Be glad you can’t levitate at will. Imagine the trouble you’d have in shops and public places; the attention you’d draw and possibly too, the accidents you’d cause. Thank goodness you can’t materialise and dematerialise as you choose. What if your clothes sometimes took a few seconds to catch up with you? How embarrassing would that be? There are drawbacks to making even the most desirable of dreams become a reality. Something seemingly far-fetched is surprisingly possible in October. But is it what you really want? In your love life: Stop thinking about what you ‘ought’ to be feeling and start feeling good about what’s happening. All will go well soon!
The more you reflect, the more you can learn about what has been happening in your world lately. You are none too keen to do that — for you fear that you have made some errors of judgement that it may be wiser to ignore and move on from than to sit around feeling bad about. Actually, though, you have much to be proud of. You have handled a difficult situation with great grace and ought to award yourself praise, not blame, for how things have turned out. And during October, they are about to get even better. In your love life: You find yourself in unfamiliar territory. But you’re not there for what it contains, you’re in it for what it can lead to.
Some things, you feel, have to be done right now. Questions must be answered immediately. Issues must be dealt with as fast as possible. Still, though, there are some plans that can be put off, some dramas that will have better outcomes if left alone for a while, some lines of inquiry that it’s counterproductive to pursue. When the time is right, you will know it. Unless, that is, you’re so determined to see now as the right time that you end up making the wrong choices. Trust yourself, and your sense of timing, this month. In your love life: You’re not interested in blame, merely in knowing how to make a positive contribution. Your desire will bring results.
How many members does your fan club have? More than you might imagine. The subscribers, though, are sensitive. They know how awkward you might feel if you knew how widely admired you are. So they play it cool. They hide the true depth of their appreciation. It is better, they feel, to leave you wondering if you’re loved or even liked than to overwhelm you with praise and worship. In October, though, they’ll have a hard job hiding. Prepare to make several pleasing discoveries about your power. In your love life: You are moving away from a time of turmoil. A set of inspiring revelations await you. Healing can now be set in place.
People born under your sign are notoriously good at asking difficult questions. But you are not always so good at answering them. Why is a particular question so difficult? On the surface, it seems simple and innocent enough. There is, though, a layer of important information, hidden beneath what now appears to be obvious. It needs to be exposed, so that there can be real progress or meaningful dialogue. Events in October, may feel challenging at times but they will help to put vital processes in motion. In your love life: To make a flow of energy head for rewarding destinations, you needn’t blow up a dam. Just divert a few streams.
We are advised from the earliest age that if we want to get on in life, we should exercise caution and consider the consequences of our actions before we make moves. Yet most of life’s most magical and rewarding experiences come as a direct result of ignoring such instructions, and acting out of wild passion and reckless abandon. If people really thought long and hard before they did anything, there would be no romance, drama or adventure. Decide if you are in danger, in October, of going too far or not far enough? In your love life: To attain power in your emotional life, resolve to take everything cheerfully in your stride. Don’t let aggravation get to you.
Nothing seems to fit. It doesn’t seem to matter how you change a situation or to rearrange it. You are trying to make sense of a paradox. You’ve got lots of components but they don’t fit together to make a finished article of any recognisable description. You’ve got plenty to baffle you and plenty too, to cause exasperation and agitation. Can any of this chaos magically turn into a perfectly calm, satisfactory situation? Celestial events in October suggest it can. You just have to allow yourself to have a little more faith for a little longer. In your love life: Don’t waste time wrestling with the impossible; trust that somehow, soon enough, something will alter. It will.
Some astrologers believe in reincarnation. Others don’t. I have an issue with it. It may happen, it may not. But if the idea of it influences me to settle for second-best because one day, in some other world, things may be different, then it is doing me a disservice. Likewise, if I decide that things are going wrong because I am being punished for a deed in my past life that I can now neither remember nor atone for. October brings you what appears to be an opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t question it, don’t postpone it, seize it. In your love life: The cosmos wants to bring positive transformation in a key area of your life. Just stop looking so hard for this!
Why ask a question that you can’t hope to get an answer to? Why try to understand what makes no sense? Because you can’t ever be sure about what constitutes a fruitless pursuit. The only way to find out is to try but sometimes, it is not enough to try just once. Plus you may gain a lot by travelling through tricky territory. The world’s most exciting discoveries are rarely made whilst pursuing the most obvious objectives. It can’t do any harm to stretch yourself a little in October, as long as you don’t stretch too far. In your love life: If it seems that life is sending a cloud of doubt in your direction, hang on to who you know and what you trust about them!
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Now I know that you’ve heard this before, and I agree that tomorrow, you will probably hear the same statement once more. And that it will be equally valid. But, then, we can deal with the first day of the rest of the rest of your life when we get there. Right now, it’s sufficient to know that things are changing and that, if you now allow them to change, you may not need to make any more grand fresh starts for a long while. In October, you really do stand on the threshold of a great breakthrough. In your love life: What’s happening is potentially big. You are in the process of overcoming a limitation. Relationships can only improve.
Que sera sera, the future’s not ours to see...’ So goes the old Doris Day song. To this day, people still hum this tune. The melody has made its way into our minds and more crucially, so has the sentiment. But is it true? Actually, it is surprisingly easy to see the future. The truth is, most of us just really don’t want to know what it contains. You can now foresee an almost inevitable development in time to take full advantage of it. That simply requires you to find the courage to look ahead in October without fear or favour. In your love life: You really have the power now to turn a situation around and create co-operation where there’s lately been conflict.
Here you are, right at the cutting-edge, on the front line, in the thick of the action. Everything rests on your shoulders. Or at least, that’s how it feels. It perhaps also feels as if the universe has made a bit of a mistake in giving you all this responsibility. Confident though you can sometimes be, you are unsure of yourself in a sensitive situation now. So here is some good news. You don’t have to save the world single-handedly in October. Others too, have power and they are about to use it in a way that benefits everyone, even you. In your love life: The dilemma and confusion you face are giving rise to uncertainty. Be open to the possibility of a constructive compromise.
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