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School that uses art-based therapy to serve as model

Published : Dec 1, 2018, 2:44 am IST
Updated : Dec 1, 2018, 2:44 am IST

KVK Ghatkopar Public School embraces joyful learning.

Confidence is instilled in kids via a slew of activities.
 Confidence is instilled in kids via a slew of activities.

Mumbai: KVK Ghatkopar Public School, which adopts unique arts-based therapeutic activities for students as a part of counselling sessions, will serve as a source of inspiration for other schools in the city.

The school helps students deal with psychological pressure and instils confidence in them via a variety of activities such as pottery, sketching, physical exertion and shouting, among other things. The state education ministry is now set to make the government-aided school, which has over 2,000 students, a model school.

Jagdish Indalkar, principal of the school who initiated  arts-based therapy since the academic year 2018-19 for all students from Class 1 to 12, said, “A high number of students come from slum areas, so it’s always a challenge to cope with their psychology. But, with the help of experts and our teachers, art therapy and the concept of ‘joyful learning’ is solving numerous troubles students face.”

After every two lectures, students are given a 10-minute break where they can indulge in physical activity to recharge themselves. “Students behave like themselves in these 10 minutes. It involves just simply running around or playing with their friends or just shouting and screaming. This activates the hippoc-ampus neurons in their brain, which is associated with happiness, memory, emotions and motivation,” he explained.

Prachi Sathe, an officer on special duty for the state education ministry, said, “Schools can get now inspired as even wit-h its limited space, this school utilised all facilities available to give students the best of best.”

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