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Q&A with Archit Narayan

Published : Jan 8, 2020, 10:49 am IST
Updated : Jan 8, 2020, 10:49 am IST

Pacific Gaming provides a wide variety of online gaming entertainment to the Indian diaspora.

Archit Narayan, Founding Director & CEO, Pacific Gaming Pvt. Ltd.
 Archit Narayan, Founding Director & CEO, Pacific Gaming Pvt. Ltd.

1. What was the idea behind Pacific Gaming? Tell us something about it and what is it into?

Pacific Gaming was formed with the intention to be the largest gaming studio in India.

We have adapted the latest technology to be the front runners of innovations in the gaming sector.

With the current and emerging eco system, added to advancements in 4G mobile internet into Tier 2 & Tier 3 towns in India, Pacific Gaming provides a wide variety of online gaming entertainment to the Indian diaspora.

2. What is your business model? Which regions do you target specifically?

We engage with our users on a range of models from ‘free-to-play’, ‘freemium’ and ‘money in-money out’ games. Each game has a different business model and is tuned to entertainall users.

We are online, we target the entire nation.

How is offline poker different from online poker?

Offline poker has certain limitations with regards to accessibility and legitimacy (unless played at casinos), whereas online poker allows a user to remain anonymous and safe along with transparency and ease of play. Playing on reputed websites also guarantees fair play.

4. What are the insights you have about the market and how did you stand out among your competitors?

The gaming sector is growing rapidly with multiple new operators. An element of doubt and uncertainty is usually prevalent among the users with regards to the credibility of new operators. We provide our users ‘Fair Play’ coupled with the promise of receiving their monies within 60 seconds (It actually happens within 10 seconds!). Our 10x MoM growth bears testament to our “Cashout within a hearbeat” motto.

5. Does online gaming affect social interactions?

We at Pacific Gaming do not subscribe to that view. But some people could argue that mobile technology has reduced ‘real-world’ interaction over the past decade.

Though all our games allow a user to ‘de-list’ and ‘opt-out’ from their accounts for certain durations of time, we do not see users opting for this often.

We also have an AI based prompt that alerts us when users are logged in longer than normal hours. However, we do not see unusual activity on most months.

6. Is there any say for women in India in Poker game?

Our user base comprises of both genders. While traditionally men show greater enthusiasm for card-based games, the online gaming option has brought the game within the reach of a wide demographic spectrum, including women.

7. Can a person become a professional player while playing online?

Yes, we have several professional players on PokerSaint and GullyRummy.

8. How are you planning to expand in the future?

Our aim is to go global and target emerging markets with a vibrant adaption on mobile and advanced fintech innovations.

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