May’s rare, powerful transit of Mercury suggests a revelation regarding your deepest sense of belonging. You are about to discover what you have always been a part of yet have never felt sure you are connected to. It may not be so much a thing as a person or a group of people. But where once you had suspected you were all but alone with a struggle in life, it now turns out that you have allies, assistance, companions you can count on. Prepare to have your eyes opened to a most delightful sight. In your love life: Love is sometimes bittersweet. Be open now, to the idea that ‘difficult’ isn’t necessarily ‘wrong’. It may even be ideal!
This month’s rare, powerful, transit of Mercury, implies an imminent improvement in your material circumstances. Money might not be about to come directly into your life, but at least there will be an ability to see where and how more might eventually be generated. Other inspiring ideas will also shed new light on old stressful situations in other areas of life. You may think that you've got problems but there are solutions. And, as you begin to recognise these, your optimism and confidence will significantly increase. In your love life: When yesterday’s experiences colour today’s, it can be hard to think or see clearly. Now, you can move on. And you should.
Though this month’s transit of Mercury is most likely to impact Cancerians via the people they find themselves needing to look after. You may say, ‘What’s different there? Don’t I spend much of my time putting the needs of others before my own?’ Indeed, you do. But interestingly, now a degree of pay-back and reward arrives in that area of life. Your contribution has made more of a difference than you realised. Someone is more appreciative than you know. Here is their chance to say thank you. In your love life: Do we ask each other to jump through unrealistic hoops. There’s now a chance to discuss such issues and resolve them!
Mercury, the smallest, fastest, planet in the zodiac, is the traditional ruler of your sign. It isn’t always easy to see, even for an experienced stargazer. But, this month, a rare celestial phenomenon lets people in some parts of the world detect it in broad daylight as it transits the face of the Sun. But then, being able to see it isn’t really the issue. Just knowing that it is happening is enough. It speaks of a month during which you become impressively powerful and are finally able to meet many heartfelt needs. In your love life: Even a small effort to show sincere empathy this week will do much to improve an important bond.
The rare, powerful transit of Mercury won’t be visible all around the globe but the fact that this elusive planet can be seen at all anywhere is deeply symbolic — especially as it is due to be revealed against the face of your ruler, the Sun. That’s a suggestion of power, influence, importance and authority, all making its way into your life soon, so that you can start making a mark on the wider world. Prepare to be more easily understood and to be placed in a more advantageous bargaining position. In your love life: It is so important now, to love yourself… and then to show due gratitude to those who love you!
Welcome to a powerful month during which truths must be acknowledged, facts faced and opportunities embraced. I understand that in using the word ‘must’, I imply lack of choice, or perhaps it sounds as if I am giving you orders but the instructions are not coming from me. The transit of Mercury simply suggests, by strong symbolic implication, that we have moved in your life, from a time of contemplation to a time of action. As you grow more decisive in May you will find surprising success. In your love life: Success in resolving tension requires knowing what's going on in the back of someone’s mind. Precious insights are near.
Do people sometimes suggest you express yourself clearly but that the content of your conversation is carefully selected to ensure that some topics are never even touched upon? Do they even argue that this is out of character with a personality that likes to give an impression of being uninhibited? The rare, powerful transit of Mercury this month will have a significant impact on the way in which you get your message across. No matter how much you may be nervous about sharing information, you’ll benefit now from opening up. In your love life: Afraid to ask for what we really want? The chance of an exchange arises soon. Trust yourself. Trust someone else, too!
How will this month’s rare ‘transit’ of Mercury affect you as a Sagittarian? It takes place in the part of your chart that governs duty, obligation, self-sacrifice and hard work. The sky’s symbolic message is hopeful. You’ve been giving much of yourself freely to a situation that you have long begun to suspect is probably a lost cause. You fear you have been foolish and that the more time and energy you expend, the sillier you will be. Now, suddenly you see the point. With that comes so much inspiration. In your love life: Is someone asking for too much? Is fear involved? Focus on the positive. Then just watch how things lighten up soon.
The Sun and Venus both pass through your opposite sign in May, as does Mercury which is about to treat sky-watchers, in some countries, to a rare celestial spectacle. For you as a Scorpio, the meaning of that unusual 'transit' could not be clearer. An arrangement, agreement, contract or commitment is about to reveal itself to have a hidden additional facet. Once you get beyond the surprise of this in May, you will start to make substantial gains. In your love life: Every relationship has ups and downs. But downs can lead to reappraisals and glorious new beginnings! Expect that.
Your outlook in May would be bright enough even if there were no rare transit of Mercury in your sign. This is, after all, the time of the Taurean solar return and Venus, your ruler, is in your sign too. But the rare celestial phenomenon is exceptionally auspicious. It suggests you may witness the unveiling of a hidden truth and, in seeing that secret, you become enormously empowered. Change may be gradual but it will be steady and satisfying. Nothing now need stay the same unless that’s what you want it to do. In your love life: Do you avoid touching on certain topics? Time, soon, for a deeply honest and rewarding (if slightly difficult) conversation.
Tradition tells us that the celestial significator of your sign is Mercury. Given the spectacular show this planet is due to put on in some parts of the world this month, that's exciting. Only rarely do the people of this Earth get a chance to witness anything quite so rich, rare and positively portentous. It is as if the sky is yelling out to the watching world, 'Show some respect to all who were born under Virgo, for they deserve it.' Long ago, you stopped believing in a great, hopeful vision. Coming events may restore your faith. In your love life: We can't make anyone love us by trying to control them. It takes courage to be trusting and open; but the reward can be joyous.
Capricorns, so the expert astrologers advise us, to play it safe. I’ve always been inclined to argue with this, not least because the true symbol of your sign is not a goat but a mer-goat; a mysterious, mythical creature with miraculous powers. Will any of those be unleashed in May? Why not? The rare, potent transit of Mercury, takes place in the part of your chart that governs gambles. It is as if you are about to see how what once looked as if it might be a step too far, is the right move to make! In your love life: It’s good to encourage each other to transcend limitations. Be aware that what’s good isn’t always easy. Stickat it!
What a fortnight it has been.

It’s unusual to start a column with a joke, but since this one illustrates the point I want to make. I seek your indulgence. Here goes: “An Indian dies and goes to hell.