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  Life   More Features  12 Sep 2019  Father-daughter duo Amarjeet Gurudatta & Gurleen Gurudatta's travel dairies are bliss

Father-daughter duo Amarjeet Gurudatta & Gurleen Gurudatta's travel dairies are bliss

Published : Sep 12, 2019, 4:33 pm IST
Updated : Sep 12, 2019, 4:33 pm IST

We are running fast in the 21st century; people are not able to find time for themselves in their routine life.

Amarjeet Gurudatta and Gurleen Gurudatta
 Amarjeet Gurudatta and Gurleen Gurudatta

We are running fast in the 21st century; people are not able to find time for themselves in their routine life. So they tend to make their vacation and plan different tours around the world. Travelling around the places gives you that refreshment and positive vibe which can make you feel good. You can come out from depression and all if you are feeling down in life.

Many people today expand their travel diary by visit the most beautiful places in the world. Tow more getting added in this list who are going for a world tour to get that energy from daily routine work of their life.


Amarjeet Gurudatta and Gurleen Gurudatta this father and daughter have decided to expand their travel diary outside India by visiting top places of the world by the end of this year.

Amarjeet Gurudatta, a renowned entrepreneur of Raipur, feels its time to take out some time for himself and family. So he has decided to start a new journey of his life by travelling around the places. He has planned three months-long vacations to visit top sites of the world with his daughter Gurleen Gurudatta. He wants to give her daughter the best time of her life by delivering this lovely gift of World-tour.

Amarjeet Gurudatta is also a proud father of Navjyot Gurudatta. Amarjeet wants to live the life which he didn't get a chance in his early life due to work and all. Now he needs rest from all the family and business work, and he has decided to give his all the headache to his Son Navjyot.


Amarjeet Gurudatta is known for living life king size. His vacation will surely be luxurious, and it will be an inspiration for many to enjoy life like him after giving years of experience in work. Gurleen Gurudatta is lucky that he is getting a chance to visit top places around the world at an early age of her life.

We will see his travel diaries full of Adventures, luxurious hotels, worlds top cities, festivals of various places, countryside, mountains, and road trips at multiple ports.

It will be interesting to see which sites Amarjeet Gurudatta and Gurleen Gurudatta will select will it be north America, European countries, Asian countries like DUBAI or will it adventurous Africa.


Whatever they choose, for their fans, it will be great fun as their pictures on Instagram will make a massive Buzz for sure.

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