No’, is not an easy word to say. Some people have to practise before they ever manage to utter it. Others live in such fear of hearing it, that they avoid asking the questions that could ever elicit such a response. Where you are meeting resistance, it is being fed by resentment. That’s not the kind of thing you can remove overnight, but if you are really willing to face and clear up issues from the past, amazing progress can still be made. ‘Yes’ isn’t always easy to say either, but you may yet hear it said to you in March. In your love life: Welcome the challenges that will bring a tomorrow you have long waited for, and the chance to solve a knotty problem.
The world, we are informed, was created in six days. How strange that the ability to live in this world without conflict or suffering should then apparently take all of the rest of eternity to achieve. Still, that’s rush jobs for you! If only the creation of the cosmos had taken place with more care and forethought, perhaps we would have been spared a great deal of trouble. Mars is in your sign this month, giving you the power to bring something new into existence. Are you creating a solution or a challenge? Be careful. In your love life: A part of you is in a hurry, but something is holding you back. Might it be better if you do not attain your goal?
How tired do you feel? Have you been let down or sold short? And, if so, who’s to blame for this? Did someone else raise your expectations too high? Or did you allow this to happen because inwardly, somewhere, you so much wanted to believe in a dream? This month’s powerful Solar Eclipse suggests there is a dream that’s worth believing in, one that really can come true. Now that you have let go of what you once clung to so tightly, you are in an excellent position to embrace this more viable alternative. In your love life: Despite recent worrying signs and signals, you’re not heading for problems. If anything can work out well, it will!
There is no rivalry like sibling rivalry. There is no crisis like a family crisis. And there is no drama like a domestic drama. The people we are closest to are often the people we want to get furthest away from. They can also, though, often bring us the deepest joy and the greatest sense of belonging. There are some very mixed blessings in your current situation. Though you may not feel convinced of this at times in March, the positive factors far outweigh the negative ones. Try not to worry about something that’s no big deal. In your love life: It’s wrong to think you are to remain in a precarious situation. Don’t plan for trouble. Prepare for a sense of comfort.
Have you already got a plan for March? Abandon it. Have you got some great idea of how things need to turn out? Let it go. Think of yourself as a jazz soloist, not a classical composer — an improvisational artist, not an architect. Resolve to be spontaneous and sensitive to the mood of the moment. With a rare Solar Eclipse about to work in your favour, you don’t need a strategy. You just need a little hope, inspiration and ingenuity. The more you make things up as you go along, the more fun you’ll have. In your love life: You seem reluctant to revisit a situation that once seemed set in stone. It can change if you want it to change.
How much difference can one new idea really make? That rather depends on what the idea is — and who is having it, plus how badly the new idea is needed. It just so happens that these are very special times. Things are not how they used to be and they may never be the same again. So far, you are not sure how you feel about this. You’ve got an idea about how things could be very good indeed, but it is only an idea. Or is it? Trust what you think and feel. It’s part of an impetus that will take you a long way in March. In your love life: Up against more than you can take? Or so you feel. Discover that things are nowhere near as bad as you imagine.
Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom.’ So said Euripides, the great Greek philosopher. A good point. If we see someone being successful, we assume they must be wise. But they may just be lucky. They may know nothing worth knowing. Also, we tend to equate success with getting what we want and that, generally, has much more to do with determination than with discrimination. It’s the ‘art of keeping what you want’ that you need to practise under the influence of the Solar Eclipse in your sign this month. In your love life: Feeling sad about something lost? Be glad you ever had it at all. Don’t be so sure that you know what the future holds.
When we allow ourselves to get excited by an idea, we make ourselves just a little vulnerable. We start to care whether something happens or not. And then, if it doesn’t happen, we experience the inevitable sense of disappointment. But what’s the alternative? If we put ourselves into an ambivalent frame of mind, we lose the ability to experience enthusiasm. Something really good is due to happen in your life this month. You have every right and reason to feel glad of it and to reach for the very best within it. In your love life: Keep things simple. Just address an immediate apparently minor issue that will help clear up a more crucial point.
Many of us tend to be narrow-minded about the forces of fate and fortune. If we aren’t getting exactly what we think we ought to be getting, we feel abandoned. The tall, dark stranger must be precisely the right height and exactly the appropriate shade of dark. And why, by the way, does nobody ever wish to meet a short stranger? What is it about those tall people? Size isn’t everything you know! Something that is very much ‘meant to be’ is due to occur in March. Even if it doesn’t quite match your expectation, trust it. In your love life: Feeling held back, as if attached to elastic? Stretch it or snap it. Which is it to be? You will soon find out. Don’t worry.
From an early age we are taught to lower our expectations of the world and what it has to offer. ‘Don’t be silly,’ our parents say to us, ‘of course, you can’t have THAT.’ Our teachers, too, persuade us to set our sights on realistic targets. It’s good, in one way, that we learn to be sensible — but it’s not good when we start to feel that life must always involve regrettable compromises. The movements of Venus, in March, invite you to upwardly revise your previous understanding of what’s practical and possible. In your love life: A change is coming your way. A key friendship or involvement is not ending... just evolving.
You may see yourself as vulnerable in March. You may feel that, in some areas of life, you have a lot to protect yet little to acquire. But others, looking at your situation from a distance, can see more clearly. In one area of life, your circumstances are enviable. The advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. In one way, you can see this too, but you are so cross and uncomfortable about a particular matter that it is overshadowing everything else. Let it go. Focus on your opportunity. It’s very big and very viable. In your love life: Are you really trying to understand a situation? Events are obliging you to face a vital reality. Be glad of that.
A drama in your life now revolves around another person. But you have a very important role to play in their story. Though you may now be more of an essential part of the support system, than a central figure on the stage, this need not be a problem or a cause for concern. This is not a permanent state of affairs; it’s just that right now, a charismatic individual simply has to express themselves. And in March, you have to help guide them on their way. Let them think they are leading the way, while you secretly steer from behind. In your love life: Look beyond the obvious and pay more attention to actions than to explanations over the next few days.
The devil, they say, is in the details. There is a world of difference between the Budget speech of Arun Jaitley, peppered with smart announcements, and the real numbers in the Budget documents.

“It’s always time to say goodbye Said the spider to the fly As he wove his tangled web With a crocodile tear in his eye. It’s easier jumping over the moon Sang the cow to a feline tune