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International Monetary Fund (IMF)

IMF Sees India Adding 16% to Global Growth

India's economy has rebounded strongly from the pandemic to become an important driver of global growth

20 Dec 2023 2:02 AM

Padma Rao Sundarji | Colombo-Delhi card games: On China, Tamils & fishers

Our fishermen face highly restricted access to traditional fishing grounds

28 Jul 2023 12:00 AM

IMF flags debt disagreements, says banning crypto should not be off table

Apart from restructuring debt, regulating cryptocurrencies is another priority area for India, which IMF MD Kristalina Georgieva agreed with

25 Feb 2023 11:49 AM

AA Edit | Growth: India must aim higher

As India’s strategic rival China’s economy stands at $19 trillion, India should aim at crossing the $10 trillion mark

05 Sep 2022 1:29 AM

Aakar Patel | India must work hard to catch up; world is changing faster than ever…

The International Monetary Fund says that for the foreseeable future Bangladesh is expected to be ahead of India

11 Jul 2022 11:59 PM


IMF sent Myanmar $350 million in emergency aid; no precedent for refund

The State Department said it would review its foreign assistance to the southeast Asian country

03 Feb 2021 5:41 PM

Corona effect: Record fall in global oil demand

Measures taken to bolster the global economy and to reduce oil supply should allow a "gradual" recovery

15 Apr 2020 4:38 PM

IMF approves immediate debt relief for 25 poor countries

The fund together with the World Bank have called for rich nations to stop collecting debt payments from poor countries

14 Apr 2020 4:13 PM

IMF to consider $1.4 billion loan to Pak to tackle covid19 economic fallout

Pakistan in March had requested the IMF for a low-cost, fast-disbursing loan under the fund's Rapid Financing Instrument

13 Apr 2020 1:32 PM

IMF postpones approval of second review $6 billion bailout package for Pakistan

Pakistan approached the IMF in August 2018 for a bailout package after Prime Minister Imran Khan's government took over

07 Apr 2020 1:21 PM


IMF approves $1.3 bilion aid program for Jordan

The program to support unbudgeted spending covering emergency outlays and medical supplies and equipment

26 Mar 2020 10:34 AM

Iran seeks first loan from IMF since 1962 after toll climbs to 429

Iran's economy has been battered by US sanctions, which have choked Tehran's ability to sell its oil

12 Mar 2020 6:19 PM

Govt interference should not compromise RBI's independence: IMF

The IMF said it was monitoring developments with regard to the reported rift between the Reserve Bank of India and the Centre.

02 Nov 2018 9:06 AM

IMF projects 7.3 per cent growth, hails GST, bankruptcy code

“India’s growth is expected to increase to 7.3 per cent in 2018 and 7.4 per cent in 2019… up from 6.7 per cent in 2017,” said the WEO report.

10 Oct 2018 1:41 AM

Jaitley's visit strengthened India-US economic ties: Garg

The Finance Minister was in the United States to attend meetings of the World Bank and the IMF.

16 Oct 2017 5:51 PM


IMF not endorsing universal basic income model in India

The reports emerged after the IMF said said the UBI will outperform the PDS in terms of coverage, progressivity, and generosity.

15 Oct 2017 6:44 PM

IMFC warns against complacency, says global economic recovery incomplete

The IMFC in a communique issued on Sunday, said there has been a notable pickup in investment, trade, and industrial production.

15 Oct 2017 12:34 PM

Universal basic income looks good as substitute for inequitable public spending: IMF

Because of its universality, a UBI has the potential of having a significant impact on inequality and poverty.

12 Oct 2017 1:23 PM

Ficci leading CEOs delegation to US, accompanying FM

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is going to the US to attend the IMF-World Bank meeting this week.

09 Oct 2017 4:24 PM

India's foreign exchange reserves slip to USD 393.401 billion

Gold reserves remained unchanged at USD 19.943 billion.

25 Aug 2017 8:21 PM