As I’m renowned for my optimism, I’m often expected to give only good news. But as you belong to one of the world’s most discerning and discriminating zodiac signs, you would be suspicious of a reading that glossed over a challenge and annoyed if it left you ill-equipped to rise to it. So, I shall not mince my words. You will make good progress with a plan or project in October. But there will come a point where you will begin to wish you had never started. Just be aware of that and be willing to go beyond it. All will be fine. In your love life: Facing a challenge you don’t feel fully prepared for? Make space for spontaneous serendipity to help you make progress.
To see what October holds, I’m using my crystal ball. It is cloudy. I see confusion and uncertainty. And that’s interesting. I can see someone else looking into their crystal ball, also trying to see what’s likely to be going on in your world. But I don’t think that’s another astrologer or a psychic. That’s a person with whom you have some kind of involvement and interaction. Ah, I get it. Mercury and the New Moon, in your opposite sign, while Mars opposes Neptune, all point to a month during which a tricky relationship improves. In your love life: We all have moments of delightful nonsense. There is a crazy feeling in your heart now. Don’t fear it, embrace it.
They say that ‘home is where the heart is’. They might, perhaps, be wiser to say that ‘home is where your heart is’. Cancerians have a wonderful way of putting others at their ease. You are sensitive and supportive. Many have come to depend on your listening ear and reassuring voice. When things aren’t fine on their home front, they come and take refuge in yours. All this can place a strain on your own inner-resources but you are happy to share. In October, you will gain an expanded sense of happy home and heart. In your love life: You can’t change the past; but you can change how you feel about it. A brief moment of objectivity is all you need.
Why did you do what you did? What was the point of that? As you can’t turn back time, must you now live with the regrettable consequences of those actions? Well, yes, but in October you can expect to discover that they are not as regrettable as you thought or feared. You have been steeling yourself to pay a high price for your past. Prepare to discover that really, you got a bargain. Things have started (or are about to start) working out very well. You may yet have reason to reclassify a ‘mistake’ as a ‘good move’. In your love life: Are you pushing your luck with your romantic hopes? You will find out very shortly. The outlook is good now.
Some people make plans. Others wait for inspiration. You’ve been wondering, for some while, what you might need to do when it got to this time of year. You’ve explored options and considered alternatives yet none have inspired a desire for commitment. Surely, now, some decision must be reached. Though it may look, in October, as if push is coming to shove, the two are only growing close. They will not colliding. You can build a helpful bridge between them and, when the time comes, you will know exactly how. In your love life: Life brings a chance to visit a place of profound joy. It’s deep within your heart. Allow yourself to be guided there.
Why are you reading your forecast? Do you really believe that all is written in the stars? That notion makes many modern sceptics scoff. ‘Not only,’ they say, ‘is there no proof of its truth but if you let an astrologer put ideas in your head, you surrender your free will to charlatans.’ I can see their point. But I insist that you can negotiate with fate. My job is to show you a pencil drawing of your future. Yours is to choose how you ink it in. Events this month give you tremendous potential power and freedom. Trust yourself. In your love life: Don’t over-think things, especially if you are having negative thoughts about someone. Be open minded now.
If life did not bring irritation and aggravation, it wouldn’t be real. And if it didn’t bring inspiration and elevation, it wouldn’t be fair. Whilst some might say that existence itself seems so unfair as to be unreal, we delude ourselves if we permanently succumb to this view. There will, of course, be moments in October when you start to wonder what you have done to offend the gods. But many more moments, I promise, when you don’t stop to wonder how you have managed to please them but just gratefully accept your rewards. In your love life: ‘Bad things’ are often ‘good things’ that went too far. You have something very good. Don’t go too far with it!
How has life been since Saturn returned to your sign last month? Have you been coping with hassle and hardship, as some other astrologers have been suggesting you might? Or are you discovering that Saturn, this time, is not able to exert its usual icy grip upon you? I've long been clear that special celestial influences over the past few months have helped you to prepare for and protect yourself against a potentially trying time. I hereby predict that this month, you will yet rise triumphantly above a dismal prospect. In your love life: In a situation that looks as if it cannot be sorted out. Maybe, just maybe, though, it can be. Really, you have to try!
October is not everyone’s favourite month. Though some are glad of the changing season, others find it hard to adjust. But few understand better than a Scorpio, just how vital it is to adapt to life’s new challenges as they arise. You are never overly eager to create change. But you are always able to see the sense in accepting the inevitable. You can see too, that this need not be a sacrifice. This month you will profit greatly, emotionally and materially, from your own ability to move on from the past and embrace a new era. In your love life: Rethinking your sense of identity? You’re about to discover who you really are, and to feel proud and excited about it.
Are Taureans famous for playing it safe? Or notorious? While many applaud your caution, some are aghast at your reticence. Can’t you just, once in a while, take a leap into the great unknown and give the angel of spontaneity a chance to spread her wings of hope. She can bear you aloft on the invisible currents of serendipity until she eventually causes you to land firmly on your feet, just where you need to be. That, indeed, will be the upshot of the brave gesture of faith that life obliges you to make this month. In your love life: Better to know you don’t know something about someone and to seek the truth — than mistakenly think you do know.
You must be hoping to hear good news about your month ahead or you would not have turned to this page. There are plenty of pessimists whose words you could read instead, if you wanted to hear a troubling tale. Why might you wish for that? For much the same reason that some astrologers seem to enjoy sounding gloomy. It all fits right in with a natural sense of sin and guilt that many of us secretly suffer from. How dare you imagine that we deserve delight? Whether or not you dare, in October this becomes truly possible. In your love life: Time to experiment with something novel. A new mood suggests it’s time for a new approach and a different idea!
If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.’ So goes the old saying. But why would that ever apply to a Capricorn? Are you not invincible? Is it not true that there is hardly a force in this world that you can’t get the better of if you are willing to apply yourself to the task long and hard enough? Well, of course. But are you not also keenly conscious of how precious your time is? Don’t you have better things to do in October than wrestle with the near impossible, just so you can show it whose boss? This month brings a cosmic indication to try a new tack. In your love life: Hope for the best; prepare for the worst, they say. Correct! You’re due to get something that is far from the worst!
It’s an old cliche to say that we live in two countries — India and Bharat. The distinction is generally made along the urban-rural divide.

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