Years ago, an Indian lawyer called Mohandas Gandhi led protests at a time of great injustice. He’s still revered today because of his determination to fight without violence. Even when sorely provoked, he wouldn’t let anger get the better of him. This week, as Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, and Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn, you’ll discover that following his example may be the best way to help you get what you want… in the most morally meaningful way. There’s no question of failure, but you want to ensure that you have the right kind of success. In your love life: That idea you’ve had for a while... it’s time to act and start something that can have a profoundly positive effect on your life
Earlier this month, when Jupiter entered your opposite sign, you experienced a distinct lightening of a previously dark mood. A shadow was hanging over you. A worry was growing ever more intense. Though things then eased up a little, they didn’t become entirely problem free… you’re still dealing with tricky challenges. One more of these will become much easier to cope with during the coming week. Stick with what you have started, and allow a little more time to pass. Mars moving into Capricorn will help you achieve what you’ve already set in motion. In your love life: You don’t need lots of ingredients to make your heart happy. You just need one big, beautiful moment to start the process.
Very few people choose boiled brussel sprouts as their dream food. Yet many still make them a feature of the biggest meal of the year. Surely the reunification of families deserves to be celebrated with more than this unpopular vegetable? When you feast, surely you should indulge your taste buds with delight? Perhaps humble sprouts represent more than just a foodstuff. They are a boiled nod to tradition… a buttery connection to the collective. Appreciating traditional values, and sharing with others will make this week an enjoyable one. In your love life: It’s a choice between a safe situation and a thrilling possibility. Your choice. But a future without fun isn’t much of a future!
Why not open the book on the last page? Or download a TV series and watch it backwards from the final episode? Why follow the story from the start? All you’re ever going to find out is ‘what happened,’ so, surely, the sooner you make that discovery, the sooner you can move on? There. That illustrates the danger of trying to think too hard about what lies ahead for you now. We’re not at the end… we’re just at the start. As a newly direct Mercury marches forth again, stop projecting and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a good week. In your love life: The universe has plans for you and someone who rubs you up the wrong way. Enjoy the challenge, expect creativity… and fun!
In the courts of ancient rulers, wise advisors helped reach the best decisions. Invariably, amongst this lofty community, there would be a ‘fool’. The job of the jester was to say what nobody else dared to say. Sometimes, they would just be funny. Sometimes, their humour would convey an understanding that all those other bright minds had managed to miss. A good sense of humour is like a good sense of intuition. Priceless. As your ruler, the Sun, conjuncts the king of the zodiac, Jupiter, it’s important you value yours this week. In your love life: You can reveal dynamism that few can compete with… It can be the start of something genuinely, truly, amazing.
Some subjects are not supposed to be funny. If people laugh when they’re raised, it’s the nervous laughter of apprehension, or the defiant laughter of the rebel. Most of us prefer protocol, doing what feels most appropriate; sticking with what seems right. A suggestion is being made that sounds rather ‘funny’, though not in the comedic sense. Should you feel offended or inspired? Well, there’s no law that says you mustn’t have a sense of adventure. And, as you prepare for a New Moon and a Jupiter-Sun conjunction, now’s the time for some excitement. In your love life: The universe wants to shower you with gifts. There is a combination that will unlock your heart and it could be this week.
Generosity is sometimes seen as weakness. But it takes great strength to be generous, for only the strong can afford to lend a helping hand whilst shouldering their own burdens. This week, though, you don’t need to be charitable to feel the influence of benevolence in your life. You may, in fact, be on the receiving end of a great gift. You’re certainly one of the benefactors of great cosmic bounty from the universe. And, no matter where this mysterious gift comes from, don’t question your worthiness of it. You deserve to share in the positivity it brings. In your love life: As the New Moon conjuncts Jupiter, ask yourself why you want what you think you want? Take care; you might just get it!
Doctors shouldn’t diagnose themselves, astrologers ought not to read their own horoscopes. Our ability to act as a mirror to one another is one of life’s blessings. Though you may be feeling deflated about your progress, you just need to seek the opinion of someone who can see you from more of a distance. Their objectivity can give you a finer appreciation of your achievements. As the Sun conjuncts your ruler Jupiter in Libra, you won’t have to look hard to find such an individual. And you’ll be delightfully encouraged by what they see. In your love life: You may discover the reality about someone you’ve been chasing. There are real grounds for optimism.
This week, with both your rulers making significant moves, you can feel a transition taking shape. You’ll be able to achieve more with less, be insightful without needing to micromanage, and your intentions will be understood without having to explain yourself. Recently, it has felt as though people weren’t hearing you clearly… messages have been missed or misunderstood. Now comes a chance to make up for lost time. The cosmic channels are clearing. It’s time to express your passion and ambition. Don’t underestimate the power at your fingertips. In your love life: As Venus creates an angle with Pluto, be kind to those who you think you’ve figured out. The truth is beautifully complicated.
You are good at enjoying the finer things. When life hands you a bowl of cherries, it feels, frankly, irresponsible not to feast merrily. Being able to appreciate opportunities offered to you is so much healthier than taking them for granted. So, it follows that begrudging others their moments of indulgence and luck isn’t a part of your repertoire. We’re all subject to fortune’s fickle whim. Don’t let superficial differences divide you from those who have something to offer this week. You have the chance to harmonise in a creative fusion. In your love life: With Venus making a positive angle with Neptune at the time of the New Moon, you can expect magic this week.
When the TV remote control goes ‘wonky’, we open the battery compartment and give those double-As a rub. Then everything seems fine again, but it won’t be long before you’re rewinding when you pressed fast-forward, and bruising your thumbs as you try to select the DVD controls. The kiss of life that the battery rub provided is no longer sufficient, and power ‘transplant surgery’ is required. This week, your life feels as if someone’s replaced your batteries. You’ll regain control, and effortlessly select from a long list of opportunities. In your love life: Mercury, Venus and the New Moon suggest facts need to be faced. Honest conversations need to be held. All can be fine.
Bill Shakespeare wrote that, ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.’ But no one comes out of the womb being able to paint like Dali or sing like Aretha. Right now, the cosmos has a couple of significant benefactors doting on you. You’re about to experience energy and excitement that has been missing for a while. Here comes some drive to match your ambition, and a hunger that makes your stomach as big as your eyes. Be as intense as you need to be, now is a time to be reborn with greatness. In your love life: With the New Moon conjunct Jupiter, it could yet turn out to be deeply productive, inspiring and energising week.
“Grab ‘em by the *****, their hearts and minds will follow.” — An American soldier, Vietnam, circa 1960s

After hearing the Pakistan PM’s ramblings on Kashmir at the UN General Assembly last week, one began to wonder how “sharif” (civil or civilised) Nawaz Sharif could possibly be, with or without officia