S. Nihal Singh


Noble intentions, flawed legacy

The verdict of America’s mid-term elections, which had turned into a referendum on Barack Obama’s presidency pretty early on, is clear: It’s a thumbs down for the President.

The mantle of power

With the Bharatiya Janata Party’s triumph in state Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana and the Congress’ continuing decline, the focus has inevitably shifted to the latter’s future.

Turkey’s flip-flop

The fate of the Syrian town of Kobane bordering Syria is a telling example of the crisis the United States and its allies are wrestling with as they seek a way out of the quagmire of the Middle East (

Deja vu on the streets of Hong Kong

Unprecedented students’ demonstrations and sit-ins in the business district of Hong Kong present China with a great dilemma because they strike at the roots of the unparalleled 30-year rise of the nation.

American roulette

Despite the show of Arab nations’ support in expanding the military strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria, there is a sense of international foreboding over President Barack Obama’s gamble. Many shrewd observers believe that the United States is re-entering dangerous territory and is involving itself in another unwinnable war in a region that has proved its graveyard.

A Sino-India high five

The loud signal coming from Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to India is that his country will work on two parallel trajectories, economic and political, and the two will diverge and sometimes converge.

war clouds hover over Ukraine

While Russia and Europe are on collision course over Ukraine, there is playacting on all sides. This is a prelude to the most serious East-West crisis since the end of the Cold War. But beyond the tough postures being adopted by both sides lies the future of Russia as a power of substance in Europe and the world.

Israel: A confirmed apartheid state

Peace is at the best of times a tenuous proposition in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even as the world hopes the new indefinite ceasefire that has brought 50 days of bloodshed to an end will last, the real causes of the conflict have been put to the side, rather than resolved.

Cold warriors in the corridors of power

It is widely acknowledged that relations between the West and Russia have never been as bad as they are since the end of the Cold War. The reason, of course, is Ukraine, but beyond it lie the implied conflicting interests of the two sides.

Erdogan, the new Ataturk?

The election — the first-ever direct election — of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as President of Turkey is an event of seminal importance because it portends a future that teeters on greatness as it does on a disturbing trend towards authoritarianism.

The spiritual world has known so many wonderful mystics and most of them have been men.

When our public sector is much in news whether it involves privatisation or disinvestment, it is worth recalling whether they are good corporate citizens, especially when they are monopolies.