Sunday, Mar 25, 2018 | Last Update : 06:51 AM IST

Arun Kumar Singh

Make Aadhaar simple for vulnerable sections

Aadhaar is a biometric (finger print and retina scan) card system.

27 Jan 2018 4:31 AM

India should break away from its ‘permanent poll mode’

In November this year, American Republican Senator Steve Daines achieved a long-standing “breakthrough” in selling $200 million worth of beef to China

23 Dec 2017 1:29 AM

Our Navy needs underwater boost

The original INS Kalvari was decommissioned a few years ago but its reincarnation will rejoin the Indian Navy on December 14.

01 Dec 2017 3:15 AM

Sitharaman’s to-do list for next 16 months

The new defence minister needs to ensure India makes up its known shortcomings.

08 Sep 2017 12:15 AM

More Chinese intrusions likely, not a major war

The ongoing military standoff between China and India in Doklam has been going on since June second week.

07 Aug 2017 2:24 AM

China’s cheque-book diplomacy

India has shown some interest in Duqm port for industrial investment and connectivity, and as an “energy corridor”.

17 Apr 2017 4:58 AM

Indian Navy’s 4 critical needs

Chinese warships and submarines routinely deploy to the Indian Ocean.

14 Mar 2017 1:40 AM

Give Indian Navy its due

Indian warships are generally not named after historical figures, but after rivers, mountains, ports, weapons and islands.

11 Feb 2017 1:38 AM

Digital India: Avoid hitting icebergs

Media reports indicate that over 97 per cent of the demonetised money has been deposited in banks.

14 Jan 2017 12:20 AM

Red alert: Chinese ships in our backyard

China has made quick strategic moves to encircle India while advancing its growing global interests.

16 Dec 2016 12:17 AM