Who will choose the next UK leader? Mostly older white men

Next leader will be chosen by about 160,000 members of governing Conservative Party in runoff between 2 candidates: Johnson and Hunt.

London: There’s an election underway to choose Britain’s next prime minister, but only one in 400 people gets a vote. And most of those are well-off older white men.

The country’s next leader will be chosen by about 160,000 members of the governing Conservative Party in a runoff between two candidates: former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. They were winnowed down from a field of 10 contenders by Conservative party lawmakers.

The Conservatives are choosing a new leader — who will also become the next prime minister — as the UK Parliament is deadlocked and Britain’s departure from the EU has been delayed until October 31. But this key choice is being made by a group that does not represent British voters as a whole.

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