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A push present for keepsakes

Published : Nov 29, 2015, 1:48 pm IST
Updated : Nov 29, 2015, 1:48 pm IST

A push present — special postpartum gift for a new mommy — is a good option for those looking to bookmark an important milestone in their lives


A push present — special postpartum gift for a new mommy — is a good option for those looking to bookmark an important milestone in their lives

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who is due to deliver her second child next month, has asked her husband Kanye West to gift her a diamond choker as a push present — a gift for giving birth to their baby. In a blogpost on her website, she wrote that she loves the idea of a push present — since it makes for a “sweet and well deserved thank you”. Brand consultants and etiquette experts are gung-ho for gifting the new mother a present for carrying the child for nine months. They tell us that push presents are a wonderful way to spoil their wives who have gone through much trouble to bring their newborn into the world.

A modern day tradition Not quite

The trend of push presents may have been catching on in the West, but etiquette experts insist that this tradition is very much a part of India — and that it comes naturally to Indians without anyone being mindful of any trend. Celebrity columnist and luxury consultant Nisha JamVwal, says, “It is a usual practice for to shower gifts on the mother when the baby is born — this trend does exist in India. This practice is akin to the godh bharai ceremony, which was famously lapped up by the West a few years ago.” She adds that girls vocalising their expectation are also giving this trend a push. She says, “Today’s girls are coming into their own and vocalising their needs and desires.”

A time to indulge the mom-to-be Etiquette expert Chetna Mehrotra explains that the newborn baby is in no way to be confused as a gift. She says, “The baby is a wonderful addition, but the partner could do with much more appreciation. It’s only ideal that after nine exhausting months of living with mood swings, occasional pain and mental exhaustion, the least one can do is to give presents to the new mother.”

So, what do you gift her Since the birth of the newborn is a milestone to signify gratitude for the last nine months of the pregnancy, etiquette expert Chetna advises to gift something that is extremely personal. She says, “Jewellery pieces like a bracelet with the newborn’s initial makes for a thoughtful gift. Diamond or gemstone pendants are also popular. One can also plan a vacation, which could be a well-timed one after all the highs and lows throughout the pregnancy.” Etiquette expert Sheena Agarwal cautions against buying the new mother clothes. She adds, “Steer clear of gifting the mother clothes at this point in time. A woman’s body is undergoing changes and at times it gets difficult for some to accept this change.”

Etiquette expert Suneeta Sodhi Kanga reminds that daddy duties aren’t over with the push present. She states, “I think the biggest push present that a husband can give his wife is sharing baby duties like staying up at night, changing their diapers, rocking them to sleep, etc. No gift can be better than that!”