Wake up, it’s time to take your sleeping tablet.’ That statement, surely, represents the epitome of futility. Or maybe there are dafter things to do and say. And maybe soon, if you are not careful, you’ll find out what they are. There’s a sort of Alice-In-Wonderland quality to the logic in your life at the moment. All seems sensible till you stop and notice that one person is painting the roses red while another is running hard to stay in the same place. Do as little as possible this week, until you can truly see a point in doing anything. <strong>In your love life</strong>: Someone is taking advantage of you. Someone else appears to be thwarting you, but they are doing you a big kindness.
You look at a situation one way, but another person sees it rather differently. Which one of you is right? Well, you both are. And, in another way, you are both wrong. It’s a bit like asking, ‘What is the natural position for a pendulum?’ It’s fairest to say that, as it keeps swinging from one side to another, it has no ultimate, ideal, permanent position. The minute it stops moving, it is no longer a pendulum. Two points of view are valid and must be bridged, somehow. Fortunately, you’re in a fine position to do that this week. <strong>In your love life:</strong> An apology? You have a right to be who you are. Grant yourself the confidence to stay your ground.
What does someone really mean? What are they truly trying to say? What are you supposed to make of their behaviour? Where is the hidden agenda? What is the deep motivation? Don’t you just love questions like that? Don’t you so much enjoy wrestling with the invisible and the unknowable? Of course, you don’t. So why put yourself through that? Take what’s happening at face value and remember, this week, that acts born out of emotion don’t ever stand up to reason. But that doesn’t make them all bad. <strong>In your love life</strong>: Are you playing an essential part in a complicated chain of events and circumstances? It’s time to make it all simpler.
Mount Everest, they tell us, is slowly shrinking. Arguments rage about the extent to which this is happening. It is not an easy thing to gauge. You can’t just climb up to the top and then drop down a tape measure. Still, though, it may already be a couple of metres shorter than it was in George Mallory’s day. I don’t suppose that really makes it any easier to climb. But, from a symbolic point of view, it is a helpful image. Your trickiest challenge is not getting any bigger. Indeed, this week, you will see clear proof that a problem is reducing. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Are we on Earth to pay for past transgressions? If you believe that you’ll miss your chance to get a big result.
Some processes take a remarkably long time before they get to critical mass. The pace of change can be almost glacial yet if it is change, it must have a pace and sooner or later, it must stop “nearly happening” and start ‘really happening’. You’ve been waiting for something so long that you’ve all but forgotten you were ever waiting. You’ve distracted yourself. You’ve paid attention to other matters. You’ve told yourself that you were silly to think that anything ever would occur. Only... just look what’s starting to happen now. <strong>In your love life</strong>: Don’t ignore your own better judgement. Do what you know to be right, not what someone else considers appropriate.
Do you ever feel as if you are being deliberately misunderstood? Does it seem as if no matter what you say or how you say it, someone else will construe a different meaning to your words? Are you also starting to notice how, despite your best efforts to attain clarity, you keep finding yourself in situations that could be easily misinterpreted... especially by someone keen to justify their own belief or prejudice? Here comes a much-needed chance to set a record straight and achieve a much clearer line of communication. <strong>In your love life</strong>: Imagine if you had the gift of infallibility. There may soon come a point when it begins to seem as if that’s the case.
Never underestimate the importance of good communication and meaningful conversation. Do I really need to tell a Piscean this? Were you not born blessed with a natural ability to empathise? Is not that ability to attract trust one of your strongest suits? But then, once in a while, we all overlook the obvious. We get distracted by details. When other people do the same, key points get forgotten or overlooked. Without casting aspersions or creating conflict, your challenge, this week, is to bring a project back on track. <strong>In your love life</strong>: Nobody lives a clean-lined, glossy-magazine world. Get real and set yourself an attainable goal in your emotional life.
We are all connected in more ways than we really understand. We get fascinated by the connections that we can see and we forget the invisible ones. Thus we see members of our family as closely linked to us, our colleagues as being slightly less aligned, and we reserve a special place in our hearts for the people who share our religion or support the same football team that we do. But true bonds run deeper than we realise and are not dependent upon common cultural tradition. This week, you recognise a real friend. <strong>In your love life</strong>: Your epic journey of emotional discovery begins a new phase. But you now need to become more sure of yourself.
What do you believe? What do you trust? What do you aspire to? What would you most like to learn, what would you most like to be free from, what would you most like to change, in this world, for the better? Think about what’s not acceptable and why. To what extent have you been missing an important point? Either your secret wish is silly — in which case it is time you dropped it and moved on — or it is truly worthwhile. In which case, you really need to stop doubting it and start giving it more of your time. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Is there too much complexity? Make things simple. Don’t let a small uncertainty create an enormous stumbling block.
The future hangs in the balance. Give too much weight to one need and you will tip the scales. Likewise, if you overly emphasise a different, contrasting choice. There is, in your life now, an arrangement that’s just about working. If you could simply make it more secure, you could get the best of several worlds. How can you accomplish that? By facing a fear and summoning the confidence you are so richly entitled to feel. Look at what you usually prefer to look away from. Then, you’ll make your next move for the right reason. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Your life is not lived in black and white. It’s an intricate web of colour and it deserves deeper consideration.
There is an old saying, “I’ll scratch your back, if you’ll scratch mine”. It doesn’t just apply to people with itchy backs. There are some favours that we can do for others more easily than we can do for ourselves. Sometimes, too, we find ourselves more willing to make an effort for a friend. We may not, for example, feel like cooking ourselves a supper —but if someone is coming round, we’ll make that effort. This week, subtly, someone needs to be shown that being helpful will increase the chance of getting what they most need. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Stop doubting yourself. If you question every development, you will lose the magic being showered upon you.
The world is full of people who seemingly love to shout. They think the person who wins the argument is the one who makes their point in the loudest voice. You know, though, that the most subtle, secret wisdom carries more weight than the most enormous announcement. Quality counts more than quantity, and the right word, in the right ear at the right time can... well, it can do precisely what this week, you are going to demonstrate that it can do! Prepare to break a circular pattern and make subtle but real progress. <strong>In your love life</strong>: Caught up in a situation? You are going to get much-needed help with a decision that has long been rather difficult.
The Narendra Modi government has suspended the registration of Greenpeace India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010, (FCRA) for 180 days, preventing it from receiving any foreign funds

The Hindu Council UK has prepared its own “manifesto”, a list of demands submitted to political parties ahead of next month’s elections in the United Kingdom.