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Why an ABM system for Delhi alone?

The issue of vulnerability to a decapitating attack on the national leadership has been the subject of much discussion

12 Jun 2019 1:03 AM

Mystic Mantra - Family harmony: The most important aspect of life

Complete family harmony is the key to happiness, prosperity and success.

11 Jun 2019 1:34 AM

Liberal & secular India: An idea that misread history?

To turn this unequal society, whose very basis was found on exclusiveness, into an inclusive one was an outlandish ambition.

11 Jun 2019 1:34 AM

Can Modi go where no one has gone before...?

Modi’s sharp new foreign policy team haven’t let the grass grow under their feet in bringing Sri Lanka into play either.

11 Jun 2019 1:34 AM

Grades matter, but so do basketball tryouts and rock climbing

Most of us fall for this velvet-rope syndrome, which warns us that a club is as desirable as the quality of the people it turns away.

10 Jun 2019 1:16 AM


Mystic Mantra: Cleanse the heart & mind - Enter a prayerful space

Osho suggests that we go through a deep cleansing of our mind and heart.

10 Jun 2019 1:06 AM

Congress is the only national alternative to BJP

To crave for the demise of the Congress in these conditions on any grounds whatever is spurious intellectualism or elaborate deception.

10 Jun 2019 12:59 AM

After leaving EU, Brits hard at work to show that they don’t like Trump

The departure of Theresa May as the party leader was overshadowed by all these events.

10 Jun 2019 12:55 AM

Azim Premji is a philanthropist role model

The idea of charity in that period was unknown though the Church took a cut of the income of all who could give.

09 Jun 2019 12:10 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Will personal staff be retained?

A departmental action by the state government, based on these charges, may result in the DGP’s termination.

09 Jun 2019 12:07 AM


Trump arrives as May exits: How will Brits stomach this?

Even Mr Johnson, in the leadership campaign, has said he intends if he wins “to put Farage back in his box”.

08 Jun 2019 4:54 AM

Mystic Mantra: Wisdom from the spider’s web

Archane’s excess pride resulted in her being transformed into a spider.

08 Jun 2019 4:51 AM

Is Congress betraying symptoms of a death wish?

Unless Rahul Gandhi shows courage and wrests Amethi back from Smriti Irani, few will take him seriously.

08 Jun 2019 12:05 AM

Mystic Mantra: Maya belongs to God - ‘Maya O Maya’

Life teaches us to be prepared for all contingencies.

07 Jun 2019 12:19 AM

Freedom from caste and dynasties: Multiplicity of parties hurts India

If dynasties and castes are to be made irrelevant in politics, India must reject the multiplicity of political parties.

07 Jun 2019 12:16 AM


A new compact needed between media & State

It was brave of the pundits whom the anchors had assembled to keep up the pretence of being in the loop.

07 Jun 2019 12:13 AM

Mystic Mantra: Que Sera Sera - Whatever will be, will be

The reason many people run to such soothsayers is simply because as human beings we are not given the gift and power to know the future.

06 Jun 2019 12:08 AM

Will China one day erect a memorial to Tiananmen martyrs?

The students in Tiananmen Square were joined by many other Beijing residents, and it is estimated that their numbers swelled to a million.

06 Jun 2019 12:05 AM

Iran-US standoff: A policy challenge for India

India’s ambassador to the US Harsh Shringla said last week that all imports of Iranian crude oil to India have now been stopped.

06 Jun 2019 12:00 AM

Mystic Mantra: Truth in the age of lies

It is sad that despite Joseph’s father being a model of great piety, his brothers were not inspired to inculcate the same virtuosity.

05 Jun 2019 2:35 AM