Top server trends for 2020

Dell Technologies lists down 3 key trends that for the year 2020.

The emergence of new-age technologies such as AI, ML, and cloud analytics, has disrupted IT operations, business models, and markets – creating a need for organisations to revamp their traditional IT infrastructures. To gain a competitive edge and to overcome significant challenges such as managing numerous workloads, organisations are heavily investing in transforming their IT infrastructure.

Therefore, for a seamless transition into the future of IT, they need to deploy advanced servers that form the foundation of modern age IT infrastructure - running a variety of workloads from database to software-defined storage. Amongst many factors that will dominate the server market, Dell Technologies lists down 3 key trends that for the year 2020:

  • Server Security: Built-in, not bolted on: Data protection is increasingly becoming the top of the mind recall for IT managers, however, their major focus is only around protecting critical applications & OS from malicious attacks. Since server infrastructure is also the key to data center security, it becomes necessary for these IT managers to protect their servers from external threats. Hence, in 2020, we will witness the rise of holistic server solutions which will have security in-built into the infrastructure design rather than adding as an extra layer.

· Re-skilling Workforce: A necessity, not an option: With new-age technologies driving the next data decade, organizations are rapidly moving towards IT transformation. However, to make most of these modern IT infrastructures, an upskilled workforce becomes necessary. For instance, in the context of compute, organisations will need to invest in re-skilling their engineers to make them understand these emerging technologies and to help them deliver better results. Hence, in this year, we will see re-skilling and up-skilling transition from an option into a requirement.

  • Data & Scalability to go hand in hand: Data is the key to the future as businesses will eventually turn to data-driven insights to cater to the changing demands of their customers. As dependency on these emerging technologies continue to grow, we will witness an unprecedented growth of data. Therefore, organisations while anticipating their future growth, will look out for compute solutions that are scalable in nature.

“The year 2020 holds great importance as it marks the beginning of what we call the Next Data Decade. New opportunities lie ahead for the server industry as organisations look towards accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies and transforming their IT infrastructure,” said Rudramuni B, Vice President & India R&D Head, Dell Technologies. “In this hyper-competitive world, businesses will need to deploy agile and modern IT solutions to stay relevant. At Dell Technologies, we have constantly trued to innovate and deliver innovations via a balanced IT ecosystem combined with our holistic server portfolio makes us the right digital partner for customers who want to derive better business results.”

Dell Technologies offers a wide range of server solutions to help customers’ seize and drive efficiency at affordable cost. Recently, Dell Technologies introduced their industry leading PowerEdge servers, backed by the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors that deliver innovations to customers of all sizes who need to address demanding and emerging workloads that suit their IT deployment (on- or off-premise).

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