They say we shouldn’t try to run before we can walk. Why on earth do they say that? Haven’t they ever watched a toddler taking his (or her) first steps? Small children begin by mastering the art of running! Only once they have learned to get their balance, do they slow themselves down. With that in mind, let us look at the tentative steps you may need to take towards the attainment of an important objective. Perhaps they ought not to be so tentative? Throw yourself into rising to this week’s challenge. Give it all you’ve got. <strong>In your love life:</strong> You feel like a giant among dwarfs. True. But you have a duty to recognise your advantage and use it wisely.
News editors often face a tricky task. Which is the most important story of the day? Does a celebrity drama matter more than an election? What do the public care about more? We are all in charge of our own personal newsrooms. We decide which stories to focus on and how much space to give them. Might you, lately, have been paying too little attention to a saga that has been growing ever more important and urgent? You are just in time, this week, to redress that imbalance and thus help to solve a problem. <strong>In your love life:</strong> You take a while to adjust to new realities. But when you finally do move on, you do so with grace. Is it time now?
Do you fear that you lack authority? Do you wish that others would take you more seriously when you try to get important points across? Events this week will do much to consolidate a sense of strength and should enable you to assert yourself in many areas where you have lately felt that you were being undervalued or even undermined. You have been putting up with an unfair situation. You have done your best not to let this bother you but it is time for a tide to turn. Go gently but firmly and none will stand in your way. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Satisfaction can be linked to finding the ability not to partake in something we fancy. Remember that, and go gently.
Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury, in Greek mythology, was Hermes — neither male nor female. This may be why some astrologers suggest there is a degree of ambiguity around your own orientation — or, perhaps, such a strong focus on the cerebral as to render the physical irrelevant. Yet arguably, it is your very intellectual acuity that potentially makes you so attractive and endearing. When you choose to charm, who can resist? Venus in your sign this week, implies a strong ability to win hearts and melt defences. <strong>In your love life: </strong>You suspect you should take a development very seriously. But you should just relax. Nothing needs to be forced.
When the good times are rolling in, we soon forget all about the bad ones. And when times are tough? Strangely, we begin to fear that it has been ever thus and that even the stuff of our happiest memories must have come about by fluke. Why should we ever expect things to improve again? Your reasons for feeling disappointed are understandable enough now. But they should not be interpreted as reliable indicators of your future prospects. Where things have taken a downturn, they will soon start to take an upturn. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Be careful with your words. Be sure you know how something has begun before you assume how it is going to end.
While philosophers and theologians debate the purpose of life, we can all be sure that whatever the reason for our existence, it is not simply so that we can remain the same. There is no shame in change. Indeed, arguably, there is great change in prioritising consistency over growth. Aren’t we here to learn? Isn’t the great game all about expanding our horizons and exploring new possibilities? This week, you start to see an aspect of your world from a brand new perspective. Allow yourself to become inspired. <strong>In your love life:</strong> You would like confusion to be clarified. The best way to make that happen might be to alter your own expectation.
What if the guardian angels are all on strike? What if the wish-granting fairies have put away their wands? There may be no magical creatures left in the world. You might, therefore, have no reason to anticipate even so much as the slightest hint of celestial assistance or cosmic support. So, then, what would you do? You would just have to do what you always do. Make your own luck. Create your own opportunity. A harmonious alignment from Venus to Jupiter this week, implies that all you need is faith in yourself. <strong>In your love life:</strong> In a drama, you’re inclined to diffuse the tension, and inclined to add to it! Be honest about what you really want.
It is rare, almost unheard of, to find a Sagittarian who has nothing to do. If ever you sit still for a moment, it is only because you are choosing between several pressing priorities or drawing breath after pursuing one impossible goal, before you set out in search of another. This week won’t be any more quiet than last week. It won’t be stress-free, either. But in so far, at least, as it brings you closer to a sense of satisfaction, it will be rewarding. And if things are really beginning to go your way, what do you need sleep for anyway? <strong>In your love life:</strong> Life is offering you the chance to go further than usual. Don’t be afraid of this. Observe the story with an open mind.
Let’s draw up a list of all the undesirable, unfair factors in your world. Let’s hope you’ve got plenty of paper! Although, you could save yourself some time by deciding that of all the futile things that a human being can ever do, compiling such a catalogue is surely amongst the most pointless! Perhaps you can only draw up a far shorter list of things that make you happy and glad but don’t these count for so much more? They do. And this week, the positive will yet greatly outweigh the negative. <strong>In your love life: </strong>Seeing no progress in a sensitive area? Perhaps it is not really needed. Before you step forward, try stepping back.
Mars is in your sign. That is a real astrological advantage. It doesn’t make you infallible. It can’t be construed as a sign of success at every turn. But it strongly implies that if you now put your shoulder to the wheel or your nose to the grindstone, you will soon start to shift whatever needs to be shifted. Even if things don’t immediately fall into place, you will at least move the obstacles that have been preventing positive progress. Be just a little sensitive, though, to the folk who don’t share your determination. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Don’t set out to solve problems that aren’t really problems and don’t need solving. You truly do have power now.
Astrologers love to suggest that people born under your sign are sensible and logical. I’m not suggesting that they are wrong. You do, indeed, have such qualities in abundance. But there is more to you than a keen intellect and a natural sense of wisdom. You can be creative, inventive, poetic and slightly wild, when you choose to be. You don’t feel obliged to explain your every word or deed and, when you allow yourself to act on impulse, the most impressive results ensue. Trust your keen intuition this week. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Want to alter something superficial? Or fundamental? Before you attempt a miracle, be sure you need to go that far.
An optimist calls a glass half full, a pessimist calls it half empty. And a Capricorn? Well, it’s just a glass containing 50 per cent water and 50 per cent air! Your sense of realism is one of your most endearing qualities. Neither do you overreact to problems, nor do you magnify small encouraging signals, until they begin to look like blazing beacons of hope. You are handling a situation well and wisely this week. Equally ignore the pollyannas and the doom-mongers around you. Events will yet have a believably pleasing outcome. <strong>In your love life:</strong> You feel emotionally attracted to a possibility. It’s not enough reason to think it is the wisest course of action.
When politics, business and media rivalry get mixed up in wildlife conservation, the consequence can be pretty bizarre.

When William Blake published his The Tyger in 1794, he carefully replaced the usual “i” of “Tiger” with a “y” in order to suggest the extraordinariness of the apocalyptic beast.