Don't judge fitness of your coach by age', says John Buchanan

The Indian cricket board has put age as one criterion.

Mumbai: Australia's former coach John Buchanan does not see age as a factor to decide the coach.

The Indian cricket board has put age as one criterion. The BCCI has invited applications for the men's team support staff including head coach who will need to be less than 60 years of age and with a 2-year minimum experience of coaching international side.

Australia’s most successful coach John Buchanan, started the interview by stating, "The key factor is proven international experience which I think should be longer than 2 years. I would think a minimum of 3 at least."

"Secondly, I do not see age as a factor." "If the reasoning is that the individual needs to be physically and mentally ‘fit’ to handle the demands of the position, then an individual applying for the role needs to be able to demonstrate they have the necessary fitness.”

"However, there are many coaches well under 60 years who would not have the ‘fitness’ to meet the demands of the role; and at the same time, there will be many coaches over 60 who have looked after themselves, and can do the same job as 50 year-olds", Buchanan further added.

Buchanan started coaching Australia when he was 46 and completed his stint at 54. The last date of receiving application put by the BCCI is July 30. The current coach Ravi Shastri, (57) is fulfilling both the criteria – age and experience – and he is one of the favourites to retain his job.

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