With each passing day you are finding it easier to be impartial and objective. You are no longer so anxious, so apprehensive or so prone to misreading signs and signals. You can see, much more clearly, what's going on. Some people say that it can’t harm to get a second opinion. But if your judgement is accurate and that second opinion causes you to discount it, it could be most detrimental. A powerful New Moon suggests that if you are seeking a source of impeccable advice, look no further than the nearest mirror. <strong> In your love life:</strong> It’s time to rise above an uncomfortable situation. Accept a process of exchange; it will bring surprisingly deep joy.
They say that we should learn to walk before we can run. That's sound advice as far as it goes. But it doesn't automatically apply to all circumstances and situations. Sometimes, we just have to dive in at the deep end. Sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of preparation and rehearsal. You are now at the edge of an opportunity. You either have to seize it while the chance is there or let it go and wait for some other possibility to arise. It’s an all-or-nothing, no-half-measures time we're coming up to now, as Venus aligns with Mars. <strong>In your love life:</strong> If you now want to make the best possible kind of progress, allow yourself to appreciate many different viewpoints.
When we have a talent, we often don't realise how special it is. To us, it seems natural. We can’t quite believe that everyone else isn't blessed with the same ability. We forget that others need help to accomplish what comes so easily to us. Somewhere in your world, something is being taken for granted. That’s not a situation that can be allowed to continue. There needs to be respect and recognition. This week’s New Moon suggests it's time to hold your head high, and embrace the success now on offer to you. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Do you have a hidden agenda? If you can now be honest about your own aspirations, you can find ways to fulfil them.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.' So said Hamlet (or, rather, so wrote Shakespeare). And for you, this week's question, as we approach a harmonious alignment of Mercury and Jupiter, is: are you a Hamlet or are you a Horatio? Don't blink in disbelief as a series of perplexing and challenging developments causes you to seek explanation and justification. Just allow yourself to get carried away with the magic and meaning of each magical moment. <strong>In your love life:</strong> A series of niggling details are bugging you. Yet human beings can't be perfect. Find the perfection in imperfection.
You and I may love novelty but we are very much creatures of habit. Innovation excites us, but we treasure tradition. We value independence, yet we crave commitment. Still, if we were not all a mass of contradiction, life would be dull. Does what you are doing now make sense? Well, whoever said that life was supposed to make sense? Life must always have room for fun and spontaneity, if it is to have meaning. Allow yourself that freedom and claim your entitlement to happiness as you enter this New Moon week. <strong>In your love life:</strong> All you need to do now is listen to someone. If you really listen to them, they'll listen to you!
Should you feel entitled to celebrate? What a question! You are here on this planet experiencing the precious gift of life. What other reason do you need? To suggest that, somehow, this on its own is not enough is effectively to insult creation. We are all of us placed here for no reason other than to enjoy every moment not to suffer or feel bad. It’s just that, sometimes, we forget this. Once we do, we see no reason to celebrate anything ever. This week’s events, triggered by a helpful link from Mars to Venus, should help inspire you! <strong>In your love life:</strong> Remember the game where you have to bash plastic frogs that pop up. Stop thumping the frog; kiss it instead.
There are numbers to be added up and accounts to be reconciled. We’re not talking here exclusively about financial accountancy. On the emotional front too, there are scores to be settled and situations to be weighed very carefully in the balance. You are getting a revealing insight into the true cost of a recent decision. If your heart is no longer in a plan, a project or a commitment, here is a great excuse to back out. But if you still care and believe in what you have begun, stay with it. Mercury and Jupiter will see you through. <strong>In your love life:</strong> The issue is not always how much you have in common, as how you handle times of stress. Remember that.
How much time is all the time in the world? That depends on which particular world we are talking about. We live in a world where time is forever marching on and running out. One point, though, on which all scientists are agreed, is that time is relative and illusory. Ultimately, it doesn’t really exist. If that’s so, why must we all take it so seriously. You haven’t got all the time in the world. But Jupiter and Mercury insist you have got enough time to change your own world so that you can start having some much better times. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Old ideas and emotions are harder to abandon than old unfashionable clothes. But are you sure they still suit you?
If this is Spaceship Earth and we are all passengers on the same vessel, where's the captain? Where’s the cockpit? And what is wrong with the public address system? Why don’t we ever get unequivocal announcements or instructions? Why does one set of travellers feel sure that they are being given one message while another insists that they have received a contradictory direction? There’s a lot that makes no sense now. But still, Mars and Venus insist, that’s all the more reason to reach for peace, not conflict. <strong>In your love life:</strong> You have lately given more than enough thought to ‘what if?’ It is time for an adventure. You deserve this!
There are seven billion people on this planet. If you think that's a lot, imagine how many trees there must be. Or birds. So, how many problems are there? You can argue this one of two ways. As we all have more than one each, there may be trillions. Or perhaps there are no more than two or three problems from which we all suffer to a greater or lesser extent. Either way, you're not up against anything now that's wildly unusual and, as Venus now forms a sweet alignment to Mars, much that has been difficult will get easier. <strong> In your love life:</strong> We are born with a simple appreciation of all that life brings. Rediscover that. The road to happiness is the open one.
No matter how many people we know and how closely involved with them we may be, there are times when we can’t help but see ourselves as all alone in the world. We feel isolated and estranged. It seems nobody understands us. Ironically, we are not the only ones who feel that way. It's a surprisingly common experience. We are all in this together. We are not alone in feeling alone! As Mercury now aligns with Jupiter, you are more loved, supported and admired than you know. Soon, you will see. <strong>In your love life: </strong>Is something preventing you from progressing? Break out of a situation that has been making you feel trapped.
Not all food is instantly edible. It often has to be cut up and cooked before it can be digested. This week’s events provide food for thought although you can be forgiven for feeling as if they are none too appetising. Apply the knife of intelligence and the heat of ingenuity. Carve your problem into bite-size chunks, tackling one issue at a time until you can make sense of everything. If approached in the right way, all that is happening will prove good for you but that means setting out on a journey, taking one step at a time. <strong>In your love life:</strong> Coming soon: a chance to change some aspect of your life forever, bringing less stress and more hope. Embrace it.
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