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UK watchdog warns financial firms over Big Data

Financial firms have been using Big Data on customers, which can include social media use.

11 Jul 2018 7:47 PM

Apple may have breached antitrust rules with iPhone: Report

Apple may have breached antitrust rules by forcing mobile service providers to sell its iPhones cheaply and charge higher monthly fees.

11 Jul 2018 7:26 PM

Google says Google Documents is secure despite Russian issue

The Russian internet company Yandex said that its public search engine was yielding what looked like personal Google Documents files.

06 Jul 2018 2:00 PM

Russian search engine alerts Google to possible data problem

Russian social media users started posting scores of such documents, including an internal memo from a Russian bank.

05 Jul 2018 8:12 PM

Security bug causes 14 million Facebook users private posts to go public

The software bug that affected 14 million Facebook users changed privacy settings to public.

08 Jun 2018 7:20 AM


8 out of 10 people concerned about Aadhaar data security, says study

More than 121 crore residents have been enrolled for Aadhaar and it has been used for over 19 billion authentications.

30 May 2018 2:47 PM

No fly-by-night operator will be allowed to play with data, says Prasad

The IT ministry will wait for Cambridge Analytica to respond to the second notice, Prasad said.

27 May 2018 5:49 PM

Facebook users unite! 'Data Labour Union' launches in Netherlands

Possible demands could include payment for the data users supply to the companies.

24 May 2018 10:46 AM

Facebook suggests no compensation for European users affected by data breach

Facebook is unlikely to compensate European users whose data was improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica.

24 May 2018 8:03 AM

Facebook not done enough to prevent misuse: Zuckerberg

Meeting the leaders of the European Parliament, Zuckerberg stressed the importance of Europeans to Facebook and said he was sorry.

23 May 2018 8:35 AM


Facebook face-off: EU gets little news from Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg apologised to leaders of the European Parliament in Brussels for a massive data leak.

23 May 2018 7:41 AM

As Zuckerberg heads to Brussels, British lawmakers ask for answers

Zuckerberg will be in Europe to defend the company after alleged misuse of its data by Cambridge Analytica.

22 May 2018 9:35 AM

TeenSafe app exposes thousands of Apple accounts

A teen tracking app has been found violating user safety by putting at risk account details of its owners.

21 May 2018 4:14 PM

Facebook received over 22,000 data requests from Indian govt

The highest number of content pieces restricted in India by Facebook was in January-June 2015 when 15,155 total restrictions were made.

17 May 2018 8:22 PM

Another leak exposed: Data from 3 million FB users thrown open

A personality quiz app created by researchers has come under scanner for allegedly exposing data of over 3 million Facebook users.

15 May 2018 3:47 PM


EPFO suspends services with Aadhaar seeding platform, says no data leakage

EPFO said there is nothing to be concerned about and all necessary measures are being taken to ensure that no data leakage takes place.

03 May 2018 10:59 AM

Facebook privacy drive may crimp some political campaigns

The new privacy effort could limit "microtargeting" using the social network.

29 Apr 2018 11:10 AM

Uber to update 'bug bounty' policies after 2016 data breach: Executive

Uber is reportedly planning to announce changes to how it rewards cyber researchers who report flaws in its software.

26 Apr 2018 6:15 PM

Facebook releases long-secret rules on how it polices the service

The company has released a rule book for the types of posts it allows on its social network.

24 Apr 2018 4:51 PM

Facebook's hidden data haul troubles German cartel regulator

Germany’s top competition regulator is questioning the sheer volume of information that the social network harvests.

24 Apr 2018 12:46 PM