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rajat gupta

Is Rajat Gupta indeed the ‘unluckiest man in the world’?

Rajaratnam had been under federal investigation for some time and his calls were being wire-tapped.

28 Jun 2019 1:52 AM

The Anarchy of destiny

Th is is remarkable given the stress everyone is under and the long sentences most inmates have to endure.

04 Apr 2019 12:58 AM

Get out of comfort zone: Rajat Gupta

Gupta said he quit McKinsey’s Scandinavian office despite it being one of the most successful offices because it had become comfortable.

04 Apr 2019 12:56 AM

I want to work for reforming criminal justice system in US: Rajat Gupta

He is a no stranger to the readers of business and corporate crime.

04 Apr 2019 12:54 AM

Indian IT industry rightly should be in panic: Rajat Gupta

Experts are warning of prolonged layoffs in the Indian IT sector.

18 May 2017 1:09 PM


US court unlikely to overturn Gupta's concivtion

Lawyer for Gupta argued that jurors were given improper instructions in light of a major 2014 appellate.

17 Nov 2016 9:56 AM