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  Technology   Mobiles & Tabs  12 Nov 2019  3 iPhone 12 features that could make or break Apple

3 iPhone 12 features that could make or break Apple

Published : Nov 12, 2019, 9:02 am IST
Updated : Nov 12, 2019, 9:02 am IST

Apple is looking at three areas to find success it desperately needs.

Apple will be fighting from a disadvantageous position to take on the competition that’s already well established. (Photo: PhoneArena)
 Apple will be fighting from a disadvantageous position to take on the competition that’s already well established. (Photo: PhoneArena)

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and its constant promotional cycles are what drives the iPhone. This in part explains the incremental update on the iPhone 11 and the noticeable lack of advancements as compared with Apple’s Android rivals. There is wide expectation that Tim Cook and Apple are saving up some big changes for the iPhone 12 and they are counting on three areas to find success.

However, Apple will be fighting from a disadvantageous position to take on the competition that’s already well established.


Here is a look at three key areas that will either make or break it for Apple.

iPhone 12 concept video October 1

To start off it is 5G. Apple has an arguable case for waiting as this cellular connectivity requires mobile carriers to be rolling out to consumers to make a 5G handset viable. Even though 5G as a whole is expanding, it isn’t yet in demand by the wider user base. To put this into perspective, the top of the line iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t support 5G and it isn’t a huge loss to consumers.

However, the expectation is that by next year, most premium handset models will all come equipped with 5G. Samsung will be the first ahead of MWC 2020 in February and the competition will soon follow suit. In September, Apple will introduce the iPhone 12 and the latest information claims that all of them will come equipped with 5G.

Where Apple is facing a conundrum right now is future-proofing. There are plenty of consumers who are opting for high-end smartphones because they are with bleeding-edge tech and feature 5G so it remains forward-compatible. The belief is that iPhone user who is of the mindset are more than willing to partake in the annual update and will get 5G with the rest of the world. However, the question remains is how does Apple manage to lure people to its ecosystem that are seeking 5G right now?

iPhone 12 renders PhoneArena

The same argument can be made for 120Hz displays. A rapid refresh rate has been one of the key areas where gaming handsets have thrived in recent years and this feature is also becoming a mainstay on several Android flagship devices. Brands like OnePlus are already using 90Hz this year and are expected to shift to 120Hz next year for a smoother UI and an immersive gaming experience. Apple for its part already features faster displays on the iPad Pro under the ProMotion branding so incorporating this into the iPhone 12 should be expected. However, this can be viewed as something that’s already in use by Apple but not yet found favour on the iPhone.

iPhone 12 October 2

Lastly, it is the design. The current notched display has been used by Apple for the last three years and is high time that it needs to be replaced. A related report by Forbes states, “Normally this would be a time of great curiosity and engagement, as the story is teased out through the usual sources. Not this time around. The story has already found its sound-byte, and that is ‘returning to the design of the iPhone 4’ (which lasted four years before it was replaced by the iPhone 6 design language).”

Apple has a good line to take here. The more curves that are there on an iPhone the less efficient the internal space there is By opting for a boxier design, Apple can do well to maximize the internal space. And, Apple needs this to slot the larger 5G antennae, the extra battery capacity and the increased complexities of the display.

When comparing Apple to Android, the former is going to be left in the dust of many arguments around new technology, its adoption and implementation. However, the iPhone 12 is going to be way ahead of the iPhone 11 and this is great news for the Apple fans. But keeping this in mind, it is going to be a hard sell for Apple who is looking to convert Android users to its ecosystem.

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