Where have you gone wrong? What should you apologise for? When are you going to learn? Okay. That’s enough questions and more than enough answers. Apparently, you’ve got a bit of a guilty conscience. Yet you have very little to feel guilty about. As your ruler now completes the sixth in a series of seven rare squares to Pluto, it’s time to stop thinking badly of yourself or regretting some development that was actually perfectly understandable and excusable. This week, ask what you have done right. And celebrate that! In your love life: Help someone go beyond an assumption, and you can liberate yourself from what was looking like a dead-end.
Faith alone does not move mountains. Effort must also be made. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will be able to relocate your personal Everest. It is just possible, though, that once you start digging away, you may discover your mountain is not quite as big as you feared it was. Or you may be offered help from someone who has a lot of dynamite and some heavy earth moving equipment. We are often told that amazing things can happen when we try. They can certainly happen for you during this powerful week. In your love life: Love is always needed and it’s always attainable, too. In your world now, there is as much as you need and more!
If it’s ‘not the winning but the taking part that counts’, why do we bother with finishing lines? What’s so exciting about watching some competitor shave a millisecond off some previous participant’s best time? Why don’t we just applaud the slowest or most creative contestant? People have a shallow obsession with getting the better of each other. This may have its place in sport, but your life is not a game and it is certainly not a competition. The real way to get ahead now is to go easy on yourself and others this week. In your love life: Have you been thinking lately about needing to talk to somebody you can trust? Your emotional outlook can only benefit.
We are not hearing back much from Pioneer 10 and Voyager 1. Both have gone beyond the solar system. But I’m sure, one day soon, they will find large banners, strung between a couple of asteroids saying ‘Warning! Planet Earth ahead. You don’t have to be crazy to live there, but it helps’. You are discovering, this week, why the aliens have given up on us. This is a crazy place. Coming events won’t cause everything to make sense but they may yet bring you a joyful experience which is, in its own way, ‘out of this world’. In your love life: Our moods are much more powerful than we realise. One small shift of viewpoint, though, can alter everything.
We live on a tiny ball of rock that is spinning in space. The space in which it spins goes on for ever in all directions. And for all time. Time is infinite. So is space. Human beings are not infinite. We begin. Then we end. Our brains are not capable of comprehending the infinite so, instead, we ignore it. Unless of course, we happen to be scientists in which case we make up nonsensical theories about the ‘big bang’. But what came before that, eh? Remember this week, in a world of infinite possibilities, anything is always possible! In your love life: You have an objective. Be sure of it. Then just do what you need to. You will succeed.
If you push yourself further each time you exercise you will soon find you can go faster, and handle more. It is exciting to ‘beat the clock’. It feels pleasing when we identify a person who we want to impress. ‘I’ll beat them,’ we think. Or ‘I’ll prove a point...’ Such motives may keep our bodies healthy but can be bad for our hearts. Life is not a race. Nor is it supposed to be a battle. This week you must choose. Follow a fury, a fever or a frenzy... or step back from a brink and be kind. Only one option will make you truly strong! In your love life: The question is not, ‘What’s on your mind?’ But, ‘What is no longer on your mind that might well be worth recalling?’
Let something go. Put down a fear or a misgiving and be less concerned about taking control of a situation. I know that, probably, that’s all a lot easier for me to say than for you to do. How are you supposed to stand back and see all this objectively when it touches on an issue that means so much to you and presses so many of your emotional and psychological buttons? I can’t tell you how you can do it. I can just tell you that you need to do it, and that in the run-up to the holiday season, you are capable of doing it. In your love life: You have had to perform a delicate juggling act. You have already begun to see success. More rewards come soon.
Think of a balloon. Consider how big it can become and how quickly it can change, once you put enough air into it. Now be aware that there is great elasticity in your current situation. It may not seem that way to you. You may be conscious only of rigidity and limitation. It is, nonetheless, now possible to turn something small into something disproportionately large. If you are going to blow up anything now, blow up a positive expectation, not a negative projection. This week, remember to stop before anything goes pop! In your love life: Should you experiment or play safe? You deserve the best life has to offer. The way to get it is to be a little bolder.
You don’t want to get it wrong. That’s admirable. You are determined to get it right. That’s worrying. There’s such a thing as trying too hard. When we grow anxious about what we are achieving, we become our own worst enemies. We stand in the way of our own progress. We silently scupper our own plans. Be sure that one part of your heart doesn’t differ with another. You can accomplish whatever you need to as Uranus now completes the sixth in a series of seven right angles to Pluto. But only if you don’t doubt a decision. In your love life: No matter how busy you are, it’s time to seize a chance to plant a seed of possibility that will grow.
Remember the old Biblical tale about the Tower of Babel. It is often used as an explanation of how different languages came about. I suspect there’s another way to interpret it. People can dramatically fail to understand one another, even when they share the same tongue. Someone, somewhere, in your world is not hearing what someone else is saying. It falls to you now, to act as an interpreter. That involves listening carefully to all around you and putting your own expectations to one side while you do this week! In your love life: The boundaries and lines need to be changed. Here comes your chance to redraw them.
In this world, there’s always something to worry about. We really don’t have to go around creating false fears. We are surrounded by genuine causes for concern. Is it acceptable to blithely ignore these warning signals? Absolutely not. They deserve our attention. But having heeded the signs and taken what action we can, we must not mull over their message. Something hopeful and healing is taking place in your life this week. It has every bit as much potential to grow into a source of lifelong inspiration and positive transformation. In your love life: Forget your track record, the bits of your history you regret. You can trust that you’re on the right track now.
It is time to get creative. You cannot attain what you want to attain by following a set of fixed instructions. There are no rules to the game that you are currently playing, merely guidelines. Even these are drawn in pencil, not ink. Stop trying to apply a policy or to follow a doctrine. Work on the assumption that anything is possible if you really wish it to be so. Then start being very careful about what you wish for because, with Venus in your sign now, you are in a surprisingly good position to make at least some of it come true. In your love life: Decision time? Trust your emotional judgement and seek the advice of people who are a little better informed.
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