It may feel strange and confusing to be caught up by emotions. Leaky eyes, unintelligible noises and uncontrollable responses may sometimes feel downright alien. And to an alien, such as Mr Spock, it IS weird. If your entire experience was based on logical insight then none of it would make sense. But you’re not from the planet Vulcan. Someone may challenge you to wear your heart on your sleeve this week. You don’t have to go that far but be prepared to show you have one. A heart that is. The cloth on your sleeve is the same as everyone else’s. In your love life: Someone new is becoming the focus of your attention. Don’t hold back with your praise. You can make a lasting bond.
Popeye has a catch phrase: ‘I yam what’s I am and that’s all what’s I yam!’ Yet this was a man who could transform the moment a morsel of spinach passed his lips. We are all capable of transformation. And we’re all on a journey of metamorphosis. The beginning, the end and the middle of this journey all play an equal part in defining ‘what’s I yam’ for each of us. Though you may face challenges this week, the cosmos will provide you with cans of spinach. Eat up and watch your power grow! In your love life: There’s someone with whom you can strengthen your connection. Reach out, they can help you heal your wounds.
For some people achievement is the only thing that seems to float their boat. They barely complete one task before setting forth on another. It hardly matters what it is they’re achieving, such is their devotion to completing a challenge. Building the world’s tallest house of cards? Blowing up as many balloons as possible in the space of a minute? You can achieve something if you set your mind to it. But it will only be worthwhile if you apply your heart as well. Take the path that matters to you this week. In your love life: You are being willed into action from afar. You can turn this into an action that will benefit those you care about most.
So you think you know where you are going? So you reckon you understand what you’re supposed to be doing? This week’s events may give you cause to reconsider for the nicest possible reasons. Jonathan had apt advice for the alignments affecting you this week: ‘A new possibility is arising. A different kind of challenge is presenting itself. Things are not as they were, they are different and, in many respects, better. Change is your friend. Tradition, to some extent at least, is now your enemy. Don’t do what you always do. Do what you’d like to be able to do.’ In your love life: If you feel held back this week, forgive the hand that holds you. It is only doing what it believes is best for you.
Towards the end of the week, the Sun moves into your sign. That’s big. It’s exciting. It’s encouraging and auspicious. But before that happens, you may encounter a difficulty that you find frustrating. Jonathan’s interpretation of this week’s exciting events: ‘You can let it be a big deal or ensure that it remains a storm in a teacup. Knowing how well things will turn out in the end should help you maintain the right sense of perspective. The journey may be tough but the destination will delight you. And really, there’s nothing you can’t overcome to achieve this success.’ In your love life: Apply some science to your heart and take serious steps towards a great result. Remember to add your own unique angle!
Fun. It’s quite nice really. For some people it’s all they need to have a good time. But fun is at its finest when it is part of a bigger process. If you can enjoy a challenge that is ultimately rewarding, then surely that’s better than frittering time away on pointless pursuits? We must, of course, be careful with how we make judgements. Something seemingly unproductive can be an essential part of a bigger plan. And the benefit of a healthy social life can’t be underestimated. But this week you will reach your goals a lot faster if you enjoy yourself whilst furthering a cause. In your love life: As Saturn trines your ruler, there’s much you don’t understand. Soon, if you remain open-hearted, you will know far more.
It’s not easy to earn a crust of bread in this world. More and more the simple ways of carving an honest living are automated, globalised and made obsolete. Often, to find a way to be compensated we need to get creative, build on our strengths and prove we have something unique to offer that is worth top dollar. This week, the cosmos is sending you the tools to do just that. Don’t let an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity pass you by. If you can add this ability to your talents and techniques, your efforts will be surprisingly well rewarded. In your love life: Focus on what’s truly wonderful about someone... and they will see something similarly transcendent about you!
The phrase, 'I make my own luck' is regularly trotted out on the big screen. Okay, Hollywood, but then that's not really luck is it? Luck, by definition, is entirely random. If you take it away from the equation, you're left with something else. Skill? Foresight? Adaptability? Perhaps a better way of thinking is to expect to be lucky. That way, we'll be in a strong position to take advantage when luck strikes. And as we're on the lookout, we'll recognise when we're lucky and therefore feel lucky more often. Count your blessings this week and you may discover a few more. In your love life: Saturn is in your sign, responding to Venus and Mercury. A situation could easily be worse. Be glad that it isn't!
Barriers and boundaries have held you back for too long. You have had to learn, the hard way, where these lie. You try to make a move. You get so far, then you discover that an invisible obstacle seems to lie in your path. Jonathan had great advice for exactly your situation this week: ‘Daunted and dismayed by your encounters, you may have resolved to set yourself easier goals and targets. Thus you make mediocre gains when you could be achieving great strides. But this week, as the planets form several auspicious alignments, you’re going to see a way around what have appeared impossible hurdles.’ In your love life: Bridges connect from opposite sides. Help another to build theirs up and you may both get where you need to go.
We rarely get what we want unless we ask for it. Until we clearly articulate our needs, how will we be able to recognise them, let alone the needs of other people? That’s not to suggest that we just need to ask and we shall receive. If only it were that simple! But at least if we ask we can work out who is willing and able to provide for us, and where it might be that we're chasing up a blind alley. This week, think about your desires and try to clarify them. It will help you to find what you’re looking for. In your love life: Things are due to improve. You thought you had a problem. You’ll soon see you really don’t have a problem after all.
Life is 10 per cent what happens to you and 90 per cent how you react to it.’ So said Charles R. Swindoll. Well if anyone can take lemons and make lemonade, it’ll be a Virgo. Not only that, it’ll be the most delicious lemonade from the most unpromising lemons. But surely how one reacts to life’s setbacks influences what happens next. If so, does that make life 100 per cent how you react to it? It’s not a question that can be answered in a short forecast, so here’s a prediction instead: If you can maintain a grateful mindset and a positive attitude, much is possible this week. In your love life: Where can you help someone? And how could that lead to a benefit in kind? Someone has a goal that you can help them reach.
Have you ever, while fast asleep, dreamed that you were awakening from a dream? You now have to be wary of just such a deceptive vision. Jonathan’s interpretation of your alignments this week is optimistic: ‘The Full Moon in your sign suggests you have a rare and brilliant chance to satisfy an intense and long-held need. You must be careful not to waste this opportunity by reaching for an idea that’s ultimately not worth pursuing. You have several secret hopes. But some are based on less than solid foundations. Aspire only to those that can’t fail to fulfil you.’ In your love life: The greatest triumphs are always the results of team efforts. If you share your burden, you will find victory through harmony.
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