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Here are 7 weird food from around the world you must try

Published : Mar 3, 2018, 7:21 pm IST
Updated : Mar 3, 2018, 7:21 pm IST

From a poisonous fish, to live octopus or ducklings still in their shells, we list food that are off the ordinary path.

We list 7 of the weirdest food from around the world. (Photos: Pixabay)
 We list 7 of the weirdest food from around the world. (Photos: Pixabay)

Do you love eating? Going out with your friends or family, maybe even alone, as you check out new places every weekend to see what they have to offer.

You might not be the only one. But do you have what it takes to take a less beaten path and try out food, that may be a delicacy, but lets just say is a bit exotic?

We list 7 of the weirdest food from around the world. How many are you brave enough to try?

Fugu from Japan

Fugu (Photo: AP)Fugu (Photo: AP)

Fugu is a Japanese pufferfish that contains enough poison to kill 30 people. Sounds appealing yet? It seems to people of Japan, it is! The chefs who prepare this expensive Japanese delicacy must undergo years of training and any small mistake in preparation could mean an untimely end to the consumer.

Fried Spider from Cambodia

Fried Spider (Photo: Pixabay)Fried Spider (Photo: Pixabay)

Creepy, crawly and ultimately fried deliciousness, at least for people in Cambodia. This specialty from Skuon sees the arthropods being deep fried in garlic oil until crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Typically of the tarantula variety, the practice of eating these spiders may have started during the brutal reign of the Khmer Rouge when villagers had to find alternative sources of food.

Prairie Oysters from Canada

Bull testicles (Photo: Pixabay)Bull testicles (Photo: Pixabay)

Oysters, not exactly! This dish is made from bull testicles and also goes by the name Rocky Mountain Oysters. Found throughout cattle ranching country they are prepared sautéed, fried or stuffed and are accompanied with herbs, spices, sauces and dips for a real taste of cowboy cuisine.

Balut from the Philippines


The love for eggs takes a whole new direction in Philippines where they take a developing duck embryo and then boiling it alive while still in the shell. Typically eaten with a little seasoning of chili, garlic and vinegar, all the contents of the egg are consumed including the visible wings and beak.

Haggis from Scotland

Haggis (Photo: Pixabay)Haggis (Photo: Pixabay)

Considered Scotland’s national dish, this mixture includes sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, onion, oatmeal, spices, and stock. Traditionally stuffed into a sheep’s stomach and simmered, this hearty dish dates back to the 1400’s and today is served as the main course of a Burns supper on Robert Burns Day.

Sannakji from South Korea

Sannakji (Photo: Pixabay)Sannakji (Photo: Pixabay)

This dish of live octopus is eaten either whole or in pieces depending on the size of the specimen. Served raw and usually only with a splash of sesame oil, it’s so fresh that the tentacles are still squirming. Suckers from the octopus can attach themselves inside the throat of the consumer causing choking or even death.

Escamoles from Mexico

Grubs from Mexico (Representational Image/ Pixabay)Grubs from Mexico (Representational Image/ Pixabay)

Made up of ant larvae, escamoles are considered a delicacy in Mexican cuisine and consumption dates back to the Aztecs. Eggs are harvested from the root systems of the maguey and agave plants, and the tiny larvae can be found in tacos, omelettes or just on their own.

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