Psychologists say that most of us, when asked to picture the passage of time, instinctively place the past to the left and the future to the right. But a Full Moon in your sign, says that this week’s big question is not the direction in which time seemingly travels. It is, ‘does it move in a straight line at all?’ And if so, why does your life now seem to involve retracing steps and reopening closed casebooks? Your ruler is changing direction now. And what once seemed hopelessly impossible is starting to look delightfully feasible. In your love life: It is a time to ‘speak your truth’. But will your words make others feel worse? Speak only if you really need to!
Is it time for a change? Surely not. Haven’t you only just recovered from the last one? Didn’t that come hot on the heels of a previous change? Aren’t all those changes like politicians who promise they will make it all different and fix what’s wrong? If they fail to have much impact, we can count ourselves lucky. It is when those changes have undesirable consequences that we really have reason to regret. But this week, the change that can come to your life, is that great rarity, ‘the right kind of change — at the right time.’ In your love life: Should you tell the truth? Answer personal questions as they are put to you. Have faith in yourself.
Hours before July is over, there is a Full Moon. The Moon was last full, right back at the start of the month. There are some who say that when two full moons fall in one calendar month, we are entitled to call the second one a Blue Moon. What kind of unusual magical delight might we expect to experience under such circumstances — the more so, if we happen to be born under the sign that is ruled by the Moon itself? Could your week really be quite that good? Might it yet have historically happy significance? Yes! In your love life: You’ve got a quick fix for most problems. You may need to apply a temporary panacea before you can dig deeper.
When I promise my readers good news but their circumstances don’t improve, I get complaints. If I foresee trouble and challenge and I candidly say so, then even if I soften my prediction with encouragingly worded advice, I get complaints! I’m only telling you this for one reason. Mercury’s antagonistic angles to Pluto and Neptune this week, imply that you will soon have a similar experience of feeling as if you are in a position from which you just can’t win! All you can do is your best. If you do, all will yet be well. In your love life: Don’t waste energy worrying how your life ought to be. Strive instead to see you are in an enviable position!
This week’s Full Moon in your opposite sign, is a Blue Moon. Some astrologers, if they happen to be unsympathetic to Leos, might interpret this as one of those rare moments when events in the world don’t all go your way and others manage to get the better of you. They might think you deserve to be cut down to size. But speaking as a co-founder of the Leo Fan Club, I cannot allow such an aspersion to be cast. Even if you experience a temporary setback, you will soon rise above it and deride your detractors. In your love life: If you owe an apology; make it. Grievances stop us all from moving on. You now have a chance to gain freedom.
We may all wish that we had friends in high places but none of us wish for high friends. We want our friends to have their feet firmly on the ground so that they can give us good advice and help steer us from regrettable errors. And much that we may love our companions, we don’t really want to spend all our lives running around helping them to solve problems that they could have avoided creating. A retrograde Venus suggest someone nearby is now having a change of heart. That may yet prove positive for both of you. In your love life: What’s important, nay essential, is that you do what’s right for you, not just what’s right for someone else.
Instead of a zodiac forecast, why don’t I just supply you with a long list of reasons why you ought to doubt yourself, question your own ability, regret your past and see the future as a thing to fear? Well, yes, I know. You don’t want me to do that and you wouldn’t accept it if I tried. So, why are you not being similarly resistant as various forces and factors this week, all seemingly conspire to achieve that very result? Don’t let anyone bamboozle you and don’t confuse yourself. Be clear. You have a right (and a reason) to be positive. In your love life: The essence of a current problem is surprisingly easy to fix. But you have another mess that needs to be sorted out.
If you push your luck too far, will you end up pushing it over a precipice? Or into some cul-de-sac where it will then remain stuck? Shouldn’t you always quit while you are ahead and treat opportunities as if they were provisions on wartime rationing. Is fortune always in short supply and can it be ‘used up’ like fuel in a tank? Many may think so but few of that ‘many’ are Sagittarians. You understand that abundance is, by nature, limitless. Where things are good now, there is no reason to expect that they can’t get better. And where they are bad? They can still improve. In your love life: You are free to choose. You have resources you are not using. Slowly but surely you can make them work for you.
At school, we were taught key techniques and terminologies. As adults, we can make mistakes in the way we assess problems and opportunities. For example, if one thing happens, then another, should that justify a sense of addition or multiplication? And should we treat any loss as a subtraction or let it leave us feeling deeply divided and seeing whatever remains as both uneven and unsatisfactory? If you must play a numbers game this week, at least read the results the right way. Things are not as bad as you fear. In your love life: Events have triggered a profound personal process. You’re questioning a lot. You are mustering courage. It will serve you well.
Parents sometimes can’t tell whether their children are actually ill or just attempting to engineer some time off school. Doctors can’t be immediately sure, either. Even the children themselves may not be certain, for psychosomatic symptoms, that result from fears and anxieties, can be hard to distinguish from other maladies. What can anyone do when they face an unanswerable question but be generous with the benefit of the doubt? Your retrograde ruler suggests you are unsure of something this week. Just trust. In your love life: Your challenge may involve a complex chain of interlinked events. You need to square a circle. You will.
The planet of love is reversing through Virgo. What can this mean? Will you soon lose ground in a relationship? Will you soon rekindle a past passion? Whilst both of these ideas may qualify under the traditional rules of interpretation, it is surely more likely that this is a week during which you rediscover a love of life that has lately begun to elude you. Here is where you remember a source of creative inspiration that you had all but forgotten. Here, too, is where the world remembers what a wonderful person you are. In your love life: It may take a while to digest all you are learning, but soon this will start to change your personal life for the better.
The biggest influence on your life now, is an alignment that is not due to culminate until next week. But predictive tradition informs us that the times just prior to celestial events are more potent than the moments exactly during, and shortly after, them. Therefore, it is now that we should expect you to feel most torn between a plan of expansion and a policy of contraction. Jupiter is urging you to push at the limit of what’s possible and benefit from a brave move. Saturn (as ever) urges caution. Don’t be afraid of success this week. In your love life: There is nothing wrong with compromise — as long as it is conscious. Problems emerge only when we kid ourselves.
Punjab is back in the headlines with a brutality reminiscent of the violent Eighties. In the early hours of July 27, three gunmen dressed in Army uniforms struck at Gurdaspur.

Yasmina Reza’s God of Carnage — playing in Mumbai and Delhi — makes us laugh at ourselves by stripping bare the self-serving hypocrisy underlying socially acceptable roles.