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64th Day Of Lockdown

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Feeling the pain

Published : Jun 26, 2019, 12:52 am IST
Updated : Jun 26, 2019, 12:52 am IST

A recently launched campaign talks about the pain women go through during their period.

Women being the backbone of families, need to stay active and distressed to take care of their families.
 Women being the backbone of families, need to stay active and distressed to take care of their families.

Worldwide studies have shown that menstrual period pains badly affect the majority of women’s productivity; be it at work or at home. In a country where menstruation as a topic is highly stigmatized, period pain is completely ignored making a significant part of their working hours stressful and painful.

Recently a campaign called #RedDot Campaign was launched to normalize period pain talk for women. The campaign intends to generate widespread awareness around the discomfort caused by a period pain in the life of women and how it restricts them from reaching new heights in various walks of life.

To spark conversations around period pain and allow women to embrace periods in the most inspiring manner, #RedDot campaign invites women to post a photo on social media with a RED DOT on their hand and tag 2 friends or family members to do the same. Sanfe has partnered with renowned NGO Pinkishe and The Better India to make Period Pain talks a mass movement.

 Talking about the gravity of the situation and need for a mass movement, Archit Aggarwal, CEO & Director Sanfe said, “Period pain is common and a normal part of menstrual cycle but even doctors have described period cramps to be as bad as having a heart attack." He then adds that the pain is often downplayed or ignored. It leads to loss of working hours, productivity during work, and affects women in their daily activities.

Women being the backbone of families, need to stay active and distressed to take care of their families. Today they are actively participating in nation building. To enhance their contribution in socio-eco-political growth of the country, society needs to understand the magnitude of period pain, as it should no more restrict their significant role in shaping a better future for the country. “If all the women who feel the need for painless period support the campaign, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem,” he says.

 According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, up to 20% of women suffer from menstrual cramping severe enough to interfere with daily activities. Unfortunately, the majority of menstruating women go through their pain in silence considering it as their ‘destiny’ or ‘natural’.

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