Santa' app sends creepy messages to young girl

The app is named Santa Call & Text You'.

Ashley Adam’s 8 year old daughter was excited about a new Santa Claus app on the iOS app store. However when the young girl sent a “Hi” the app’s text Santa feature, the reply she got was “What are you wearing?”

The app is named ‘Santa Call & Text You’. It features various images of Santa Claus and has a feature where you can get texts and calls from the gift-giver from North Pole himself.

“I was in complete shock,” said Adams to Fox and Friends on Monday, further adding that “it made me sick to my stomach”.

The family has since reached out to Apple, since the app was available on their app market. The incident only serves as another reminder of the fact that one can find all kinds of apps on the play store, not all of which might serve their intended purpose.

Young kids, who are more vulnerable to the bunch of inappropriate content on the web must be protected from such threats.

"I feel like my daughter was violated," Adams added.

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