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Course of climate change may have been affected by ancient farmers

By flooding fields to grow rice and raising livestock, they may have been fundamentally altering the climate of the Earth.

09 Sep 2018 4:03 PM

Fishermen off Nagapattinam coast net ancient panchaloha idol

The idol of Lord Shiva in sitting posture, is about 1-feet tall and appears ancient.

03 Jun 2018 7:31 PM

Sales of Afghanistan's renowned carpets unravel as war intensifies

Legend holds that Alexander the Great sent a carpet from the area to his mother.

13 Apr 2018 9:45 AM

‘Only India has Roman ruins like Italy’

Italian official says both nations share unique cultural ties.

20 Mar 2018 1:18 AM

A dinosaur that looks like an odd mix of duck, croc, ostrich and swan discovered

The tiny creature, only about 18 inches (45 centimeters) tall, roamed 75 million years ago in what is now Mongolia.

07 Dec 2017 9:52 AM


Rare human ancestor skeleton from 3.6 million years ago found

The researchers say it has taken 20 years to excavate, clean, reconstruct and analyse the fragile skeleton.

07 Dec 2017 9:30 AM

Bones of contention: Australia returns ancient Aboriginal remains for outback burial

The bones’ removal to Canberra for study had angered the indigenous community.

19 Nov 2017 1:18 PM

Ancient Egyptians used to have gymnasiums, 2300 year old remnants found

Egypt's antiquities ministry says archaeologists have discovered remnants of an ancient gymnasium dating back about 2,300 years

07 Nov 2017 10:15 AM

Chinese ink could non-invasively treat cancer

Here's what scientists have found.

01 Oct 2017 8:10 PM

Mystery and decline of valuable ancient Roman herb

It's decline hold real lessons for today.

20 Sep 2017 4:09 PM


Japan's emperor visits shrine for ancient Korean settlers

He was accompanied by his wife Empress Michiko.

20 Sep 2017 1:56 PM

Peru reveals replica of face of ancient female ruler

The discovery of the Lady of Cao's mummified remains in 2005 shattered the belief that the ancient Moche society was patriarchal.

05 Jul 2017 4:33 PM

Earliest fossils of our species found in Morocco

The fossils suggest that Homo sapiens may have reached its modern-day form in more than one place within Africa.

08 Jun 2017 11:54 AM

Ancient palace revealed under destroyed Mosul shrine

The militants may have been looking for artefacts to loot.

14 Mar 2017 11:25 AM