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73rd Day Of Lockdown

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Holiday in your own city

Published : Oct 16, 2019, 12:52 am IST
Updated : Oct 16, 2019, 12:52 am IST

Staycations are the new vacations. We tap this travel trend to find out why it’s so popular.

A large section of Bengalureans from all walks of life, are now opting for staycations within the city or just on the outskirts.
 A large section of Bengalureans from all walks of life, are now opting for staycations within the city or just on the outskirts.

With several long weekends coming and the weather becoming quite pleasant, many people are already making vacation plans.A large section of Bengalureans from all walks of life, are now opting for staycations within the city or just on the outskirts. The best thing about such staycations, they say, is the ease with which they can be planned and executed. There is barely any packing or planning required, no lines at the airports or flight delays to contend with.

Musician Liben Tom says, “I love staycations simply because they help me to recharge myself after my hectic and busy concert tours and schedules. When I do get breaks, although there aren’t too many, I make the maximum use of them. I like to unwind at a nearby resort with family or friends. It is the perfect way to balance life. I also visit popular hangouts that have pleasant music, the perfect ambience and good food.”Liben adds, “Being a full-time musician with a pre-booked calendar for gigs throughout the year, a staycation is ideal.

It does not require pre-planning and, eventually, it gives you the satisfaction of being on a vacation.”

Forbes stated the hospitality sector is majorly picking up in Bengaluru and other capital cities, with some of the business coming from bookings for staycations that provide luxury and relaxation in hotels and resorts. Hriatpuii Fanai, PhD Scholar from Christ University, who enjoys her staycation amidst nature, describes what brings her joy, “A staycation for me is not necessarily travelling. It is unwinding at home, cooking good food and listening to good music since I enjoy my solitude. Although I am a homebody, one of my ideal things is to go hiking or trekking in the mountains, setting up a camp by a river and being amidst nature. I actually prefer this over a vacation, as it requires a smaller budget and travel time. Moreover, it involves less planning and can be easily executed.”

Debolina Ray, product manager at a tech company, who loves to recharge herself with a staycation every once in a while,explains what makes it work well for her, “For the kind of mad worklife in Bengaluru, this is perfect and close at hand. We have taken these city breaks and loved it, mainly because of the minimal hassle and planning. The perfect day is breakfast in bed, good food, lots of lazing around, spa therapies — basically R&R (rest andrecreation) to the fullest. Preferably with phones off!” She adds, “Firstly, it involves minimal planning. Secondly, unwinding is the goal of the experience. And finally, it is away from the city, the traffic and pollution. Remarkable discounts offered by hotels and resorts make it even better. This is why I prefer a staycation over a vacation.”

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