To get what we want in life, we must first know what we want. Often, we find out only after we have had an experience of what we don’t want! Really, if we are logical, we should be grateful for every negative event. It may be no fun but it is teaching us something about what to aspire to (and guard against) in future. Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying this is due to be a tough week. I’m saying, you have lately had a tough time. Now things are changing for the better! As they do, think more kindly of the past. In your love life: You have handled some difficult adjustments well. Your reward is this week’s significant upturn in your emotional outlook.
Understanding is so important. Instinctively, we sense this. We feel insecure when we face something that we don’t understand. We often create explanations and justifications. They may be almost entirely fiction or fantasy but if they comfort us, we cling to them. I mention this because the heavens, this week, appear to be putting you under a little pressure. Events and circumstances are inviting you to question an old understanding of a sensitive situation. As you start to see it differently, so life will improve dramatically. In your love life: Be humble enough to replace an assumption with a willingness to empathise, and your personal life will benefit enormously.
You may not be intending to celebrate Chinese New Year but this week’s powerful New Moon gives the celestial signal that the year of the Fire Monkey has begun. Cancerians are ruled by the Moon. So, if the Moon is doing something significant now, we can assume that you must be in the process of achieving an important goal. Of course, what the world sees as important and what you see as important don’t always match. But it is what’s important to you personally that matters most now — and that can yet be attained. In your love life: Are you being taken for granted? Don’t you deserve something back? You can have it, if you apply a little discrimination.
Even when we stop, we don’t really stop. We may slow down. We may change a habit or alter a routine. But our minds are always busy and our to-do list is rarely sparse. So, where does all this running around get us? Don’t we just keep describing circles on the path of progress when we might be better trying to head in a simple, straight line? This week, you should take full advantage of a rare opportunity to draw breath, to stand back, and to implement major change. It may yet do you the power of good. In your love life: Answers can only come slowly. But they will come and when they come, you will feel deeply reassured by them all.
Will you put yourself too far out on a limb this week? Will you take too much of a risk? I am only asking questions. I am not making predictions. I can’t. I can only tell you that the cosmos now offers you an opportunity to be adventurous, even mischievous. You must decide for yourself, whether to indulge or suppress this. I’m not issuing any warnings. I shall leave that to my more cautious colleagues to speak in nannying tones. I just want to remind you of an apposite old saying: ‘Nothing ventured… nothing gained!’ In your love life: You aren’t over-exaggerating the encouraging signs you are starting to see this week. It truly is hopeful!
Is there such a thing as ‘trying too hard’? When we strive with all our might, when we leave no room for subtlety, when we stress about the smallest setback, do we help to further our cause? Or do we impede our own progress? I ask only because you are now coming under a beneficial celestial influence that will aid and assist you significantly. But to take maximum advantage of this, you must be willing to relax, kick back, and trust that the universe really wants to help you and allow it a chance to demonstrate this. In your love life: You are struggling to make sense of someone. Why are they being as they are? Soon, you will gain an inspiring insight.
It seems, this week, that there is something you must agree to, even if you feel inclined to object to it. You are not in the best bargaining position or, at least, not yet. The way to bring about a more advantageous situation is to bide your time and make the most of whatever you can currently neither change nor avoid. The sacrifice the world now seems to be asking you to make is not as great as it may appear when it is first put to you. Be patient, don’t overreact and you will yet get all you need to succeed. In your love life: You wish things could take a different turn. They will. If what you give out is good, only good will come of all that happens.
So much could go wrong. So many problems could present themselves. You cannot help but be aware of this. Many recent events have challenged your usual Sagittarian buoyancy. You are beginning to suspect the best you can hope for is an outcome that isn’t quite as bad as it otherwise might be! Don’t sink too far into the quicksand of pessimism. For some while, you have been working on a plan. You may have all but given up on it, but it is starting to develop a life of its own. Good news is not far away. In your love life: The time is right to alter a habit, break a cycle, move on from an old way of being. It will bring positive impact.
When times are tough or situations seem stressful, we summon our psychological survival mechanisms. We hide behind these as if they were a shield. We peek out cautiously, expecting an onslaught of fresh trouble at any moment. Have you recently taken shelter in this way? Try not to be too guarded this week. A changing cosmic climate promises new hope. What once seemed like an impossible problem has a solution. It is one you will prove easily able to apply. But to see it, you must maintain a hopeful mindset. In your love life: A beneficial change to the cosmic climate suggests you now have every reason to feel positive about your prospects.
We all dream of instant success and immediate gratification. We know this is rare. We appreciate the importance of working hard and being patient. Even so, we pine for a life where we need merely snap our fingers or wave some magic wand to find our every wish has been fulfilled and our every need has been met. If, this week, it begins to look as if you have somehow been transported to such a place, enjoy living the dream. But remember, actually, you have already worked long and hard for this. In your love life: Remaining open to the possibility of learning something new will make a delightful difference to your personal life.
We make our plans and do our best to stick to them. We aren’t foolish. We know that nothing will ever be easy and we would always be wise to allow for the unexpected. How will we defend ourselves against these? By allowing plenty of time, by summoning determination — and by developing a resilient, stoical frame of mind. So, is that the secret of success for you this week, if all is to be well? Well, the ultimate reward for your steadfast endeavour, will yet turn out to be a greater victory than you currently anticipate. In your love life: Don’t give up. Coming events will restore lost faith. They will improve other aspects of your personal life, too.
Venus only passes through your sign for a few weeks once a year. This creates a cosmic climate rich in opportunity, albeit one that is also subtle. Changes and chances can be easily overlooked. These, though, won’t dance before your eyes like performers in a street parade. A minor shift of circumstance here. A small adjustment in someone's tone there. These point to a major new development but it can only be made real if you respond with positivity to a delicate hint or suggestion. Be alert for that this week. In your love life: Venus is beckoning you to make it easy for someone to reach out to you. Delicately, gently, you can transform your world.
Air power is the most capital-intensive means of war. A modern fighter jet now could cost several hundred crores and the prices seem to be rising exponentially.

I returned to India in August 1946 after serving in Burma and Indonesia during the Second World War.