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Job well done

Published : Aug 23, 2019, 12:29 am IST
Updated : Aug 23, 2019, 12:29 am IST

Even celebrity make-up artists were referred to as ‘make-up didi’. With changing times, they are acknowledeged worldwide.

With changing times, these talents have started finding acknowledgement all over the world.
 With changing times, these talents have started finding acknowledgement all over the world.

When 12 students from Delhi, Gurugram and Ludhiana joined a hair and make-up academy in India, little did they know that they would get the opportunity of a lifetime to work at a fashion event in Dubai.

Not long ago, people delving in these professions were looked down upon. For instance, even celebrity make-up artists were referred to as ‘make-up data’ or ‘make-up didi’; anyway, they barely got any recognition on set. Incidentally, the sky is now the limit. With changing times, these talents have started finding acknowledgement all over the world.


Good hair, make-up day

Alisha Sukhija, a participant at the Dubai event, chirps, “I got a great opportunity to intern at GlammOnn Miss & Mrs India 2019 in Dubai and it has definitely boosted my confidence. Make-up has always been my passion, but it took some time for me to realise that.” However, Dubai was just the beginning, as Star Hair & Makeup Academy is now all set to showcase the students’ make-up and grooming wonders at the New York Fashion Week. Aashmeen Munjaal, head of the academy, says, “In Dubai, we worked with a few dignitaries and government officials. Though it was our first international internship for students, my students were highly appreciated.”


Fab footwear

Creativity accompanies footwear designing at every step. And, yet, the profession has not been given the same importance as compared to jewellery or bridal design. Neha Sahu, founder of jutti designing brand The Haelli shares, “I think there is lack of exposure in our country. People are not aware of the possible dimensions in designing. Also, people tend to incline towards a market that shows more gravitation towards growth. Luckily, from past few years, footwear market, especially jutti designing, has shown exponential growth”

Sahu vouches for the rise of footwear designing in the international market and explains, “Indians are now considering that putting our whole energy in the work we love doing is more important than caring about what others consider right. I have seen so much change in the market and also among the courses students are picking up in the last few years.”


Good ol’ Ayurveda

Shahnaz Husain, who has been considered a pioneer in the Indian Ayurvedic scene since 1971, feels that the profession, which is an ancient practice of our land, has never been underestimated by our fellow countrymen. She opines, “Despite being an ancient and traditional system of herbal healing, it has always been and is still a flourishing industry. In fact, today, there is a demand for holistic and alternative healing systems, worldwide. We have seen naturalism and the ‘total wellness’ concept come into people’s lifestyle.”

Sweet tooth wins

From being considered as ‘halwais’ to being known as proper business owners, the journey of sweet makers has been a long one.


“Sweet making is emerging as a full-fledged business, just like any other. In some parts of India, people are still not happy with the idea of being a ‘halwai’, because it refers to a certain caste or community of people making sweets. But, now, with talent and interest, anyone who wishes to pursue this business, with the magic in their hands, can go for it,” says Arpit Chawla of Meetha Shagun, a brand that makes sweets.

He also adds that with improving technology and innovation, the platforms for individuals to showcase their unique talents have also increased. “We Indians always have a tendency of ‘Khane ke baad kuch meetha ho jaaye’ (to eat something sweet after a meal) and, therefore, it helps create demand,” he quips.


Fit as a fiddle

Kamal Mujtaba, head boxing coach at fitness startup Cult, carved a path through which the shackles of stereotypes in his field were broken. He says, “A fitness expert is mostly thought of someone practicing the traditional form of wrestling, doing push-ups or lifting heavyweights. Let me be categorical when I say that fitness is complex. Doing random things won’t make you fit but, conversely, lead to fitness-related serious injuries. One needs to understand one’s body and accept the boundaries. This is where a fitness expert comes in.”

He concludes, “With growing competition in this field, there is greater standardisation. However, professionals from the field are doing extremely well on an international level in terms of social and financial standards.”


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