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Introducing iPhone 11 Pro; a master class with crazy tech

Published : Aug 22, 2019, 8:13 am IST
Updated : Aug 22, 2019, 8:13 am IST

The latest iPhone concept video is everything we want from Apple and more.

The main new iPhone concept is Side Displays.
 The main new iPhone concept is Side Displays.

The Apple iPhone 11 series is rumoured to launch on September 10 and the leaks show that it will come with a redesigned back that has a triple rear camera setup on its flagship models. While this iPhone will please most consumers out there, a handful of Apple fans the world over are pretty disappointed with the square camera hump. This has led many graphic designers to share their own versions of what they would like the iPhone 11 Pro to include and some of them are a pure master class.

The latest concept that’s shared on ConceptsiPhone by Arthur Reis re-imagines the iPhone 11 with some crazy technology yet giving a callback to iPhones of old. The updated and completely symmetric design is focused on the display and hides every distraction behind it. It's mostly made of curved glass and metal.

The main new feature is Side Displays. Two displays, placed on the left and right side of the device, make room for smart buttons and widgets that are responsive to each application. But don't worry, the classic volume and sleep/wake buttons are still there, with a subtle indent for a better taptical feel. The home button is now unified with the sleep/wake, and the distinction is made possible by a natural and predictable pressure difference.

A new camera mechanism allows the device to have two camera modules that intelligently work together to produce countless features, such as Face ID 2 - faster facial biometric recognition, environment 3D mapping for Augmented Reality, and much more. They are also reversible, so you get the same quality on both rear and front sides.

Needless to say but the upcoming iPhone 11 Pro will be a far cry from this beautiful concept. The upcoming iPhone will feature a notched display that houses the Face ID sensor and a virtually unchanged face. The rear is said to be made up of a new matte finish that will make the iPhone easier to handle and in the process reduce accidental drops.

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