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'Cool Dads' of contemporary times breaking stereotype

Published : Jun 16, 2019, 3:13 pm IST
Updated : Jun 16, 2019, 3:49 pm IST

Here are some ‘super dads’ who are perfectly balancing the modern-day equation.

L-R: Kapil Gulati - Director, Consumer Segment, Sennheiser Electronics, India; B. Srinivasan, Deputy Commissioner, Bathinda; Pratyush Kumar, Vice President, Jana Small Finance Bank, Madhya Pradesh. (Photo: File)
 L-R: Kapil Gulati - Director, Consumer Segment, Sennheiser Electronics, India; B. Srinivasan, Deputy Commissioner, Bathinda; Pratyush Kumar, Vice President, Jana Small Finance Bank, Madhya Pradesh. (Photo: File)

Over the years parenting in India has undergone a paradigm shift where child raising is no longer the solo responsibility of the mother. There are some exceptional fathers who have proved that the traditional gender roles have changed and believe that relationships have evolved and it is all about sharing love and responsibilities equally.

On the occasion of Father’s Day here are some wonderful fathers who are perfectly balancing their successful careers while being dutiful fathers. In a freewheeling chat, we learn that these professionals are breaking the stereotype concept of parenting and are playing a significant role in their child’s upbringing, thereby setting an example for others to follow.

B Srinivasan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Bhatinda and Additional Secretary during the Measles Rubella campaign shares that as a human being is their prime duty to protect and guide them to grow in the right way.

He spends quality time with his child every day – either it is in their routine activities like dropping them in the school, taking them to the park, helping with the regular homework, cooking their favourite food during weekends or something to do with their health like ensuring that they get their due vaccinations on time.

When it comes to balancing his work life and time with his kids, post work i.e. after 7 pm he spends his entire time with the family and kids. Like every parent, he wishes the best for his child.

He shares, “it is important to understand that children are as much responsibility of a father as much of their mothers. Only when you share the load with your partner, you make space for personal growth. I would like my children to grow up to be healthy, kind, loving and hard-working – everything that takes a bit of effort and patience.”

Pratyush Kumar, Vice President, Jana Small Finance Bank, Madhya Pradesh kick starts his morning with a gentle smile at the sight of his kid. He is equally involved in his kid’s routine as his wife. Even though he gets to spend 2-3 hours with his kid he ensures that he spends quality time with them through various activities like fun games, teaching, watching television, regular health check-ups and many more. His kid has taught him the most memorable lesson of life: “A little smile of these lovely kids can ease your tensions. Take life easy and enjoy to the fullest.”

Kapil Gulati, Director, Consumer Segment, Sennheiser Electronics India has a hectic schedule, despite that he ensures that he reaches home and spends time with them and enquires about “one thing they loved and disliked about the day.” He shares, “It’s something my parents did with me when I was a kid and I’ve carried it with me, as it helps build gratitude and learning.”

He works in Gurgaon and spends approximately 4 hours daily on-road commuting from Delhi. Despite this hectic travel and work load, he ensures that he has dinner with his kids and takes out time to play a game every the kid go off to sleep.

He loves playing cricket and badminton with them on weekends because he thinks that these will help in inculcating the sportsman spirit in them.  

He shares, “In today’s times when so many challenges and issues are happening all around the globe, I strongly believe that it’s become all the more essential for people to be compassionate and respectful towards one another. It doesn’t matter which college you go to, which job you have and how big your house is; till the time we can’t be considerate and helpful, what’s it even for.”    

His message to all the fathers: “Be there at all times whenever your child needs you and more importantly, be who he needs you to be at that moment – act like a friend when he needs one, become a kid with him/her other times and act like the parent when he needs one. Be the best man for your kid.”

Ashim Mathur, Senior Director, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories shares that he tries to be around his kids at every step as much as possible – from seeing them off to school to having dinner together.

His work requires him to travel quite a bit, so whenever he is at home he tries to catch up on lost time. Quality is of paramount importance to him than quantity.  He believes the generation of today is extremely smart and aware – more than what it was earlier. Kids imbibe actions more than words and so he tries to guide them by showing them what truly matters – how compassionate and respectful we are as people. But, he also thinks it is really important for parents to let them form their own perceptions and visions of the world around them, set their own examples and learn on their way.

His message to the fathers: I get how important smartphones have become in our lives and we always tend to think ‘it is one important phone call or one important mail’, but once you’re home, please avoid using your phone as much as possible and spend that time with your children. It is only a matter of a few years before they grow up and start living their own lives; it is then that the time today will mean the most. Phones will always be around!