Mystic Mantra: Everything is temporary

Time changes and all that is there passes away or changes form.

Do you know when Suraiyya died? Do you know when Devanand died? Do you know when K.L. Sehgal died? Or when Rajesh Khanna died? Or do you remember any incident from their lives after their heydays had passed?

At the peak of their careers each one of the above used to go around with security that was not even given to politicians of the time, and I am talking about just 40 or so years back. Suraiyya could not go to her movie premiers as even security could not keep fans at bay and they would mob her. None of them paid the media for publishing their pictures or writing about them as is the trend with today’s celebrities and movie stars. Within few years of having reached their peak, they disappeared into nothingness, complete blank. No one chasing them; all the glory gone, even moving on streets without being noticed. Can you imagine the loss?

The world is a temporary phenomenon. For all of the above, a time was there when people gave their lives for them. Within a few years, all of them died alone. Time changes and all that is there passes away or changes form. What is temporary cannot remain. Beauty, wealth, health and popularity, these are all temporary aspects of manifested world which shall slip out of hands just like sand slips out of your fists slowly without even realising that it is going or that it is gone. Wasting your time on frivolous temporary aspects of life pushes you into a whirlpool of devolution where each passing day is more painful than previous. If these people could not retain what they had, I can assure you that you will also not and imagine... you only have a fraction of what they had.

Now if you look at the lives of saints, the likes of Guru Gobind Singh, Saibaba, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, you will find that people remember them and sit and talk about them and their popularity is increasing with passing time. The reason being that they were focused on the permanent and so, they are progressively permanent. They left their bodies satisfied.

Till when there is time, wake up from your slumber, dreaming of the temporary world. Wake up to reality. Find a guru.

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