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Google's work in China benefiting China's military

Google said it has “no plans” to relaunch a search engine in China, though it is continuing to study the idea.

15 Mar 2019 9:45 AM

Orlando firm creates scents for VR games, military training

The company’s products are helping amusement parks, military trainers and others bring scents into VR.

23 Dec 2018 5:17 PM

Top US general urges Google to work with military

The defense program, called Project Maven, set off a revolt inside Google

07 Dec 2018 12:56 PM

Microsoft to keep working with US military, despite concerns

The company laid out its reasoning Friday in a blog post by Brad Smith, Microsoft's president.

27 Oct 2018 8:54 AM

This military technique could put an end to insomnia

And it only takes 120 seconds to put you to sleep.

03 Sep 2018 2:08 PM


Severe combat wounds, PTSD tied to high blood pressure

The increased hypertension risk was additive and dependent on the severity of veteran’s injuries.

23 Mar 2018 3:29 PM

Here’s how music can help heal military personnel

Researchers believe it's important for music therapists and treatment centers to share program evaluations and successes.

21 Mar 2018 8:28 AM

How music can help heal military personnel

Music therapy is a dynamic treatment method for service members recovering from the invisible wounds of war.

20 Mar 2018 7:18 PM

TV ads aim to pressure Trump to allow transgender in military

Sarah McBride, Human Rights Campaign’s spokesperson, said it’s a 'critical window of time' to take the fight directly to the White House.

01 Mar 2018 4:41 PM

Decoding India’s China threat

China’s military buildup and manoeuvres along the McMahon Line started as early as 1959.

25 Feb 2018 2:00 AM


Prince Harry to guest edit BBC show, interviewing Obama

He chose some of the topics and focuses on issues he has been involved in, including mental health and the military.

27 Dec 2017 1:34 PM

Suicide among veterans highest in western US, rural areas

States with high veteran suicide rates like West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky, had greater levels of prescription drug use.

17 Sep 2017 5:16 PM

2.29 crore enter military age every year

While 1.9 crore people enter military age every year in China, Indonesia ranks a distant third with 45 lakh followed by Pakistan with 43 lakh.

07 Sep 2017 7:25 AM

Dream machine: The arrival of a flying car

These versatile vehicles can carry weapons, glide silently, have immense military and civil employability.

13 Jul 2017 2:01 AM

New norms for civilians & military a challenge

From a policy perspective, Gen. Bajwa was already on his way to joining the pantheon of the boys’ heroes.

08 May 2017 12:09 AM


India’s military spend fifth largest

Expenditure in 2016 grew by 8.5 per cent, imports of global arms also up.

25 Apr 2017 1:18 AM

Trump is proud of ‘successful’ military mission

Trump said he authorised the use of the bomb in Afghanistan and called the mission “successful”.

15 Apr 2017 6:58 AM

As summer nears, are our forces prepared?

Well-trained terrorists found it a cakewalk to stroll into a major defence area and attempt to create a hostage-like situation.

03 Mar 2017 6:34 AM

Why can’t Indians write good memoirs?

Our public servants are mostly known for their loquaciousness after they demit office but very few actually pen their thoughts.

02 Mar 2017 6:53 AM

Pakistan accuses India of endangering regional peace

Zakaria also alleged that Indian atrocities against Kashmiris are continuing unabated.

16 Feb 2017 5:35 PM