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This is the future of smartphones and it’s not Apple iPhone 11

Published : Jun 26, 2019, 4:00 pm IST
Updated : Jun 26, 2019, 4:00 pm IST

Smartphones have come a long way since the iPhone X was launched back in 2017.

OPPO will showcase a handset with an under-display camera.
 OPPO will showcase a handset with an under-display camera.

The year 2017 saw a renaissance of sorts with the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers, Samsung and Apple launching handsets with nearly all-screen displays. However, both brands had their shortcomings with the Galaxy S8 featuring large top and bottom bezels and the iPhone comes with the notch, a feature that’s still present on their iPhones till date. With these trendsetting smartphone designs, virtually every smartphone manufacturer in the world began to ape Apple and Samsung so much so that in 2018 you would be hard pressed to find a brand that did not come with these stylings.

The mid-2018, witnessed the brand’s innovating with the size of the display by adding pop-up cameras. Fast-forward a year and several smartphones come with these elevated cameras or punch-hole displays. While these design trends are groundbreaking in itself, they still pose the problem of either motorized parts or cut-outs in the display.

OPPO is set to end all this by introducing a smartphone that has the front-facing camera embedded under the display. First teased a couple of weeks ago, the Chinese smartphone giants such as OPPO and Xiaomi, both demoed their handsets with the under-display camera. Now, it looks like these handsets are ready for primetime as OPPO has shared teasers of such a handset that will be showcased at MWC 2019 Shanghai.

After teasing the handset, we now get a full video showing off this under-display camera. From this video, we see the evolution of the front-facing camera. This ranges from the old iPhone-type smartphone to the notched handsets. Last year, OPPO introduced the Find X, a smartphone that had its motorized rear that slides up when the selfie-camera is called for.

Apart from reinventing the smartphone camera, OPPO has a stellar track record when it comes to implementing smartphone technologies. The brand has introduced super-fast charging, periscope cameras for optical zoom and more. While most of the tech they showcase isn’t ready for consumers immediately, the brand has always launched products down the line when it was ready for the market.

The same may happen in China when OPPO unveils this smartphone technology. It may be some time before we see handsets with this under-display camera hitting shelves but we can rest knowing that the tech is already in place for the same.

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