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Nina Vargas has a plan to help Bollywood celebrities achieve success through brands

Published : Aug 13, 2019, 1:10 pm IST
Updated : Aug 13, 2019, 6:24 pm IST

Nina Vargas is an enthusiastic character who has numerous accomplishments in her life.

Nina Vargas
 Nina Vargas

Nina Vargas is an enthusiastic character who has numerous accomplishments in her life and she is one of those individuals who love to enjoy various skills which will be beneficial for her in the long run. During her education, she had an eagerness for the retail market and constantly needed to learn about various brands. With solid perseverance towards education and profession, she started working with Big brands .

Working in the retail business, she came to identify what truly will work for her career and from that minute; she entered the world of business. She holds a view that business requires individuals who can connect with, progress, and support the new talent. She gave a thought of moving to New York City for the job in retail and PR. After working for a half-decade, she started working in as Director of Operations for the advertising and fashion in NY. At some point later, she accepted that marketing advisor is a suitable occupation for her; moreover, she started her career as a private marketing professional and took brands to another level.                                  

After getting success in the American retail market, she is planning to set up business workplaces and learning institutions in India where she will help out acclaimed people of Bollywood to promote their brands worldwide. Being a promoting expert, she will contact and give employment to people who have an enthusiasm for the retail advertise and will help new talent to acquire their aptitudes in the market.

Furthermore, her network in the American market will help Indian predominant individuals to achieve success from their brands. Also, this character has made business associations with an adequate number of organizations to become more productive in the market. Finally, her assistance to the people, welcoming approach, and long-term hustle made her work ethic "trademark." Bollywood is best place to work Says Nina, we are happy to see Nina on board with Bollywood celebs.

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