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An infected person's sneeze could spread coronavirus up to 8 metres: MIT scientist

Current guidelines “may limit the effectiveness of the proposed interventions” against the deadly pandemic, the researcher says

01 Apr 2020 3:24 PM

Inhalers are safe for children with mild asthma

Studies reveal that children with mild asthma can use inhalers as needed.

19 Aug 2019 10:02 AM

Part of man's lung comes out during intense spell of coughing

Human lungs are too big to be coughed up through the trachea but extreme coughing can cause the lungs to pop through spaces.

06 Dec 2018 5:39 PM

E-cigarette vapour tied to changes in lung cells

Initially public health experts were not that concerned about e-cigarettes because they were being marketed as a way to help smokers quit.

14 Aug 2018 5:52 PM

PM10 stable for years, but now it is on the rise: Experts

Nashik showed the highest rise in PM10 concentration trend with 260% rise since 2007.

30 Dec 2017 5:51 AM


Busting myths about COPD

COPD can be prevented and managed by making some necessary lifestyle changes.

10 Dec 2017 8:40 AM