Take care of the pennies,’ so the saying goes, ‘and the pounds will take care of themselves.’ The wisdom of this adage is universally accepted even in lands where dollars, euros or yen are the predominant currency. Nor do people think that the meaning relates only to money. We all know that if we prioritise the small stuff, the big stuff will shape-up automatically. All fine and fair, as long as we have the time and patience. You’ll have plenty of that in June and you will apply it, most wisely until it pays off most rewardingly. In your love life: There’s nothing that can’t be improved... and little that can’t remain the same if you are determined to stifle progress.
It is one thing to attain an understanding, it is another to maintain one. We may like to think that we have reached an agreement, arrived at a consensus or come to a conclusion. Yet on the great negotiation train, a destination may turn out to be a way-station, not a terminus. Watch, in June, for arrangements that need not be seen as set in stone. Don’t worry about others reneging on their promises to you, just look at how life is presenting you with opportunities to side-step onerous commitments without any loss of integrity. In your love life: Somebody else might hardly be upset by the issue you are finding so irritating. But you are entitled to be taken seriously.
It looks as if you are due to become as radiant as a fire in the chill of the evening and as bright as a beacon glowing out across a dark sea. Others will find their way towards you, irresistibly drawn by the warmth of your heart and the light of your mind. Venus will enter Cancer just prior to the June Solstice. That, other than the regular new and full moons that we get every month, is the most notable feature on which an astrologer might feel inspired to base a prediction. Be positive and you will bring positivity your way. With that, all else you need will come. In your love life: ‘If you love someone, set them free,’ goes the song. Let go of what you are hanging on to too tightly; you can only gain.
Venus and Mercury work as a heavenly tag team in June. As the planet of seductive luxury approaches the end of its tenure in your sign, your ruler has entered the race and is there to carry the baton; enabling you to move from a state of aspiration and anticipation into one of completion and contentment. If you conclude you are due to be well taken care of by a kindly cosmos, you are correct. You should, though, remember that even when we are benefiting from an auspicious advantage, we can still encounter tension. Keep worry in perspective now. In your love life: Meaningful exchanges are rare. If you now wish that someone understood you better, begin by trying to understand them.
You only want to bring about a small change. It may seem as if a lot is going on and a great deal needs to be altered. But none of it is of quite so much consequence as you might imagine. It will be surprisingly easy to attain what you aspire to. There will, though, be a price to pay in terms of a compromise that must be made. Don’t look so disheartened. You always knew that this would have to happen, didn’t you? It will be as annoying as you choose to allow it to be. Be relaxed and you may not even be bothered at all. In your love life: Don’t dismiss what’s good just because you imagine it might be possible to find something better!
I’m grateful you have found the time to turn to your forecast for June. I recognise that in your current busy schedule, there isn’t much time to sit and read. You’ve got decisions to make, points to prove and situations to command. You have to think on your feet, and people in a position of leadership rarely like to show weakness by canvassing too many additional opinions. I’m flattered you have allowed me to be your consultant and my advice, in June, is simple and clear. Despite whatever doubt may plague you, this is a fine time to trust yourself. In your love life: Ask a stupid question and you will get a stupid answer. Listen to your heart, not your head. Your heart will call.
Some say women are better than men at multi-tasking. But that is not the only factor that defines success with such a challenge. Much depends on what two tasks we are trying to combine. If, for example, we are attempting to pursue an opportunity whilst simultaneously suppressing outrage, anger or annoyance, we may find that the wrong thoughts overtake us and we fail to attain more preferable objectives. That’s all the more reason to seek higher awareness and kinder consciousness in June. Be big and you will be brilliant. In your love life: When the Sun and Venus square your ruler, happy surprises can follow. It’s part of the fun. Enjoy this precious time.
There is no great celestial secret that I need to reveal to you about how to do well this month. You need neither expect an epiphany nor prepare for a revelation. There are no lines you need to read between, no cryptic messages that you must decode. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you have been making some wise choices lately and you really now should see these through. Stick with what you have started. Stay on the path you have picked. Do more of what you are already doing and all will work out surprisingly well. In your love life: A brave step has been even more successful than you dared hope. Be willing to be vulnerable and you’ll find true power.
Jupiter, in June, forms a helpful alignment with Pluto. Scientists may dispute the importance of what they now call a ‘dwarf planet’ but astrologers know it remains a potent, relevant symbol of mass hysteria and false fear. As ruler of your sign, it has a rather different meaning. It describes your immense sensitivity and deep, secret propensity to be powerful. The alignment from Jupiter implies a heavenly blessing that will protect you all through the month ahead — as does the presence of Mars in Scorpio. You are about to taste great success. In your love life: Don’t hurry to find answers. Check you are asking the right questions. Another’s problems will soon stop being yours.
Before you worry too much about what you can and can’t afford in June, be aware of one potential mistake which, if made, could overshadow all else. Be wary of your own reluctance to rock a boat, ask a question or broach a particular topic. Either because it makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure — or because you worry that you may draw someone else’s attention to a factor that they are currently unaware of — you are trying to keep a low, discreet profile. Be brave, bold and brazen. Request what you need and you may yet get it. In your love life: An important bond is deepening. This will become ever more important, regardless of how near or far it seems today.
We all like to feel as if we belong. We like to know our place, be comfortable in our space and feel assured that our face fits within a group or organisation. Why should we ever suspect this is not the case? Maybe because someone has said (or done) something strange. Or we have begun to doubt ourselves. The trouble with self-doubt is that it sparks a process similar to that of unravelling a knitted sweater. We pull on one loose strand and the whole thing falls apart. Hold still and stay strong this month, and all will be as you hope. In your love life: Love is not supposed to be stressful. It will get a little easier for you this week... especially if you resolve to let it!
Even fairy tales aren’t always simple and straightforward. They may have many moments of complication and confusion before their heroes and heroines finally enjoy a happy-ever-after. Whether we can call the world that we occupy a ‘real environment’ or a ‘fantasy realm’, we can be certain that it is rare that any of us can ever be sure of anything! We make a choice, we try to draw a line and then we start to wonder if we could have done it all a different way. Don’t succumb to unnecessary uncertainty in June, you’re doing just fine. In your love life: Are you allowing guardian angels to help you? Sometimes you just have to put trust in love; now is such a time.
In Nazi Germany in 1938, Adolf Hitler issued a decree: “As a visible sign of the gratitude of the German nation to children-rich mothers I establish this Cross of Honour of the German Mother”.

The BJP for the first time has gone beyond the Hindi heartland and into the Northeast with a landslide victory in the region’s largest state.