When we have to wait too long for something, we strangely start to lose interest in it. Hunger, for example, at first grows ever more ravenous. But eventually, those pangs of appetite subside almost to the point where food seems irrelevant. And, be it a good thing or a bad thing, the same applies to many of our other needs and desires. Look, for example, at something that you once aspired to, even yearned for. Is what is coming your way this month too little, too late? Hopefully not. In August you may yet rekindle an old enthusiasm. In your love life: You have hidden powers. Surprise yourself — and the whole world — by giving your heart a chance to shine this week.
What if you start something that you can’t finish? What if August runs away with itself — or runs away with you and takes you away from the place that isn’t easy to return to? With Mars about to enter your fifth solar house, that is a risk you will just have to take. Challenges and opportunities alike, this month, are stirring up spontaneous impulses deep within you. You really can’t keep holding yourself back. So let yourself go. There is a reason why you have been born blessed with such a spirit of adventure. Indulge it! In your love life: Life is a gift. Don’t seek ‘Life Plus...’ or demand ‘Life Minus...’ Love it for what it is. The more you love life, the more life will love you.
Someone should put up a statue — or a plaque. Don’t your exploits deserve to be celebrated? Should not your triumph be remembered? Look at all that you’ve been through lately. You have risen well to various challenges. You have made a difference, turned a corner and potentially changed the lives of many around you, too. Was all that for nothing? Will coming events pose a threat to hard-won stability? Not as long as you don’t start living in the past. You may have to work hard again in August. But you will do well from it. In your love life: Lost heart? You are about to discover a new route to an old destination. Trust it, and it will lead your heart to success.
Some folk have selective memories. They can easily forget whatever they wish to put behind them, yet can hang on indefinitely to memories that somehow seem to prove various points. Others may not pick and choose their recollections as their willingness to solve particular puzzles. They will happily apply their intelligence to one proposition yet stare blankly when asked to consider another. Remind you of anyone? Be aware that this month you can choose what to focus on and, through that, how much success you can enjoy. In your love life: Overcome that voice of doubt in the back of your own mind. that. Your current big idea is a good idea. Stick with it.
Interesting astrological developments occur in August. Jupiter leaves your sign just after Mars moves into it. That tells a story of empowerment and opportunity of someone claiming their birthright and recognising what it has long been in their power to do. Only perhaps, until now, they couldn’t see this. They never knew how good things could get. That someone, by the way, is you. You have waited a long time for your chance to overcome a difficulty and take charge of a mission that is surely destined to succeed. In your love life: Words can go right into our hearts or right over our heads. Just to be on the safe side, pick your words with care now.
Do you often feel as if you are obliged to perform tasks that require dexterity, whilst one hand is tied behind your back? Are you conscious of limitations and restrictions that particularly inhibit your potential progress in the material world? Wouldn’t your life be so much easier if only you had less of this and more of that? Be careful what you wish for in August. The cosmos looks set to free you from a need to carry what has become a burden. Let us hope that secretly, you aren’t more attached to this than you realise. In your love life: Who’s your friend? Your enemy? There is a lot more love and support for you than you have yet been able to recognise.
If it were not for our loved ones, who would we argue with? How would we satisfy our urge to make awkward compromises without our nearest and our dearest? Why else do you think so many people place so much emphasis on close relationships. They have a deep primeval need to feel hampered and hidebound. Don’t they? Don’t you? Major celestial changes, this month, put you in a position of potential antagonism with someone who means a lot to you. The rewards for this will yet make it all worthwhile. In your love life: Feel as if you don’t have a share in the world? Soon, someone who has taken a lot from you will give something back.
Once a year, every year, your ruler enters a new zodiac sign. Now, just as the Sun is rising high each day in the sign of Leo, Jupiter leaves Leo behind and for every Sagittarian this brings a special blessing. This latest celestial development speaks of you moving from a phase of your life full of hopeful aspiration into a new era full of vindication and consolidation. Here’s where you grow stronger. Here’s where you attain greater status. Here’s where others start to take you more seriously, as you attain many of your dreams. In your love life: Having trouble finding the right way forward? You find it hard to believe anything good can come now. But it will.
When will justice be done and freedom attained? When will a much-needed change come? Maybe not this month! But sooner than you think. Soon enough that you can now see a sign of hope on the horizon and a reason to feel truly justifiably inspired. It isn’t easy to let go of a sense of frustration when the factor that lies at the heart of this is still making its presence so keenly felt. But there are times when a small show of faith can make all the difference, not just to how you feel but to what suddenly becomes possible. In your love life: You can’t have an up, without a down. You have been through more than enough downs. It’s time for some ups!
Any zodiac forecast must be made up of words. It doesn’t matter which astrologer is making the prediction. The crucial information must be communicated in a language that uses words that the reader can understand. But words aren’t really what you want in August. Numbers would be far more useful. Does a sum add up? Will the figures make sense? Does a loss or a profit lie ahead? Most (if not all) of those numbers will end up being malleable enough that you can manipulate them to your advantage. In your love life: Tread gently when challenging someone else’s view of the world. There is always more than one way to look at anything.
Mercury, your ruler, enters Virgo in August. That is auspicious. It implies imminent assistance from a celestial deity or even a visit from a host of guardian angels. You can’t just snap your fingers and get what you want but you can point, hint, issue politely phrased requests and be in with some chance of feeling as if at least a few of your prayers are being heard. And if you’re not religious? Then you can direct your thanks to whatever it is that atheists look up to instead. The key point is, you will have thanks to give. In your love life: Confused about who you really are? There’s a situation you can’t easily relate to. Just do what the inner you would choose.
You learn to take certain situations in your stride. You become philosophical, even stoical. Adversity? You know it so well that its presence hardly even disturbs you and you are sometimes even inclined to find its absence suspicious and disconcerting. Even if I were to tell you that your future held forth a ‘yellow brick road’ that led merrily into the sunlit uplands of success, you would raise an eyebrow and wonder where the catch was. So I won’t say that. But August will be better than you fear. In your love life: Bombarded by opinions? You won’t get the facts your need if you pay too much attention to all those theories.
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