You can’t expect everyone to understand you. At times, we all send out messages that don't match the signals we imagine ourselves to be emanating. We can be surprised to discover that someone thinks one thing about us when we have tried so hard to create another impression. It may not even be our fault. Folk often see what they want to see, regardless of what else they are shown, or told. Events this week, enable you to at least partially overcome a recent communication problem. Be sensitive and sympathetic. In your love life: I don’t normally suggest this, but just ask the cosmos for help. I confidently predict positive progress. Very soon.
Square pegs, round holes. How are we supposed to make them fit? Conventional wisdom says we can't. Yet isn't the history of humanity a long litany of effort to attain that impossible goal? We can shave the sides of the pegs. Reshape the holes with putty or plaster. Eventually, we may even forget that there was ever a mismatch. Or, to put it all another way, there is something about your situation, this week, that is less than ideal. But if you can rise above your own displeasure, you can yet see that it is not ideal in an ideal way! In your love life: You have been obliged to give way. You may resent this, but it is part of the reason why everything soon starts to go the right way.
Things are coming to a head. Processes are nearing completion. Unfolding tales are approaching their grand finales. Hence the tension that you are so sensitive to this week, and hence too, the reason for feeling enthusiastic and optimistic. Now, it is often the case that when we stand on a threshold of positive change, we experience a degree of apprehension. ‘What if it all goes wrong?’ Ah, but what if it doesn’t? What if it all works out just as you need it to? What if your hopes prove justified? Your reassurance is coming soon. In your love life: In doubt about how much you are appreciated? Expect some reassuring signs and signals soon. You deserve them.
Some things need to be said. Others are best left unsaid. But how do we decide which statements fall into which of the categories? And are there not sub-divisions too? Things, for example, that surely only ever need to be said once, then never referred to again. And things that can't be said often enough, emphatically enough. Much of this week's drama (and this week’s potential opportunity) revolves around your own ability to make such a distinction and apply it wisely. Ask yourself what you would like to be told! In your love life: Too closely involved in someone else’s drama? You may be best off watching from a distance. Use your energy wisely.
The Sun may be leaving your sign but it remains the celestial ruler of Leo. And this week, it forms an auspicious conjunction with Jupiter on its way to producing a Full Moon in your eighth solar house. Now, that’s a promise of power. It is a suggestion of strength, an indication of incisiveness, an omen of imminent victory. You may be struggling with (or against) something now. You may have lately felt at a loss to see what on earth you can do to turn a situation round. But here comes an inspiring revelation. In your love life: What lies behind a silly situation? What must be done? For the answers, you just need your common sense.
Imagine that you are slowly climbing a steep hill. You are keenly aware that this is no easy journey and, as you look into the distance, you can only see the challenging terrain rising up even higher ahead. You can be forgiven for feeling daunted and defeated but the summit is nearer than you think. This is no time to think about turning back or giving up. It may take you slightly longer than this week to reach the very top but you are fast heading to a point from which you can see clearly and start proceeding with ease and speed. In your love life: Is it ‘the new you’ versus ‘the old you’? Stick with the changes you have begun to implement; you will never look back.
What noise does the bluebird of happiness make? Does it chirrup? Does it tweet? Does it squawk like a parrot or coo like a dove? Or as some pessimists (who like to pretend that they are realists) insist, does it make no sound because it simply doesn’t exist? This week’s helpful conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter suggests that soon you will be more qualified to answer this question than any ornithologist. Even if you don't hear it, you will feel it. No matter what has lately sapped your spirits, they will soon be raised back up again. In your love life: Sometimes, with people, situations or attidudes, we have to let go. Is it time for something to move on now?
When we think we’ve got problems, we’ve got problems! The very fact that we think we have a problem, is a problem all in itself. Now if we think that we haven’t got any problems, it doesn’t automatically mean that we are problem-free. If we are in denial of a problem that needs to be dealt with, we may have a far bigger problem. Ah but, what if the only problem we’ve got is that we think we have a problem and we haven’t? This week brings relief, reassurance and the solutions to problems both real and nonexistent! In your love life: Can you honestly explore your hopes and fears with someone you can truly trust; if so, the cosmos will help you too.
Happy-ever-afters’ are narrative devices — the storyteller's way of saying ‘that’s all for now folks.’ For as long as life goes on, the fairytale continues, challenges keep coming and conflicts keep arising. So if we want a true taste of eternal happiness, our only option is to find some way to greet those ongoing irritants with the kind of philosophical stoicism that borders on humble gratitude! It may not be perfect — but at least it's life! Make that your starting point this week, and you may yet have far more than that to be glad of. In your love life: Not everything adds up logically. Some things defy attempts to make sense of them. Be philosophical about that.
The only people who ever win arguments, are losers! Real winners know better than to waste their precious energy scoring petty points. They see how it is far more sensible to build on consensus than to beat down the doors of intellectual resistance with the battering ram of logical insistence. The planets offer you significant success this week, as long as you respect the following principle: Don’t focus on differences, disputes and disagreements. Look instead for points in common and reasons to cooperate. In your love life: You are going through a profound, reflective phase. You will emerge from this wiser, stronger, happier than ever.
How are you getting along in this new era of ‘Jupiter in Virgo’? Is your life now full of pleasing serendipity and surprising synchronicity? Does it seem to you as if everything is meant to be and that a path is naturally unfolding before you that can only lead to success, as long as you keep walking along it with faith and commitment? Well, if you aren’t feeling this way quite yet, it may not be too much longer before you find that you can truly identify with such statements. This week, a subplot in your soap opera takes a happy turn. In your love life: The cosmos is determined to uplift you. A source of stress is sorting itself out. Soon, a problem will be a distant memory.
Time is not as linear and sequential as we think. We think it goes in one direction only and we go with it. We can't revisit yesterday or just pop across to tomorrow. Or so we tell ourselves. Now, for me to argue otherwise is to risk being thought of as a fool or a maniac, spouting sacrilege. So I shall say no more — other than to predict that this week you will see compelling evidence to suggest that your future may have already colluded with your past. Why else do you now face both the perfect challenge and the ideal opportunity? In your love life: Your difficult balancing act is about to get a huge boost from the cosmos. The path to success will become clear.
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The agitation of the Patels in Gujarat has once again brought attention to the infuriating business of reservations in education and jobs.