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Mystic Mantra: Downloading God

Sant Rajinder Singhji, head of Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission, works towards promoting inner and outer peace. He can be contacted at
Published : Jun 2, 2018, 2:52 am IST
Updated : Jun 2, 2018, 2:52 am IST

Receptivity is downloading software from God instead of the programmes of this world.

Meditation is the process of downloading God.
 Meditation is the process of downloading God.

We can also compare receptivity to the way a computer downloads information. Receptivity is a state in which we download God into ourselves. Unfortunately, instead of downloading God, we are downloading the world into ourselves. How can we download God instead of the world to reap more spiritual benefits?

Think about how a computer works. A computer starts out as basic hardware. On its own it can do nothing. To operate, software programmes have to be downloaded to it. These software programmes carry out different tasks and functions. Although all computers are basically the same, they operate differently based on the software downloaded into it.

Human beings are like computer hardware. We are all born with the same basic operating equipment. We have a physical body, bodily systems, and the brain with its system of taking information from the body and senses. What makes us different is the kind of input that is downloading into our self over the course of our lives. We all download different types of input from the world. Most people only download information into themselves that comes from their body, their senses and the outer world.

Receptivity is downloading software from God instead of the programmes of this world. The soul is not interested in downloading the world with its enjoyments and entertainments. It wants to download the divine and its bliss, love and ecstasy.

If we identify with our true self, the soul, the computer operator of our body and brain, we too will find that downloading this world does not fulfil us. The soul is only nourished by the love and light of the divine.

To be truly fulfilled, we need to download God. How can we do that? Meditation is the process of downloading God. When we meditate, our soul comes in contact with the vibrating principle of God, the current of light and sound. The point of connection is at the third or single eye, between and behind the two eyebrows. When we put our attention there, we begin the download process in which we connect with the light and sound of God. When that is complete, we are then connected to the entire network of God. We merge into the light and sound and can travel on the current through all the realms of creation, transcending realms of matter to enter realms of spirit. The ultimate end of the journey is merging back into God, an infinite ocean of consciousness and love.

When we download God into our system, we are actually merging our real nature back into our source. We then tap into eternal wisdom, immortality, bliss, happiness, peace and divine love. We transcend this world of pain and suffering to enter a realm with no death, no pain and no suffering. We experience an ecstasy and love unknown to us in this physical world.

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