The Sun and the Moon, as they climb the sky each day, never stop part way up and say, ‘Right, that’s it, I am so fed up with what’s happening down below me, I am not going to move another inch.’ They just stick to their timetables. When we consider what they must see each day, that’s impressive. Do they have no feelings? Within you too, a cosmic force is pursuing a natural agenda and sees no need to become distracted. This week, you can choose to let something get to you or rise gracefully above it. In your love life: Diplomacy is called for. You might get further and faster by being blunt; but being sensitive will spare you from trouble.
Sometimes, when we are tired, we don’t feel tired. We experience exhaustion as irritability. Some of us feel hungry when what we really need is sleep. We are similarly prone to misinterpret thirst. Our body may be crying out for water yet we only notice a headache. If we can’t understand ourselves accurately, what hope do we have of ever understanding each other? This week, you may suspect you’ve got a complicated need when, actually, what you require is simple and surprisingly easy to fix. In your love life: Much-needed change is about to occur. Don’t fight to control the uncontrollable. Courage is all that’s needed.
The days are rolling by. Are you rolling with them? Or do you fear you’re riding on a roller-coaster that you can’t control? Don’t be fearful. You’re in no danger of winding up in some unsatisfactory situation. You’ve got what it takes to turn even a difficult set of circumstances into an easy scenario. You can provide much-needed guidance and even solve a mess that somebody else has created. To achieve all that this week, you don’t need to puff yourself up with confidence. You just need to trust your own judgement. In your love life: Dreams matter. Heed your most inspiring vision, and show similar courtesy to what touches someone else’s heart.
Only adrenaline addicts enjoy crisis management. The rest of us like to plan activities carefully so that they run smoothly and do not need urgent correction. Folk who get a thrill out of sudden drama may even unconsciously allow trouble to arise, just so they can appear to be heroic as they sort it all out. Don’t allow yourself, this week, to get dragged too far into a situation that could eat up much of your precious energy but give you little in return. Look at what has caused it to happen in the first place. In your love life: You will soon hear a brilliant idea. It may yet lead to a change in your heart, your affections and your priorities.
The moving finger writes and, having writ, moves on.’ So goes an ancient poem, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The implication here is that, once written, a message remains the same for ever. That, though, was in the days before word processing. These days, can’t every sentence be highlighted, deleted and replaced? For some while, someone has been telling you a story or you have been telling it to yourself. It’s not the only tale that can be told. You can choose to bring about a different outcome this week. In your love life: You have heightened sensitivity right now. There are good reasons why you want what you want. Trust your instinct.
The best things in life are always simple and easy. But sometimes, when we sit down and try to work out what the most simple and easy thing to do must be, life can end up getting strangely complicated and difficult! You have been wrestling with a problem for quite some while now. You have looked at it from just about every angle, at least twice if not three times. You are still not quite sure what you ought to do. Events over the next few days, though, will finally bring you the certainty and clarity you need. In your love life: A new source of light is entering your world. You are learning about someone. Fear is giving way to confidence.
Are you hanging on, by your fingernails, to some crumbling cliff? Are you at the end of your tether? On the last outpost of your patience? If you can answer yes to any of the above, congratulate yourself. This can only mean one thing. A much-needed change is about to occur. You must no longer fight to control the uncontrollable or hold back some inevitable tide. If you let go, will you suffer? No. If you stop hanging on to something this week, life will take you on a natural course to a safe and positive destination. In your love life: Don’t waste time regretting wasted time! Act now. You can make the story of tomorrow a tale of true triumph.
Did the butler do it? Or was it the chambermaid? How cleverly the writers of detective novels lay their false trails? How smart do we consider ourselves when we imagine we can see beyond the obvious? But none of us have perfect judgement, nor do we live in a world of inarguable absolutes. You may never find out who did what if, indeed, anyone has ‘done’ anything. And it may never matter. Be less suspicious and even less curious this week. You may yet discover that someone has no case to answer! In your love life: Good times ahead... if you can face reality. Say what must be said; listen to an emotive message that must be heard.
There’s a philosophical train of thought called nihilism. It boils down, in essence, to the idea that everything in life is ultimately a pointless exercise. But then if we think about anything long enough, we can eventually start to see the futility in it. You seem, this week, to be wrestling with a question you can’t easily answer. Perhaps, though, that’s because you suspect you are dealing with an answer that you can’t question. There may well be a point and a purpose in finding the courage to question it. In your love life: You need to move on and explore a new perspective and adapt to a change. The status quo is not an option. Be brave!
Each time they hold the Olympics, they seem to introduce at least one new sport. Perhaps, 2016 will be the year they bring in Competitive Pessimism. One team envisages a dreadful development. The other has to see why things could be even worse! Not physical enough to be a sport? That depends how fast both teams then decide they need to run away from the future! That’s not a game that you’re inadvertently playing this week is it? If so, it must stop. You deserve better. If you open up to the best, the best will happen. In your love life: Some feelings are simply beyond time, analysis and explanation. Your love life is going to improve considerably.
Been there? Done that? Got the T-shirt? Maybe you should go back and do it all again somehow. They are giving out different T-shirts these days anyhow. I am really not suggesting that you repeat an experience that proved problematic the last time around. I agree with those who say that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing yet expect different results. But there is one piece of safe, familiar territory that you are oddly reluctant to revisit. Why might that be? Don’t be afraid, this week, to stick with what you know. In your love life: The one you would most like help from, now needs help from you. Forget your needs; look at what is needed of you.
We live on a ball of molten rock, racing around the Sun at an amazing speed, constantly spinning to create enough gravity to keep us all from falling off! Yet we see our situations as stable and we imagine we know all there is to know about where we are going and what we are doing. It isn’t easy to remember all this when, all around us, the focus is on what’s mundane. But we should never forget that our very existence is a miracle. And this week, the cosmos intends to remind you that yours too is a life that can be touched by miracles! In your love life: We are brought up to feel that indecision is a vice. Not always; now you’ll profit if you allow yourself some uncertainty.
Chanakya believed that the unfolding present will cast its shadow on the configuration of the future. That is why he believed that analysing the situation as it exists today, provides the material for devising the strategy that must be shaped for the morrow. There is a causal continuity between the past, present and the future.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is desperate to form a government in Delhi, but its attempts to cobble together the requisite numbers keep hitting a roadblock.