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period pain

Feeling the pain

A recently launched campaign talks about the pain women go through during their period.

26 Jun 2019 12:52 AM

Irregular periods don't always mean pregnancy

Expert explains some of the factors.

09 May 2018 1:59 PM

Here are 10 tips to help fight off period pain

While period pains are natural bodily process, here’s what you can do to ease them.

28 Feb 2018 3:43 PM

Woman complains of period pains, Emirates forces her to not fly

Soon after the incident Emirates released a statement and justified the actions taken on grounds of ‘medical emergency.’

21 Feb 2018 6:28 PM

Period pain may be reduced by acupuncture, says new study

Researchers find that ancient Chinese alternative medicine can reduce period pain by at least 50 percent for up to a year.

03 Oct 2017 12:35 PM


Doctor tells woman having more sex can help her with period pain

Intercourse releases growth hormones which leads to higher elasticity in the skin.

16 Aug 2017 5:45 PM