Do not allow negative thoughts or any perceived lack of clarity prevent you from making important decisions. Leaving projects half done just because you feel you have enough time might result in a pile up of last minute work. This is a positive time for those looking for a new job, but you must keep your options open. Self-employed businesspersons with international clients are in a positive phase. This is an extremely positive phase for new business ventures. Any legal matters would take their own time, but get sorted out eventually. Take a little extra care of money and valuables as there is the possibility of theft.
Look at practicalities and be willing to let go of situations that are beyond your control. Try and finish pending work before taking on new projects as far as possible. Ensure that you are completely prepared for any and all types of questions if you are interviewing for a new job. Self-employed businesspersons who are going through a slightly slow phase should use any free time intelligently. Look at learning new relevant skills or understanding the latest in technology or even paying a little more attention to networking. Try and avoid taking a loan or maxing out your credit cards as far as possible. Do not ignore the need to handle money intelligently and try to make careful and safe investments rather than spend. A friendship or relationship going through a slightly difficult time needs to be handled with maturity. Any mechanical problem with your vehicle should be seen to immediately.
Complex situations need to be taken care of only after careful thought and an honest look at expectations. Keep your personal and professional life separate, and do not talk about any personal issues at work. Recheck all presentations, documents and data you are working on to ensure there are no silly mistakes. Self-employed businesspersons must keep communication with clients regular and as open as possible. Try not to get stuck to a fixed way of doing business, especially with a client or project that needs special treatment. Keep an eye on competitors without getting obsessed with them. This is not the best time for any risky investments, and it would be better to be as conservative as possible. Family is your strength and you must show your appreciation in the best way possible. Singles dating someone new could easily misinterpret a casual word or even look if they don’t keep the equation in perspective.
Think before you speak and take a logical look at the situation before reacting and saying something you might regret. Do not presume support from colleagues if you make decisions that affect them without discussing the matter with them. Focus on putting in your best at work without worrying about praise or recognition for now. Self-employed businesspersons working with their family business may be slightly bored with work in hand right now. Look at international markets for inspiration, but modify ideas to suit local circumstances and laws. Focus on making small changes in spending as well as investment habits if you are planning on making a large purchase in the future.
Think of what you really want before chasing success or making any plans. Any lack of clarity should be sorted out completely before you take action. Stay away from office drama and mind games and focus on increasing your productivity at work instead. Ensure that you complete projects on time, and any delays are not because of you. Self-employed businesspersons must ensure they stick to budgets and timelines, or a project could be a losing proposition. Spend time with friends who are genuine and honest with you instead of people who praise you in an attempt to use you.
Think decisions through instead of making impulsive choices which may not turn out the way you intended. Make the most of any training workshops or seminars you get to attend, even if you don’t think they will be very useful. Try and maintain a professional balance with colleagues, without getting too close to them or acting too distant with them. Self-employed businesspersons going through any issues with staff or suppliers might need to make a few changes. Do not fire anyone until you are sure of getting a replacement. Focus on savings and investments rather than spending, even if it means avoiding certain friends. Spend time with people who have stood by you in difficult times instead of those with whom you share a purely superficial equation. Singles might want to take a look at their dating habits and patterns for changes that need to be made.
Be sure of what you want before taking any important decisions or making changes. Colleagues should be treated with professional courtesy no matter what the circumstances. Try not to get too aggressive, even if you are justifiably angry. Involving your boss or HR in what is actually a personal issue would be a mistake. Self-employed businesspersons with multiple projects in hand need to manage their time and other resources extremely carefully. Make sure that you stick to budgets and do not juggle finances between clients. Any financial setbacks need to be taken in one’s stride and learnt from. People who are too nice might have their own agenda, and you should not get taken in by extra attention or sweet talk. Do not let a third person, even parents and in-laws, create any rift in your equation with your spouse or partner. Singles dating someone new should be very clear about their expectations.
Try and ensure you have your options ready while handling any situation that could change very quickly. Use office politics to your advantage while dealing with any difficult clients but make sure you are not too obvious about it. Think the situation through carefully and maintain a professional demeanour at all times. Self-employed businesspersons might want to sort out any legal issues as soon as possible instead of letting the matter drag on and get even more complicated. Consult another legal expert too, if you are not too happy with your present lawyer. Try and work through any difficult relationships instead of remaining stuck in the past or allowing stagnation to take over.
Speak your mind, but only after giving what you need to say careful thought. Any sensitive issue with a client must be handled very carefully, as colleagues may not be as supportive. Be sure not to repeat past mistakes while dealing with office politics. Self-employed businesspersons working with their family business should avoid arguments with other family members involved in the business. Try to avoid impulse shopping especially when out with friends who like to splurge, whether they can afford it or not. Any relationship issue with your partner needs to be worked through instead of ignoring it or trying to manipulate the situation.
Errors in communication could cause a few misunderstandings and you must not react before thinking the matter through. Any delays at work should be handled as best possible in the circumstances. Do not get into an argument with your boss even if you feel wronged. Self-employed businesspersons who want to start a new business must ensure they are prepared for the work needed and have the required resources ready. Focus on learning from mistakes and making sure you do not repeat them. Maintaining a loving equation with siblings should not mean you let them take you for granted or use you in any way.
Recognise good advice and make it a point to implement any necessary change instead of over-thinking the process. Be extra careful at work and make sure you do not make silly mistakes which would reflect poorly on you. Your boss may be in a difficult mood, and you might want to keep away from her/him as far as possible. Self-employed businesspersons are in a positive phase and must make the most of even the smallest opportunity they get. Try and avoid taking loans, especially those you can’t really afford. Do not allow yourself to get caught in a spiral of spending on unnecessary things or socialising with people you really don’t like.
Ideas that seem slightly bizarre might actually be workable if you think of ways to adapt them to the situation. Run any presentation by your boss before sending them to clients. Make sure you back up important data and keep a virus check running on your laptop/pc/ipad/tab/smartphone. Self-employed businesspersons in the midst of an important negotiation should be able to conclude it to their satisfaction. Do not give up just before a potential breakthrough. Be patient and understanding with any relationship that is going through a difficult patch instead of wanting to get your way every time or jumping to conclusions.

Of late, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has been thoughtlessly and in a hurry jumping into every available situation, without verifying basic facts, to criticise the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Madhu Kishwar, as the editor of Manushi, set the feminism agenda for many Indian women decades ago. Madhu Kishwar as chief media admirer of prime ministerial hopeful Narendra Modi is another story completely. The first Kishwar has been declared missing, never to be found.