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Huawei may expand in Smart Home technology, in a big way

Published : Oct 14, 2019, 10:45 am IST
Updated : Oct 14, 2019, 10:45 am IST

Huawei's Yu Chengdong made it clear that the chinese giant plans on entering the smart home segment in a big way.

At the “Ecology conference”, Yu Chengdong said:
 At the “Ecology conference”, Yu Chengdong said: "Huawei is only an enabler of the industry, not a predator of the industry."

Huawei's "True Ecology Quality" Eco Conference, Huawei's consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong announced that "Huawei IoT ecological strategy will be fully upgraded to a full-scenario smart strategy. Huawei will revolve around HiAI, two the strategy of a large open platform and three layers of structured products creates a colourful smart home ecosystem for the industry."

The upgrading of the home appliance industry faces the dual challenge of standards and experience. On the one hand, there is no uniform standard in the process of upgrading traditional household appliances to smart home appliances, and the enterprise self-built platform is an island. On the other hand, traditional home appliance companies and smart portals are not smart enough, there is a lack of communication between categories, and there is a lack of scene interaction. In this context, the home appliance industry needs a platform or a new ecology to break these barriers.


After years of accumulation, Huawei will continue to use HiAI as a strategic investment direction to provide a core driving force for all smart businesses. On the other hand, the HUAWEI HiLink platform will be upgraded to enrich the number of “1+8+N” three-tier structured products, select high-quality partners and products, and give consumers a variety of choices.

Core Driver: HiAI Technology Empowerment

In the next 10 years, the most exciting change in the consumer sector is the interaction of all things and natural interactions. The hardware and software ecosystem moves from vertical to aggregate, and AI redefines the consumer end-user experience. The whole scene of intelligent life ecology that Huawei wants to build is an open ecology. Facing the whole ecology, Huawei HiAI intelligent terminal computing platform will provide technology open at the core, end and cloud levels, and empower global partners. With HiAI technology, it brings more computing power, richer scene-based APIs and supports more terminals, making applications more intelligent and powerful.


First, Huawei has accumulated deep AI capabilities in both cloud and terminal services. As early as 2017, Huawei's consumer terminal business was the first to introduce the Kirin 970 chip with built-in NPU. It has been upgraded to the Kirin 980 chip and applied to the latest Mate and P series phones. Last year, Huawei Cloud launched the industry's fastest Ascend chip - 256T computing, full HD video SoC AI chip.

The core side capability is open, mainly reflected in multi-framework, multi-operator support, and powerful computing power and rapid integration deployment capabilities. It can effectively break the bottleneck of end-side power consumption and computing power, and promote end-scale AI scale application. In Huawei's full-scenario smart strategy, the end-side HiAI engine can easily integrate multiple AI capabilities with smart devices/APPs, making the terminal device/APP more intelligent and powerful. For example, let Huawei smart speakers interact more intelligently with people, and accomplish more tasks better. HiAI Service is open to partners in the cloud: HMS provides account, payment, push and other basic services; HAG integrated third-party atomization services.


Open connection platform: HiLink platform

If HiAI is the core driving force and the seed of Huawei's enabling ecological partners, then the HiLink platform is the soil. Ecological prosperity is not a day's work. Huawei's consumer BG launched the HiLink smart home strategy as early as 2015. To date, HiLink has covered 100+ lifestyle categories and is compatible with industry-wide connectivity protocols such as WiFi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth.

HiLink is a fully-connected architecture standard that covers the cloud, the end, the edge, and the core, and realizes the interconnection of all things. It can end-to-end the entire ecological empowerment, solve the interconnection problem between smart devices of different brands and enable the access platform. Communicate with "Mandarin" between devices of different manufacturers, to bring a new home experience to users through the intelligent linkage of scenes.


Huawei has deeply understood how to make cross-brand eco-products work together to bring more convenience and comfort to consumers. This is a challenge for the Internet of Things in the consumer field, and it is a challenge that no partner can accomplish independently. The real ecology needs Huawei and its partners to build together. Therefore, on the HUAWEI HiLink platform, Huawei continues to empower, while industry partners focus on providing hardware and services to complement each other's advantages, thus continuously upgrading the smart experience of IoT products.

Huawei built three eco-cooperation modes around HiLink smart home eco-strategy. Huawei's smart products focus on deep cooperation and empowerment and are committed to building the highest IoT experience standard. Works with HUAWEI HiLink products focus on extensive volume cooperation, committed to openness and support. Partner product smart experience; cloud docking account interoperability is committed to activating the stock user to ensure the basic experience.


To enhance the consumer intelligence experience and a more comprehensive empowerment partner, Ark Labs has become an important part of HiLink's smart home ecosystem strategy. As the world's largest consumer, software, hardware and service integration innovation carrier, Ark Labs has realized the implementation of offline end-to-end solutions. Relying on the Ark Lab, Huawei's IoT solution not only enables the empowerment of single product experience, empowers cross-device experience, and empowers the store experience, but also enables the real estate home improvement to become the only industry capable of providing many professional capabilities for the ecological partners.


2019 true ecology, HUAWEI HiLink comprehensive upgrade

2019 is the first year of the smart home industry and a year of a comprehensive upgrade of the HUAWEI HiLink smart home ecosystem strategy. To bring the HUAWEI HiLink smart life experience to everyone and every family, Huawei has upgraded from four aspects: brand, technology, products and channels.

In terms of brand, HUAWEI HiLink has been upgraded from a smart home ecosystem to a full-site IoT ecosystem. Huawei is merging all-round resources inside and outside to promote the early arrival of intelligent transformation, including more than one billion RMB infrastructure and technical standards research and development, marketing investment, ecological incentives, etc., and cooperate with thousands of partners to achieve full-site IoT products into Wanjia store. At the same time, Huawei's 1+8 portal user experience is continuously entrusted to IoT products through HiLink platform, making Huawei's full scene IoT ecosystem the benchmark of China's best IoT experience, and eventually becoming the leader of all-connected smart life.


Technical aspects: Based on Huawei's strong technical strength, Huawei's smart homes also ushered in important upgrades at the technical level. This year, Huawei's self-developed Linghao series chips will be fully deployed in the HUAWEI HiLink ecosystem. The CPU, Lingqi Wi-Fi and Lingxiao Power Cat chips have been fully applied to our connected products, such as Huawei Routing Q2 Pro and WS5200. Version, and all subsequent routing products. Next, Huawei will also launch the Lingyi IoT Wi-Fi chip series, which will be fully open to all Huawei Smart Home Eco-Partners. The household appliances equipped with the Lingyi IoT Wi-Fi chip and the router of Huawei Linghao chip will be more stable, better in experience, farther in coverage, lower in power consumption, and can support long-term work of various home appliances with batteries.


Products: Enriching Huawei's intelligent selection of ecological products, creating more ecological explosives; deepening the work with partners, from single products to full range, all categories. After deeply understanding the pain points and challenges of partners and industry intelligent upgrades

Huawei will open more empowerment capabilities, including product technology, marketing, channels, users, platforms, and delivery quality. Among them, Huawei will continue to uphold the positioning of eco-innovation demonstrations and continue to create more ecological explosives with professional partners. The Works with HUAWEI HiLink method will integrate, expand and deepen into the whole category and full range from single models. Products that cover more squares and offer more price positions for consumers to choose from.


Channels: From Huawei to partner channels, create more single product explosions; from post-installation to pre-load delivery, to achieve program integration.

At the “Ecology Conference”, Huawei announced a strong alliance with Suning and the House of Reality. Huawei and Suning will conduct strategic cooperation in the field of smart home from the aspects of ecology, products and channels. At the same time, the two parties will enhance the user experience as the purpose, deep cooperation in the Internet of Things, smart home industry standards, jointly promote the formation of industry alliances, and jointly advocate the establishment of national-level smart home industry standards and norms; Huawei and the actual home to build HUAWEI HiLink's whole house smart home hardcover solution, jointly introduces home appliance product partners, indoor design integration partners, and life comprehensive service partners to jointly establish the program and service standards and specifications that lead the home industry and build a joint laboratory.


The signing of this strategy means that Huawei's channel upgrade is gradually being implemented, which is an important step in the overall HUAWEI HiLink smart home ecosystem strategy.

Through the upgrading of brands, technologies, products and channels, Yu Chengdong said that in the next three years, smart IoT will move from dream to reality, and one-third of China's smart home appliances will support HUAWEI HiLink, becoming the main force and the best IoT ecosystem in China. Standard.

Defining the three elements of the IoT Ecology for the first time: entrances, connections and ecology

At the HUAWEI HiLink Ecology Conference, the general manager of Huawei's consumer smart home field, Sui Wei, first proposed the three elements of the IoT ecosystem: portal, connectivity and ecology. At the same time, relevant data was released, and the number of portal connections of Huawei's entire ecosystem platform reached 260 million. Connected to 40 million households and access HUAWEI HiLink eco partners up to 200


This eco-conference is a feast for Huawei and its partners. Huawei's AI speaker update skills and features are the key entry products. Huawei's routing, which is the core of the home connectivity product, fully supports IPv6, and focuses on Huawei's routing Q2 Pro, leading the world. Huawei 5G CPE Pro for 5G, and 4 Huawei-selected eco-products for quality life, including iateey smart hot water bar, remote master air conditioner companion, Lake smart cycle fan, Siemens split air detector. In addition, Sparks also brought a new product, the HUAWEI HiLink Bluetooth module, which costs less than $1.

China's three elements in the IOT Ecology: the entrance, connection, and ecological aspects are well deployed, and are committed to providing consumers with smarter natural interaction portals, more suitable for high-speed and stable connection products of Chinese families, and richer ecological scene choices.


5 heavy cooperation, achieving ecological win-win

At the Ecology Conference, Huawei held a roundtable meeting with ecological partners such as Siemens Energy Management Group, Bosi Home Appliances, A.O. Smith, Panasonic Cleaning Division, and Oaks Group. At the meeting, Huawei's consumer business IOT product line president Zhi Hao said, "True intelligence = good entry equipment, control brand, good quality home appliances, by establishing a stable connection between the two, bringing consumers intelligent Service experience. And "true intelligence" is not something that can be achieved by a single product. It should be a systematic solution to build a true ecology together."


It is worth mentioning that the five major cooperative brands announced this time are leading enterprises in various vertical fields. They will cooperate with Huawei in the portal, AI and connection technologies to fully connect the HUAWEI HiLink platform. This cooperation is not only the joining of products, but the cooperation of the whole series; Huawei entered the whole house solution this year, including water system, air system, cleaning system, energy system, etc. These manufacturers are very professional in these systems. Work with HUAWEI HiLink to create the ultimate smart home-wide smart home solution that delivers a true smart living experience to consumers.


In the future, we welcome more professional partners in the field to settle in Ark, and work with Huawei to create a more complete smart home whole house solution.

Huawei only works as an industrial enabler.

Smart home is the key to the era of smart Internet. Huawei insists on openness and innovation and continues to polish the user experience. To this end, Huawei will provide a full range of open technologies, brands and channel capabilities to help the development of the smart home industry, and strive to create the first ecological home of China's smart home within three years, thus achieving the goal of 3 billion US dollars in three years. This is what Huawei has to do. If you insist on doing it, you must polish your experience to first-class and finally to first-class.


It is worth noting that Huawei is a trustworthy partner. Huawei's entry into the smart home market is not to build its own home appliances, but to build a new and open platform to work together with traditional home appliance manufacturers to rapidly transform and build a smart home quality life. The space left by Huawei for its partners is vast. Huawei is empowering its technology and sales channels to enhance its brand value and product sales.

For consumers, HUAWEI HiLink brings together many outstanding brands to provide richer and more diverse smart home products. This open approach greatly promotes consumers' autonomy in product selection and enhances the intelligent experience.


As in the “Ecology conference”, Yu Chengdong said: "Huawei is only an enabler of the industry, not a predator of the industry." Behind this sentence is Huawei's commitment to the ecological partners to jointly promote the smart home ecology, and also highlights Huawei.

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