5 must-try sex positions for when you want a quickie

According to an expert, here are positions for quickie sex that does not compromise of quality.

Lets’ be honest. Sometimes, the best sex you can get is a quick sex, or quickie. It can be extremely orgasmic and helps build bonds of intimacy between partners.

However, being creative in times of quickies can be difficult. According to an expert who wrote for The Sun, here are 5 positions for quickie sex that does not compromise on quality.

Up and away: Perfect because it allows for deep penetration in an instant, you lay your back with your legs in the air and he settles between them. You can rest your ankles on his shoulders if you like, or cross them behind his head to encourage him into you further.

The bonus of the position is that you don’t even need to take your clothes off, simply pull your trousers down or your skirt up you are off.

Stairway sex: For all the couples too much in throes of their passion to wait till they reach the bedroom, the different heights offered by the steps mean you can experiment a bit here. Make him sit on one of the steps and then lower yourself onto him facing away. You can use the bannister for support and to help you manoeuvre on top of him.

The Sensual shower: Combining sex and your morning routine is a brilliant way to get a bit dirty whilst you’re getting clean. Shower sex is a fantastic option if you’re short on time, or privacy and the added sensuality of the hot water will make things even better as it will encourage blood flow to the surface of your skin and make you more responsive to your partners touch.

Doggy style: It’s an amazing position for quickie sex where the deep penetration means he’ll have no problem climaxing quickly and the fact that you’re most sensitive spot is left a little exposed means you can incorporate the use of fingertips or a toy to help you along.

Counter climax: Sit on top of the counter and spread your legs to allow your partner to penetrate you.

Quickie sex is great for relieving stress, bringing you together and definitely counts as exercise you can burn off up to one hundred calories in one energetic quickie.

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