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5 Reasons why SSD is better than HDD

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. It is a nonvolatile memory hardware device

25 Aug 2020 5:48 PM

Digital Transformation in 2019: Prepare or perish!

Seagate Study reveals data moving from endpoint to cloud.

24 Jan 2019 10:36 AM

Toshiba launches 16TB MG08 Series HDDs

Industry’s largest capacity 16TB hard disk drives deliver new level of storage density and improved power efficiency.

21 Jan 2019 3:32 PM

Toshiba launches 4TB CANVIO portable HDD

External HDD that combines a low-profile design with practical features and extra storage capacity.

17 Dec 2018 5:17 PM

Seagate achieves whopping 16TB storage on single HDD

It is the highest capacity hard drives ever produced till date.

03 Dec 2018 2:51 PM


Samsung unveils multi-terabyte storage 860 QVO SSD

The SSD will retail for a price starting at $149.99 for the 1TB model.

01 Dec 2018 4:52 PM

Toshiba unveils 14TB and 12TB helium-sealed SAS HDD models

New MG07SCA 14TB Hard Disk Drives help SAS-based Cloud-scale storage platforms achieve TCO objectives.

04 Sep 2018 2:04 PM

Toshiba announce full series of consumer internal hard drives

Toshiba unveils new series of consumer internal hard drives in India.

11 Jun 2018 1:12 PM

PNY releases a pocket-sized SSD

With a 2.36” x 1.4” x 0.35” high-quality and smooth aluminium housing, the ELITE Portable is one of the smallest SSDs in the market..

08 May 2017 7:27 PM