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Published : Sep 4, 2016, 10:11 pm IST
Updated : Sep 4, 2016, 10:11 pm IST

As we celebrate Teachers’ Day — let’s take a look at some TV educators who make us miss the classrooms!


As we celebrate Teachers’ Day — let’s take a look at some TV educators who make us miss the classrooms!

Teachers’ Day is almost here and for those of you who have been out of classrooms for a long time, this list will definitely help you navigate your memory lane. With strict teachers to fun ones, we have it all in this list of teachers on television that have made their mark.

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) —How to Get Away with Murder Annalise Keating is a strict taskmaster but she’s also one of the most unconventional on TV. She manages to keep her interns out of jail despite the mishaps they’re a part of, manages to win cases that seem impossible and also helps her prodigies get excellent scores in school.

Thinking deeper and getting creative with answers is what she’s all about — and that’s why her brutal yet necessary lessons help her students succeed, case after case.

Miss Edna Krabappel (Voiced by marcia wallace)—The Simpsons She probably reminds you of a few teachers you encountered as a kid — those had a sarcastic remark at the ready, everytime you tried to disrupt class. Ms Krabappel is a Simpsons favourite because she seemed to care very little about her job, drank, dated around and somehow managed to deal with Bart and his unruly gang. She makes us think hard about what we put our teachers through in school!

Ben Chang (Ken Jeong) — Community Community is the perfect place to find many strange teachers who are unique characters. The one that stands out is Ben Chang who begins his life at Greendale Community College as a sassy Spanish teacher, and then goes on to play many different roles — including music student and security guard! If we had Chang as our teacher, learning would be a crazy yet fun learning experience. He might not be too idealistic, but the disasters he creates are a roller-coaster ride we’re willing to hop on.

Jessica Day (Zooey Decschanel)— New Girl How can you not love the enthusiastic and adorable teacher that is Jessica Day She loves her job and has a passion for helping children develop, and that’s exactly what makes a great teacher!

Although she has gotten into a fair bit of trouble at work dealing with bosses, co-workers and bullies — she’s managed to swing back very quickly. Her quirky persona, cheerfulness and determination makes us wish we had more of those when we were students.

Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) — Scream Queens Ah, Dean Munsch, what would Wallace University do without you Well, there’d be a lot less drama to start with. She sets out to abolish the Greek fraternity system and tries to keep the college open despite murders on campus.

As the series progresses we find that she has secrets of her own that she is trying to desperately hide. She may not be the best principal or teacher but she definitely is a hilarious one. Secrets and laughs; that’s all we need in a horror-comedy.

Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) — Glee Will Schuester is probably the most ideal teacher anyone could ask for. With his passion for music, he sets on a journey to bring back and nurture the Glee club. Not only does he actively take part in changing the lives of the students he teaches and helps them win several accolades — but he also deals with his own life. For anyone who thought that teachers didn’t have lives outside the classroom, this is going to be an eye-opening experience.