It’s time you stopped dwelling on a missed opportunity. The past is the past. Aquarians know this better than anyone. You’re normally good at looking ahead, identifying problems and seeing what needs to be done. But sometimes this is easier to do with other people’s issues than your own. We can all be blinded by perspective. And we all occasionally need a dose of our own medicine. This week, an obstacle in your path is starting to shift. You’ll realise that by pushing against it, you’ve been holding it in place the whole time. In your love life: It’s not about money, it’s simple: prove to someone they’re worth the time and they will see that you’re worth the effort.
This week your ruler finally turns direct in the sky. This marks a turning point for all of us. You, especially, will find it easier to stop chewing over the same old arguments. You'll wonder why you found circumstances so frustrating. Objectives that seemed out of reach will become attainable. So much depends on your perspective and how confident you feel about the challenges you face. With Mars back on track, your energy levels and attitude will be too. You'll start to feel the benefit of the trials you've been through lately. In your love life: The uneasiness you have felt of late is about to dissipate. Now is the time to pursue your desires.
A furious heart is a ferocious thing. But a driven heart is what makes us formidable. A tornado that touches down in a field may do surprisingly little damage. In fact it’s a wondrous sight to behold! If though, it’s blown in the wrong direction by an ill wind, heaven help anything in its path. Your heart is an effective tool. With a steady hand guiding it forward, it can be a source of immense power and provide you with the energy to overcome obstacles in your path. You can be your most inspiring, powerful self this weekend. In your love life: Not only will a difficulty start to ease, you’ll also gain a better perspective on what’s best for your heart.
To sort out a mess, you must first have a mess. If all you have is an untidy situation, it won’t take a lot to set it straight. But what you see as a minor nuisance, someone else may perceive as a major impediment. You are often surprised by how easily others give up on what seem to you like simple challenges. But they sometimes look at your reactions and have the same response.’ Jonathan’s practical advice works for you this week: ‘Speak to someone with more experience in handling problems. It may well prove to be no problem at all.’ In your love life: Your frustrations are about to start to ease. First, take out the rubbish this week; you’ll find your house is more inviting.
The Sun makes positive aspects in the romantic part of your chart this week. Jonathan said of these alignments: ‘Close your eyes, imagine. You’re on a tropical island, without a care. As you lie in your hammock, you open your eyes and see the lover of your dreams wafting a palm leaf over you. Well, things aren’t necessarily going to get quite this good but there’ll be moments that don’t fall too far from it. Something rare and deeply desirable is on your horizon. Even if ALL your dreams can’t come true, some of them can.’ In your love life: If you challenge the notions of who you are, you may discover the person you could be. And so might someone else!
It’s not nice feeling as if you need to bite your tongue. Especially if what you’re trying to say is, ‘What about me?’ Recently you may have been feeling as if you’ve been going backwards and that the efforts you’ve been making are not being recognised. This weekend you’ll find your circumstances start to improve. Even if you’re not materially better off, you may be rewarded in more subtle ways. What’s changing is how you understand the nature of reward. Be it physical or ephemeral, the cosmos wants to offer you a gift. Don’t miss it! In your love life: You’re about to get a chance to give something simple to someone who needs and appreciates it. Love is in the air.
Our bodies are composed of more space than matter. If you were to stand at the centre of a football stadium you would feel a long way away from the spectators in their seats. That's the equivalent distance between the nucleus of an atom and its electrons. So if everyone and everything is mostly made up of space, why haven't you fallen through your chair as you read this? Force is the answer. It's the invisible will of the universe. Think about what force governs your life this week. Now is a good time to exercise your own. In your love life: Looking for success? You'll soon have reason to celebrate. Your heart is about to be touched by a generous gesture.
They say that power breeds corruption and that too much of it is a dangerous thing. They're probably right. But boy can it feel good! You've been feeling limited recently. As though the pressure in your taps has been turned down. Sure you can still fill up the kettle, but it's been taking a bit more effort than usual to get your cup of tea. This week it's as though the celestial plumber has just been round. Never mind the water pressure in the kitchen… your shower is super powered. Just don't forget to do the washing up in all the excitement! In your love life: Wherever your love lies now, you will soon be drawn closer to it — as it will be drawn towards you. Give it time.
Mars turns direct, in your own sign, this week. Here’s how Jonathan interpreted this powerful event: ‘What you need is a new objective. What you have is an old objection. Something in your way. The obstacle could be a person, a situation, a belief or a frame of mind. When you think about moving on, you see a reason why it can’t happen. Yet it needs to happen; and sooner or later, it WILL. You’re tired of feeling stuck. This week, the way to freedom involves focusing on the route to freedom.’ In your love life: You can take off your learner driver plates. Manoeuvre carefully, you can speed your way to a desirable meeting.
What do you do when you hear a burglar alarm going off in your neighbourhood? Do you poke your head out of the window to see what’s going on? Often what we think might be an emergency is just a very loud false alarm. If it goes on we might even find ourselves entertaining thoughts of actually doing some damage to get the noise to stop! So it is that the steps you take to safeguard yourself sometimes invite more harm than help. It’s time to turn off your inner alarm! You’re being offered a helping hand. In your love life: You came to Earth to discover the joy of sharing. As you step away from frustration, you enter the realm of the magical.
When I was growing up, our cat Lucy had five kittens. The last to be born seemed, at first, to be bigger than the others. But soon we realised it was just furrier and that he was actually the runt of the litter. He never let it hold him back, though, and perhaps because of his thick coat he was never bullied by his siblings, and eventually grew bigger than all of them. Where in your life do you feel as if you're pretending to be more than you are? This weekend, you may find that it's not just an act! In your love life: Is a meeting of the mind about to turn into an affair of the heart? If it's not steamy yet, give it a chance to come to the boil.
Pluto makes a harmonious link to Jupiter in your sign this week. Jonathan wrote of this: ‘People who are afraid of ghosts should keep away from haunted houses! There. That’s good advice, isn’t it? But when people aren’t afraid of ghosts, it’s usually because they don’t believe in them. And then, why would they ever want to visit a haunted house? So, haunted houses echo with the sound of knocking knees; noisy enough to drive away the ghosts. But that won’t stop visitors picking up on the mood of fear! You have nothing to be nervous of now.’ In your love life: Whatever your strain of lovesickness, know this: you’re about to discover a revolutionary cure. A healthy future awaits.
Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office and embarked on his world tours, being a member of the country’s oldest and longest-ruling party, the Congress, hasn’t been much fun.

In any civilised country, Yogi Adityanath would have been in jail, or at least facing serious hate speech charges that the authorities would pursue with diligence.