People who act with supreme confidence frequently perform acts of supreme stupidity. The doubts, the uncertainties and even the fears that you are now experiencing may not be creating a great sense of pleasure... but, if they are drawing your attention to a genuine cause for concern, they are working in your favour. Only by treating this delicate issue with due deference are you going to safely avoid trouble. That means having the humility to concede a possible error, even if this briefly hurts your pride. In your love life: We can look silly when we doubt something authentic. Give the benefit of the doubt. You will benefit.
In libraries, we are expected to be silent. At football grounds, we are encouraged to make noise. By and large, we pick up these social signals and comply with them. But no matter where we go or how we are supposed to behave, we never end up at a place where it is forbidden to feel hopeful. Even in situations that are deliberately designed to remind us of life’s sadnesses and sorrows, we are at liberty to remain calm, still and peaceful if we wish. You are allowed to enjoy yourself this week. In your love life: An aspect of the future remains hidden. Be glad. When the light dawns, you will be glad you were kept in the dark.
They say, ‘There’s no place like home’. But who are ‘they’ and how do they know? ‘They’ have never been to my place; have ‘they’ ever been to yours? Can a sense of belonging be quite so crucial to every single one of us when we are all so different in so many ways? Apparently so. The need to feel safe is universal and primeval. It is as important to us as the need to eat or sleep. Which means that the satisfaction of meeting such a need is powerful beyond all description. A great sense of fulfilment awaits you this week. In your love life: Don’t fill your life with regrets and ‘if onlys’. You will soon be glad of the thing that makes you feel most regretful.
Is there too much to think about? Are you starting to feel overwhelmed? Would you like answers to questions and complex explanations that set your mind at rest? The trouble with explanations is that they rarely explain as much as we wish they did. They raise as many issues as they resolve. Unless, that is, they have been carefully tailored to match an expectation by an expert yarn-spinner or storyteller. If something seems to be too easily believable, this week it probably isn’t quite so simple. In your love life: No matter how good things have been, you are going to see moments that far outshine those rays of hope.
We talk so much, we speak so often, we hold endless meetings, encounters and conversations. Yet how often do we really listen to each other? Frequently, we find ourselves thinking more about what we are going to say next, than about whatever someone else has just said. Then we wonder why we feel so estranged and alone. Or why we can’t understand someone or why they don’t seem to understand us. If you want to make progress in a sensitive situation now, do less talking and more wholehearted, listening. In your love life: You see a solution to a puzzle that’s perplexing someone. Before you help, check that they want your assistance.
Imagine receiving a wage packet and then throwing away the notes. ‘I don’t want these pieces of paper, but I reckon this envelope will come in very handy so I shall hang on to it!’ Sometimes, we discard what we ought to keep and place too much value on items of dubious merit. You are starting to see that a ‘prized possession’ or a ‘cherished ideal’ is worth less than you once thought. It has been preventing far more useful things from entering your life. Let go of it this week, and then see what else takes its place. In your love life: A situation seems serious; it requires discussion. If you don’t just ignore that need, all will have a happy outcome.
Use your imagination. Summon your creativity. Think like a designer, an artist or an inventor. You may not have what you want but you have the wherewithal to manufacture it. The ingredients are within reach. All you need is the right recipe and then enough dedication to follow it through. That may require hard work but the result will satisfy you far more than any tailor-made solution ever could. Venus is entering your sign. Once you find your inspiration there will be no stopping you and no more reason to doubt yourself. In your love life: Is there a difference of opinion that can’t be quickly fixed? To be properly cleared, this must be properly aired.
There are arrangements to be made, difficulties to be resolved and delicate balancing acts to be achieved all in a hurry. Trust your own ability to negotiate a safe path through the minefield of potential pitfalls. As long as you think calmly and carefully, you will be fine. You can’t ignore your emotional reaction to a certain situation but you can, and should, refuse to let this colour your response. As long as you are prepared to negotiate and to give a little ground, you will find that another person is similarly flexible. In your love life: There’s a temptation to take a superficial view of a situation that has great depth. It deserves more thought.
How can something be both right and wrong? Think, for example, about war. All war is wrong. Yet, many people who go to war sincerely believe that they are fighting for a just cause. To them, the alternative of refusing to engage is the greater of two evils. They feel they are combating some force that must be opposed in the name of all that is decent. There are times when we all have to commit to a course of action, even though we have our doubts about it. This week’s moral dilemma can yet be resolved. In your love life: Relationships involve power struggles. There’s nothing wrong with any tension you are experiencing. Fear not.
The worst is really not going to happen but if you prepare for big bad news, a minor difficulty will seem easy by comparison. The secret of success involves appreciating what you’ve got. Don’t waste time feeling upset if this doesn’t match your idea about what you ought to have. Develop love and appreciation, even for things you are not so sure of, and for the people you are in conflict with. Then you will find that, somehow, others direct love and appreciation towards you and with this, comes the best! In your love life: Every situation has an upside and a downside. Recognise what is possibly wrong; but focus on what is right.
If there’s something you need to know, why not ask? It sounds simple — but who are you going to ask? And how are you going to rely on them to tell you the truth? Nobody, I’m sure, would deliberately deceive you, but the world is full of people who hate to concede uncertainty. Rather than utter the three dreaded words, ‘I don’t know’, they will tell you about their favourite assumption in a tone that implies they are relaying the absolute truth. Remember, this week, confidence and accuracy are not automatically the same. In your love life: They say love makes the world go round. In your case it’s true; things are about to turn for you in a good way.
Recent intense experiences have cleared a path. You may still feel as if you are caught in a jungle of confusion but you have at least one viable route out of all this difficulty. It may not seem to be leading in exactly the direction that you most want to head off in but, then, recent events have left you feeling pretty dizzy. You can’t be entirely sure that your inner compass is functioning accurately. Accept your most inviting, encouraging option. Trust it, for the time being at least. More clarity will come later this week. In your love life: Something is tugging on your heartstrings. What advice you would give to someone else in your position? Heed it.
On the first day of American President Barack Obama’s visit to India, the two most commonly used words were chemistry and optics.

January 27, 2015, was an eventful day. A few events took place almost simultaneously on this day that are likely to impact the future of India’s security and economy.