are determined. In your love life: Give away a victory. Allow someone else the taste of triumph. At least that way, you’ll keep what matters most.
Are we paying the price today for the ambitious fantasies of yesterday? Might we engineer a more comfortable tomorrow by thinking more carefully before it arrives about what we do (or don’t) really need? This week we find you wrestling with confusing concepts and attempting to answer questions that become more complicated each time you consider them. Don’t try to oversimplify a process that deserves to be thought through. This is your opportunity to take a big step towards a brighter future. In your love life: When we try too hard to understand others, we can become confused. For best results in your personal life now, take things at face value.
When any situation is being taken very seriously by one individual, it is surely socially incumbent upon everyone else to show some respect. It is never funny to crack a joke about a subject that someone considers to be no laughing matter. So what if, this week, you feel sure that no great problem looms large on the horizon, while another person is convinced that the sky is about to fall? Confrontation will polarise a difference of opinion as assuredly as comedy. Look for some subtle, gentle way to slowly reassure. In your love life: The great romantic dream is one thing. The reality of a relationship is another. But would you really want things now, to be any other way?
Take encouragement from Mercury’s conjunction to Saturn, combined with your ruler’s alignment to Neptune. This presents you with a way to turn what you don’t want to do, into what you do want to do! Fantastic feats of invention become possible under such celestial circumstances. Either the universe is about to turn itself around so as to meet your most pressing need or you are about to turn yourself around so you can see how to turn what once looked like a problem, into the opportunity that it truly is. In your love life: If you can’t yet see how to reach an unlikely mutual agreement of tremendous potential personal benefit, just keep looking.
We are all idealistic. We can hardly help ourselves, no matter how down to earth we may purport to be. Our dreams won’t leave us alone and, if we ignore them, they may set out to deceive us. They don a disguise and dress themselves in a suit rational explanations. They cleverly hide their flaws in our psychological blind spots. Only slowly do we wake up to see how we may have tricked ourselves. This week brings you a moment of recognition, followed, happily, by the chance to rectify an error and ensure that all is well. In your love life: Soon, you open your eyes to an aspect of someone’s character that you hadn’t appreciated before. That only improves a close bond.
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