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Upcoming iPhone 11 Pro killer to come with revolutionary game-changing tech

Published : Sep 20, 2019, 10:19 am IST
Updated : Sep 20, 2019, 10:19 am IST

Well known Samsung insider @Universeice has revealed that the Galaxy S11 will come without physical buttons.

The Galaxy S11 will come with a keyless design.
 The Galaxy S11 will come with a keyless design.

Earlier this year, Samsung was hotly tipped to launch the Galaxy Note 10 with an amazing feature that would change the game of smartphones the world over. However, Samsung shelved plans for this feature at the last minute and now, if the latest leak is to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will come with this breakthrough tech.

As per a tweet by popular Samsung Insider, Ice Universe, the Galaxy S11 will be fitted with Samsung’s keyless design which essentially means that there will be absolutely no buttons across the handset. With this feature in tow, the Galaxy S11 will be truly revolutionary and future-proof.

By adding the new keyless design, the handset will have significantly fewer moving parts and it will feature better durability and water resistance. This means that the keys will most likely be pressure sensitive and it will work intuitively like the way 3D or Haptic Touch works on smartphones.

A related report by Forbes dismisses this idea and claims that it’s a disastrous design decision by stating, “Pressure-sensitive keys have no tactility which makes them hard to use instinctively and the pressure mechanisms - while good for something like 3D Touch (may it rest in peace) - are rubbish for actions which require quick multiple presses like volume control. “

However, with Samsung adding a new keyless design, it shows that the brand is forward-thinking and not afraid of taking calculated risks; unlike the Galaxy Note 10 which featured a rather conservative design.

Ice Universe claims that plans were in place for the Note 10 to come with this breakthrough tech; however, it was cancelled because, “It was very radical but it did not pass Samsung's rigorous testing, so the final version of Note10 still retains physical buttons.”

It now appears that Samsung has made some significant progress on this front and we need to just wait and see if these rumours pan out.

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