Onion prices soar to Rs 60 per kg

Onion rates have increasing for more than a month.

Mumbai: Onion prices have risen to Rs 55-60 per kg in the retail markets even as there is a view that the state government is not taking any steps to make it available at cheaper rates. President of Mumbai Grahak Panchayat (MGP) Shirish Deshpande on Tuesday demanded that government should take immediate steps to make onions available at cheaper rates.

Onion rates have increasing for more than a month, as there was no sufficient supply in the market. The onion crop in some areas got affected due to heavy rain. Exports were continued, which also lead to an increase in prices. Traders and retailers are taking undue advantage and carrying out profiteering owing to the government’s alleged inaction.

When toor and urad dal prices were high, after public pressure, the government started distributing dals at fair-price shops at Apana Bazaar, Sahkar Bhandar and D-Mart. The MGP demanded intervention of the government in and immediate steps to control the price rise.

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