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Chivalry gets gender neutral

Published : Mar 29, 2018, 3:42 am IST
Updated : Mar 29, 2018, 3:43 am IST

Being gracious towards women is not just a man’s prerogative. Even women are upping their game now.

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff
 Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff

Chivalry, since time immemorial is something men are expected to do for their women. Being chivalrous could involve anything — paying restaurant bills, buying gifts and flowers, driving women around to opening doors for them. Times have changed drastically today, with women being more independent. In a first of its kind incident, Bollywood actress Disha Patani recently took on the mantle of chivalry herself. Squashing the belief that being chivalrous is not a man’s prerogative, Disha opened the car door for her BF Tiger Shroff at an event.

Teena Ponappa  Teena Ponappa

Since gender equality is the talk of the town with people raising their voice, in such a scenario expecting only men to be chivalrous is definitely not the way forward. Being chivalrous has broken gender barriers, and this is a great move towards the equality of the sexes.


Sandalwood actress Teena Ponappa feels, “I think being chivalrous is more a sweet gesture for a loved one than related to gender equality. When men are chivalrous, it means that they care for you. When we show special care towards men, it makes them feel good and gives them the assurance that they are also taken care of. When you have an opportunity to make a man feel good, then why not utilise it? It’s not just a man that needs to be chivalrous. Women should also imbibe it. It can be their way of saying that ‘You’re important to me’. I think in a relationship, the way girls like to be pampered, a guy to needs the same kind of pampering.” And otherwise as well, having the care and grace to be chivalrous should be gender neutral. Social activist Pinky Chandran says, “I believe that just as feminism goes beyond gender, chivalry too needs to be gender neutral. The underlying principle is to treat the other person as a human being with kindness, respect and dignity! That’s when gender equality comes to the fore.
There is nothing hypocritical about feeling nice when the other partner opens the door or offers to pay bills. The confusion occurs when we get lost in the meanings and definitions, to conform to a particular thinking or label. So go ahead, be a feminist, be chivalrous without bringing gender differentiation or unrealistic expectations in the way.  Encourage each other, and don’t belittle”.

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