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India’s virtual war on Chinese apps is an impactful move, say retired defence personnel

The ban on Chinese apps is the start of India’s decoupling from the Chinese economy, say defence and warfare experts.

04 Sep 2020 5:42 PM

First TikTok, now PUBG: Fresh government orders block popular mobile gaming app

PUBG Mobile among 118 Chinese apps banned amid heightened tension between troops of the two countries on Ladakh border.

02 Sep 2020 6:26 PM

Want to become a Pro at PUBG MOBILE? Here’s 5 pro drills you must master

Here are some quick focus areas for you to get into a training room and start your drill to become a PUBG MOBILE Pro.

26 Feb 2020 7:20 AM

Here’s where you can get the PUBG MOBILE outfits online!

All the merchandise of PUBG MOBILE is inspired by some real-life entity.

12 Feb 2020 9:15 AM

PUBG MOBILE RageGear tips and tricks

Below are some tips and tricks to confirm a swift win in RageGear Mode

08 Feb 2020 10:52 AM


Camouflage to earn that Chicken Dinner in PUBG MOBILE

Here’s looking at some of the best camouflage clothing options available on PUBG MOBILE.

05 Feb 2020 2:11 PM

Everyone, grab these insane PUBG Mobile rewards right now

PUBG Mobile celebrates the new year with in-game and physical rewards for all players.

22 Jan 2020 12:37 PM

Massive PUBG Mobile update kicks-off Royale Pass Season 11

Expansive 0.16.5 update introduces new Domination game mode, new Arena map, new vehicle, Royale Pass Season 11 and more.

09 Jan 2020 9:52 AM

PUBG update: What's new with content update 0.16.0

PUBG MOBILE released a content update with full of new game modes, maps, gear, abilities and collaboration content with Angry Birds.

17 Dec 2019 1:35 PM

What is PUBG's new RageGear mode?

The game's latest 0.16.0 update brings with it snowy terrains, TPP to FPP switch and also - a new RageGear mode. Read to know about it.

14 Dec 2019 3:21 PM


PUBG Mobile Club Open Finals takes off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The first day’s matches concluded with team BIGETRON RA taking the lead with the most amount of points.

30 Nov 2019 1:14 PM

All you need to know about PUBG MOBILE’s newest character Sara

Sara is now live and can be accessed by joining events to win character vouchers.

29 Nov 2019 6:16 PM

PUBG Mobile- How to win in The Ruins map

Set in the Sanhok meta, the map offers more terrain variety than Warehouse.

27 Nov 2019 12:39 PM

PUBG’s new Team Deathmatch map- ‘The Ruins’ explained

The new PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch map is set in a rainforest with dense vegetation and a maze of paths zigging through ancient ruins.

14 Nov 2019 4:59 PM

Get the PUBG Mobile falcon companion now

Season 10 has introduced the much-awaited ‘companions’ to the game, starting off with the ‘Falcon’.

14 Nov 2019 4:22 PM


PUBG Mobile star SouL MortaL pledges entire tournament winnings to Indian Army

Team SouL stunned the audience with their late comeback.

12 Nov 2019 5:13 PM

PUBG Season 10 'Fury of the wasteland' - Everything you need to know

The 0.15.5 update introduces a new 4v4 Team Deathmatch map, new weapons, a companion system and more to the battle royale title.

10 Nov 2019 10:41 AM

Tips and Tricks for PUBG MOBILE’s all new Payload Mode

Here are top 5 tips on how to use these elements to your advantage and get that chicken dinner!

06 Nov 2019 3:56 PM

Delhi to host VIVO PUBG MOBILE CLUB OPEN Fall Split 2019

The tournament will see top esports clans across the globe compete, vying for a total prize pool of USD 2.5 million.

31 Oct 2019 4:15 PM

PUBG Mobile unveils new anti-cheat detection system to identify, ban cheaters

By combining detection software, observation, and player reporting the developers are able to swiftly remove cheaters even mid-match.

30 Oct 2019 6:10 PM