Get the PUBG Mobile falcon companion now

Season 10 has introduced the much-awaited companions' to the game, starting off with the Falcon'.

PUBG Mobile recently rolled out its latest update to kick off the new season 10, bringing a plethora of new features and exciting additions. Season 10 has introduced the much-awaited ‘companions’ to the game, starting off with the ‘Falcon’. In the companion system, players will be able to collect materials for the Falcon in the redemption event for free. Players can also get more ‘Companion Shards’ in the Shop or from the Royale Pass to get the Falcon, Falcon Avatar, Companion Food, and other items.

To unlock the companion, players will need to first locate the ‘Falconry Manual’, which can be found in the event menu. Following this, players will require to go through the manual and locate 3 hidden tips on the edges of the booklet. Once players have explored the notes in the handbook, they can claim 2 Companion Shard and ‘Falcon Avatar Frame’ as rewards on the third page.

The Falcon Avatar costs 20 Companion Shards and the Companion Food costs 1 Companion Shard per bucket. You can only buy 1 Falcon companion, 1 Falcon Avatar, and 30 Companion Foods max. Players can level up their companions, which will further unlock more actions for them. The Falcon companion can reach a maximum level of 5.

To make the most of your Companion, here are some guidelines:

  1. Gain Companion EXP by bringing them into battle or feeding them ‘Companion Food’
  2. Upgrade your Companion to unlock more actions
  3. Random Companions actions occur based on your status, such as going prone, firing and parachuting
  4. Only you and your teammates can see your Companion. Your Companion does not reveal your position

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