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  Life   Art  20 Mar 2018  Of outer and inner worlds

Of outer and inner worlds

Published : Mar 20, 2018, 1:58 am IST
Updated : Mar 20, 2018, 1:58 am IST

A strong vein of spirituality runs through the art works of Pratiksha Apurv, an award winning painter and niece of spiritual master Osho.

Beyond Senses
 Beyond Senses

In today’s world where technology is so dominant, it is extremely difficult at times to connect to our inner selves. We need to connect to our inner selves at times and use our ‘ínnernet’ instead of the internet all the time. A strong spiritual vein runs through the art of Pratiksha Apurv, a national award-winning painter and niece of spiritual master Osho, who is presently showcasing her collection of art works titled ‘Mystical Moments’ in the capital.

“I believe everything comes from that meditative energy. When I put the brush to canvas, I’m totally into it. The outer world doesn’t matter to me then. I don’t need to see the greenery, hills or sea to paint. For me the process is not technical but liberating — a process of decoding the hidden treasure,” says Pratiksha.

The Splendour of Compassion.The Splendour of Compassion.

The inner self is the wellspring of creativity, believes the artist. “I have had so many inner experiences, and attained inner bliss through these experiences. So I want to paint them on canvas and write as well. There are many things I have depicted on canvas and explained in words. Soon a coffee table book containing my works will be launched. It is titled The mystic and her colours.”

She strongly feels that happiness has depleted from society and our education system needs to be changed to bring about a larger emotional change. “Everyone has to be educated to be happy. We have five hormones in our brain which produce happiness. One of the hormones is released immediately and triggers joy when we take part in physical activities and play sports. Nowadays, children have lost their sleep. Seventy years ago people were sleeping 8 to 9 hours but now they are sleeping for only 6 to 7 hours. Most of the time they are busy with computers, mobile phones, video games, so what I suggest especially for children is that they spend time playing sports and take part in some creative activity. Another kind of hormone is released from our brain when we touch somebody. It gives happiness when we hug somebody or show compassion. These kinds of things have to be taught by teachers. The teachers have to be revolutionary in today’s time,” she explains.

Beyond TimeBeyond Time

Pratiksha initiated herself in sanyas at the age of 11 and started living with her family in her uncle’s (Osho) commune in Pune. She started painting 15 years back and was a fashion designer for 15 years before that. That was her outer journey and this is her inner journey, she says, adding that ‘Mystical Moments’ is an attempt to spread awareness of the inner self.  

Patanjali- The Great Inner ScientistPatanjali- The Great Inner Scientist

She strongly believes in living in the moment and doesn’t plan anything ahead. Hence, she doesn’t have any future plans. “I love any kind of creativity. I cook, I paint, I write… Something has to be different all the time. When I was a designer I never knew I would paint and when I started painting I never knew that I would write someday,” she says.

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