Here are the six different types of penis men have

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Here’s taking a peek at the various kinds of penis there are.

From the curved to the hammer or the banana, here are the different kinds of penis out there. (Photo: Pixabay)

Mostly guys are preoccupied thinking about the size of the penis rather than its shape.

However, it turns out that there are six types of penis in the world.

Here’s delving into the world of penises.

Banana: The banana-shaped penis echoes the shape of the phallic fruit. Curving slightly upwards as well as being longer than average, those with a banana penis also have a natural advantage between the sheets.

One has a better chance of experiencing an elusive G-spot orgasm with a banana penis partner. Sounds like a dream.

Hammer: With the body of a hammer, this shape of penis has a thin shaft in comparison to a larger head. The hammer is long and thin with a considerably larger tip.

Mushroom: It looks like a miniature hammer that is shorter and girthier. The mushroom head has evolved into a "tool" for removing the semen of other love rivals.

Cucumber: Guys with a cucumber-shaped penis tend to be on the larger side of things. The tip of the penis tends to be slightly smaller than other manhoods, making it resemble a cucumber.

Pencil: The pencil penis is practically straight up and down. Unlike the hammer or mushroom, the pencil maintains its girth almost from shaft to tip.

C-shaped: In a similar style to the banana, the C-shaped penis has a noticeable curve to the right-hand side. While this shape is extremely rare, ladies still get all the benefits of the banana penis.